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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Embrace diversity! Our lives and organizations are becoming more complex, more global, more diverse. Let's welcome all voices to invite the potential that lives in the wide range of people, cultures and ideas. Project management is evolving, inviting the emerging future to meet us where we are. 

Being masters of change, in our projects we bring together new methods with good practices - seeing diversity as the difference that makes the difference. 

PM Master Class: Live with Stress, Not Led by Stress

Empower yourself! In this full-day classroom training, you will experience and learn how to navigate stormy waters in a calm mindset. Diving with Guus Oosterop into self-management strategies at Zurich Airport on Saturday, March 24th, from 9 am to 5 pm.  

More information can be found here.

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Our Board Members 2018.

Welcome continuity. Paul Selwold (new President); Irina Petkova (VP Events); Manju Bohra (VP Sponsoring); Loïc Hascher (VP Members) and Serge Garazi (VP Operations) will continue their mission with great dedication. Thank you all!

Embrace change. Starting Feb 1, Agata Czopek (VP PMIEF); Elena Milusheva (VP Volunteers); Julia Posselt (VP Special Projects); Karolina Letowska (VP Finance) and David Fowler (VP Communications & Marketing) are bringing their energetic drive and beautiful minds to the board. A warm welcome! 

For Special Projects, Mark Veraguth will hand the baton over to Julia Posselt. Being part of the PMI Zurich Events Team, Julia now looks forward to inspiring and creating together with the Board members.

Your participation drives what we do. 


Julia Posselt and Mark Veraguth

VP Special Projects

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Results of the 2018 Elections

The elections of the PMI Switzerland Chapter took place between November 12th and December 10th, 2017. With a total number of valid votes received of 225 out of 1554 members (=14% of membership as of November 2017), the votes have surpassed the quorum of 5% and the elections are therefore valid.

The elected candidates for our Chapter Board are:

  • Irina Petkova                 176/225 (78%)   Elected (2 years)
  • David Fowler                 173/225 (77%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Agata Czopek               169/225 (75%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Paul Selwold                 167/225 (74%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Julia Helen Posselt        165/225 (73%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Elena Milusheva            163/225 (72%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Manju Bohra                  159/225 (71%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Karolina Letowska         159/225 (71%)   Elected (2 years)

The board has already elected a president and assigned the following roles:

  • President - Paul Selwood
  • VP Finance - Karolina Letowska
  • VP Professional Development - Irina Petkova
  • VP Members - Loic Hascher
  • VP Sponsoring - Manju Bohra
  • VP Special Projects - Julia Posselt
  • VP Communications & Marketing - David Fowler
  • VP Operations - Serge Garazi
  • VP Volunteers - Elena Milusheva
  • VP PMI EF - Agata Czopek

The elected candidates for our Financial Auditors Committee are:

  • Yann Steimer                212/225 (94%)   Elected (2 years)
  • Carolina Thomaz            Ad-hoc election at AMM: Elected (1 year)

The elected candidate for our Nomination Committee is:

  • Sascha Wyss                203/225 (90%)   Elected (2 years)

The Nominations Committee thanks all our members who voted for the Election 2018 and especially all candidates for their interest and participation.

We would like to congratulate all the elected Officers and wish them a successful and motivating term, as leaders of our professional association!

Out of the 225 voters, 3 were selected by PMI as the winners of 3 award-winning Project Management books. They are: 

  • Erhard Zingg
  • Luca Massimo Chelli
  • Christopher Troxler

Again, the Nominations Committee would like to thank all 225 members who participated in the elections.

Marina Satapathy & Carlos Martinez

Recently, many information providers, associations and companies asked for consent to continue sending information. This is due to the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018. Although Switzerland is not in the EU, companies in Switzerland are also impacted if they have contact with people residing in the European Union, which is the case for PMI Switzerland.

We were able to spare you from asking for your consent because we already have it. When you became member of PMI/PMI Switzerland, you gave us the consent to contact you for PMI/PMI Switzerland related matters and for any other matters, such as the Chapter Newsletter or the Events Email push lists. You needed to register specifically and already have the possibility to opt out, which means that PMI Switzerland is compliant for that aspect.

Of course, PMI Switzerland has a few items to adapt. We have done that and will continue to do so, in order to remain compliant. The member list has been removed from the website, rules in dealing with personal data have been adapted and further documentation has been provided, such as the Privacy Policy, for example.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Serge Garazi, VP Operations, GDPR Lead

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Sascha Wyss, PgMP, PMI-ACP, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter Subscribers,

As project managers it is our mission to enable change - it is the very core of our profession and without the omnipresent need for change we would become obsolete..... At the same time our very profession is also in a constant change - what was 5 years ago state of the art project management is today already outdated....

PMI Switzerland offers a community for an always changing profession that enables change itself. It is only logical that our chapter can only accomplish this, when it changes with it and adjusts itself to the constant changing needs of our members.

The new year will start with a big change for PMI Switzerland - half the board will be renewed and a new president will take over and might set sail into a new direction. Fresh ideas will be put into action by new board members full of energy, especially since they know they were truly elected by you. This year it was not a formality - you really had and made your choice! Thanks a lot to all who voted!

I wish you all the best for the new year and hope, that whatever changes in your life will be for the better. 


Kind regards,

Sascha Wyss 

Chapter President 

Marina Satapathy  Carlos Martinez Arteaga 100x100

Marina Satapathy, PMP and Carlos Martinez, PMP - Election Committee

Dear Chapter members

Thank you for your participation in the Chapter elections! Way more than 100 Chapter members casted their vote for this year’s candidates.

Our e-ballot remains open until December 10th, so if you have not yet casted your vote, we like to encourage you to do it now.
Get excited and join us at the Annual Members Meeting when we announce the newly elected Board members and the winners of three award-winning project management books!
Marina and Carlos