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Editorial PMI Switzerland Newsletter February 2021

Author: Daniel Rodellar, PMP

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Dear members and newsletter subscribers,


This edition of the newsletter is bringing you a combination of news about exciting future events and a glimpse of past events, so you can assess what has happened on our events' side. The teams are doing great efforts to bring you events that are interesting for the Project community that we are.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers for their hard work to “keep the lights on”, and our sponsors for their support and engagement. These days many things keep changing constantly. Change is happening too frequently, and we do not have the time to cope with all of it. Rules and people change, behaviors change, and we need to adapt to keep on. Probably if we had a record of changes (like we do in projects) since 2020, we will have a long list and some changes on the previous ones will make it difficult to track.


On the newsletter side we also have changes, happening mostly on the backstage. New people are joining, some are leaving, and some change positions. Sometimes we can arrange transitions, and transfer knowledge and know-how, and sometimes it comes as a surprise with immediate effect, no time to transition. We need to navigate these waters and get in mind the vision of the bright days that we remember, to guide the boat to that destination.


On behalf of the newsletter team, I wish you all to be safe, in good health and to have the courage to navigate against all storms, using your project gears, tools, wisdom and knowledge to succeed. Use your expertise to maneuver your projects to destination.

And thank you, our reader, for the precious time you spend with us!


Daniel Rodellar, PMP

Publications Director

Editorial PMI Switzerland Newsletter April 2023

Author: Philip Springuel, PMP 

Newsletter Copy Editor

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Dear colleagues,

To open this April Newsletter, PMI Switzerland President Stefan Vesenmeier, in his Message from the Board, offers valuable advice for project managers who must put themselves and the project in question. In a separate article, Stefan explains the benefits of an opportunity to join PMI Switzerland’s team in Basel.

Other highlights of this month’s newsletter include more advice for project managers in articles relating to private time management; resilience; and the powerful ingredients of ‘belonging’ in project teams. As he does each month in your newsletter, Alp Camci introduces you to a selection of new members of PMI Switzerland’s community. Join us to learn new skills, obtain valuable training and attend exceptional networking events.


Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter December 2023


Lisa Gryzagoridis


Dear Readers,

A hearty welcome to final edition of the PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter of 2023.

As we limp to the finish line of the 2023 working period, I’m certain that we are all looking forward to a festive holiday season, where we shall enjoy spending time with loved ones and indulge in all manner of tasty treats.

To shepherd us into the close of the year, this edition will reflect on recent well-received events, share upcoming events of interest, highlight significant Swiss Chapter achievements, and deliver insightful articles to stimulate our weary, yet curious, minds.

We are proud to share two resounding Swiss Chapter successes, namely the Record-Breaking Membership, and one of the Social Impact initiatives that form part of the broader scope of the Social Impact Team’s portfolio of work. This team's Social & Youth Initiatives were also celebrated at the Europe Chapter Leaders Meeting in Lisbon (02 - 03 March, 2023).

Aligned to the Record-breaking membership, we are delighted to introduce 9 new members, and we look forward to welcoming them to all future events, as well as discovering more about them personally.

Along with a host of newly scheduled networking events, we are pleased to announce the ever anticipated, and highly regarded, Annual Members Meeting 2024.

In closing, I wish to extend seasons greetings to the entire PMI Switzerland Chapter, and wishing you a wonderful close to 2023. Health and Happiness to all!

Happy reading!

Warm regards,


Editorial PMI Switzerland Newsletter December 2020

Author: Miguel Hurtado, CAPM

Miguel Hurtado

Dear newsletter friends,

2020 is going to finish in a few weeks and I need to confess it is difficult to make a review of this year. During this year we learnt about Chinese cities, virus and vaccines and we added a mask to our daily life... But I would like to tell you the positive side about this year, we learn how to be closer to our relatives and the most important people in our lives. Human history is full of challenges and full of successful stories.

Let's be optimistic, we can do it.

2021 will most probably be a better and a greater year. Dear friends, have very nice holidays, enjoy them with your family and best friends.

Stay healthy.


How to Tailor Your Project according to PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition

Author. Thando Dube, PMP

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With the advent of the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition last August, we saw a shift away from the traditional Knowledge Areas and Process Groups that most project managers fondly relied on for “Tailoring projects”. This shift has left many project managers in search of solutions on how to tailor projects. Should they continue using the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups or integrate the twelve Principles of Project Management to lead them in tailoring the eight Performance Domains to fit the project context as proposed in the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition?

These are important and genuine questions that need to be addressed to assist project managers to fully exploit the benefits and new perspectives offered in the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition.

PMBOK® Guide 7th edition describes tailoring this way: “Tailoring is the deliberate adaptation of the approach, governance, and processes to make them more suitable for the given environment and the work at hand”.

As noted in the introductory pages of the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition, tailoring projects to the unique characteristics of the project management approach has been underlined in previous editions of the PMBOK® Guide. In the 6th edition, more emphasis was given to how project teams should think about tailoring their approach to project management. This information was placed in the front of each Knowledge Area and provided consideration for all types of project environments. 

In the 7th edition, the wheel has come full circle with an entire section dedicated to Tailoring.  Why this change we may ask?  We have seen from the above examples that the predefined processes and methodologies embodied in the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups are open to tailoring, however the complexities of the changing environments and the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world of today, tailoring is an approach that has taken a pre-eminent role and is characterized by the following principles:

  • Each project is unique
  • Project process success is based on adapting the unique context of the project to determine the most appropriate methods of producing the desired outcomes
  • Tailoring the approach is iterative, and therefore is a continuous process throughout the project

At this juncture, to understand why Tailoring Project has taken more emphasis in the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition, it could be useful to reflect on one innovation that revolutionized the use of mobile phones and paved a path for new generation smartphones: the iPhone.  The iPhone did not replace the mobile phone but brought a plethora of new possibilities and value add to mobile phone use in a response to the VUCA world of digital communication. This is my interpretation of the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition; it is not designed to replace the predictive and process-based approaches but serves as an additional reservoir of “techniques and tools” to equip project managers with additional alternatives in a more agile way of thinking such as adaptive and hybrid approaches to Tailoring projects.

These are personal views as a project manager and do not in any way represent the views of PMI, so then what are the views of subject matter experts?  Are you like me as a project manager facing challenges or dilemmas in tailoring your projects using PMBOK® Guide 7th edition? How has the PMBOK® Guide shift from a processes and tools approach affected tailoring your projects? To share these thoughts and those of other project managers and subject experts, a Romandie Events session on 7 April will host Stephane Derouin, former President of the PMI France Chapter. Stephane is an active Portfolio Hybridization Expert, certified Agile PM® and Agile teacher at ESCP for MSc in International Project Management. He is also the founder and President of HMI, a « Think tank » founded in 2018 dedicated to hybrid approaches and methodologies.

Event Venue: Hotel Montbrillant, Geneva, 7th April, 6.30-9.30pm

Thando Dube