Author: Joanna Lubowiecka

Joanna Lubowiecka

Megatrends, the future of work and the Power Skills we need to succeed

Interview with Lucila Dotto, speaker of the 12th PMI Switzerland PM Conference


Project Management Power Skills take center stage at this year's conference. Lucila, an experienced strategy designer and the head of PMI's community, will delve into several current megatrends and elaborate on the skills necessary to navigate this dynamic landscape successfully.The central theme of her presentation revolves around the intersection of megatrends, the future of work, and the essential Power Skills needed for success. She expresses her curiosity about the shifts in the professional world brought about by technology, societal changes, and economic forces. These megatrends have a profound impact on the way we work and require us to develop specific skills to navigate these transformations effectively.

Lucila Dotto speaker PM conference 2023


In a world of constant change and innovation, our ability to adapt in our professional lives becomes nothing short of a ‘superpower’. My professional experience combines orchestrating cultural transformations, fostering leadership, and igniting behavior change. My approach merges academic insights with practical expertise. Born in Argentina and residing in London for the past five years, my journey has been enriched by a global perspective.

A Voyage of Curiosity: Megatrends, Future Work, and Empowering Skills

My intrigue with the topic “Megatrends, the future of work, and the power skills we need to succeed” emerges from a fervent curiosity about shifts in our professional world. Witnessing the tides of technology, society, and economics reshape our landscape, I find myself inexorably drawn to the Power Skills—the human-centered tools that illuminate our path during times of transformation. The spotlight will shine on these skills: the precision of problem solving and strategic thinking that guides our every step, the effective communications that bridge divides and the art of collaborative leadership that propels us forward.

Elevating Excellence: Power Skills in the Evolving World of Project Management

As the art of project management unfolds into new dimensions, the rise of Power Skills takes center stage. They stand as the bridge between visionary ideas and their tangible fruition, propelling us beyond theoretical realms and into the transformative heart of project management.

A Call to the PMI Conference: Unity, Insights, and Collective Progress

Why answer the call to speak at the PMI conference? Because it’s about weaving tighter threads and fostering a sense of unity. It’s about sharing insights and connecting with individuals who carry the torch of dedication and passion. As we journey through the landscape of megatrends, skills, and the future, let’s be mindful that change is not a barrier, but a compass. Let’s Aim Higher, Together We Can!


Lucila Dotto's presentation promises to be an engaging exploration of the Power Skills required to thrive in a dynamic professional world. Her global perspective and dedication to promoting unity and progress in the field make her a compelling speaker for the  12th PMI conference! Looking forward to experiencing and learning about all of this in person!

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