Author: Isis Gouedard, PMI Switzerland Mentoring Director


Nurturing Success: A Deep Dive into the PMI Mentoring Program

In the dynamic landscape of project management, professional growth and development are paramount to success. Among the myriad of resources available, the PMI Mentoring Program stands as a beacon of guidance and support, fostering mentorship relationships that propel individuals towards excellence in their careers.

Understanding the PMI Mentoring Program

At its core, the PMI Mentoring Program embodies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the project management community. Designed to connect seasoned professionals with aspiring practitioners, the program serves as a platform for mentorship, offering invaluable insights and opportunities for growth.

PMI Switzerland’s Mentoring Program aims to foster the growth of project management professionals by providing mentorship opportunities. As mentoring Director, I pair experienced mentors with mentees seeking guidance and support in their professional development journey.

Program Structure and Features

Central to the PMI Mentoring Program is its flexible and adaptive structure. Mentors and mentees are carefully paired based on their objectives, expertise, and areas of interest. Whether through virtual or in-person interactions, participants engage in meaningful dialogues, exchange ideas, and chart pathways towards success.

The program operates in cycles, typically lasting six months, during which mentors and mentees collaborate to achieve predefined goals. Mentors provide guidance, share insights, and offer support tailored to the mentee's needs, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Benefits for Mentees

For mentees, the benefits of participating in the PMI Mentoring Program are multifaceted. Beyond gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, mentees forge meaningful relationships with mentors who serve as guides, advocates, and confidants. Through mentorship, mentees refine their skills, expand their networks, and navigate the complexities of the project management profession with confidence.

Benefits for Mentors

Equally rewarding is the experience of serving as a mentor within the PMI Mentoring Program. Mentors have the privilege of imparting wisdom, sharing insights, and empowering the next generation of project management leaders. In addition to making a tangible impact on their mentees' journeys, mentors refine their coaching abilities, deepen their understanding of diverse perspectives, and contribute to the collective growth of the profession. PDUs are also earned per hour of mentoring.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The impact of the PMI Mentoring Program resonates through the stories of its participants. From mentees who have achieved career milestones to mentors who have witnessed the transformative power of guidance, success stories abound. These testimonials serve as a testament to the program's efficacy and enduring value in shaping the trajectories of project management professionals.

Getting Involved

For those eager to embark on their mentoring journey, the PMI Mentoring Program offers a straightforward path to engagement.

Through the PMI Switzerland Chapter website, individuals can explore program details, register as mentors or mentees, and access resources to facilitate meaningful mentorship relationships.



As the project management landscape continues to evolve, the importance of mentorship remains steadfast. Through the PMI Mentoring Program, individuals have the opportunity to nurture their talents, expand their horizons, and realize their full potential. As we embrace the spirit of collaboration and learning, let us seize the opportunity to participate in mentorship and cultivate a community of success, one relationship at a time.