PMI® Switzerland Chapter

Mentoring Program

PMI Switzerland Mentoring Program

PMI Switzerland offers its members mentoring opportunities. This program is a great opportunity for both mentees and mentors alike. Mentees gain valuable real-life knowledge from seasoned project managers, and mentors can find their own skills sharpened as a result of the mentoring relationship.

Reap the rewards of being a mentor or a mentee:

  • Advancement of Project Management practices and culture
  • Exposure to different perspectives
  • Recognize and motivate high performing individuals
  • Satisfaction of contributing to the success of others and actively contributing to the project management community in Switzerland
  • Powerful real-time learning and development
  • Take networking to a new level
  • Build your trust in project management competencies
  • Put into practice your professional development in a neutral and trustful environment


Who can become a MENTOR?

An experienced project manager (PM) with 10+ years of experience managing projects or PMOs, who can be a trusted advisor, guide and/or coach to another project manager.


Who can become a MENTEE?

Mentees are project managers seeking to obtain advice from a more experienced PM professional and to sharpen their PM knowledge. Mentees must be an active member of PMI Switzerland to participate in this program. The mentorship program is not suitable for people looking for a free trainer for the certification or for people looking for someone to open doors for them in the job market.


Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program brings together our chapter members in mentoring partnerships to meet the professional development goals of the mentee.

We pre-screen mentor and mentee applications and match mentors and mentees. The goal of the mentorship as well as the frequency of exchange is up to the individuals who are matched. Both parties sign a mentorship agreement that sets up basic rules and expectations.

The duration of a mentorship typically lasts approximately 6-10 months, depending on the individual goals.

Both mentors and mentees are required to confirm successful pairing after their first face-to-face meeting. They are also required to take part in a short de-briefing and to provide feedback at the conclusion of the program.


How to Participate

Participants interested in the program are required to fill out an application form for a volunteer opportunity. Current mentorship opportunities are posted under volunteer positions.

Note that the mentoring program is administered by PMI Switzerland volunteers who, along with the mentors, offer their time free of charge for the benefit of the Chapter members.


If you have any questions regarding the mentoring program, please use the contact form and provide the term “mentoring” in the subject.