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Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter, April 2024

Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter, April 2024

Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis, PMP, DASM Lisa Gryzagoridis



Dear Readers,

One quarter through 2024, and as I reflect on the all that has been accomplished within the PMI Swiss Chapter, as well as the Roadmap for the remaining year... I feel both proud and excited... and ever so slightly fatigued :D

I rely on humour to energize myself, as I hope many of you do as well. So in that spirit...

  • Why was everyone so tired on April 1? Because they just finished a long 31-day March.
  • Why can April jump so high? It’s spring!
  • Individuals born on March 31st are the easiest to prank on April Fools’ Day... They were literally born yesterday!

If you enjoyed those, we hope that you will enjoy the 'Easter Egg' tucked away in this edition of the PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter.

Also within this edition, Nikola Goran Čutura, the new Chapter President, shares his appreciation for our community and expresses his perspectives on the future.

Readers can also look forward to reading reflections on the Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024), a tribute to a titan in the project management field, and an introduction to the second PM Talks topic in the series.

Not to be overlooked, are the indispensible Sponsors & Partners offerings and upcoming events, the pinnacle of which being the PM Conference 2024... so 'Save the date'!

Happy Easter Weekend and 'Happy Reading'!

Best regards,


PM Talks 02: Embracing Sustainability: Crafting Tomorrow’s Project Management

PM Talks 02: Embracing Sustainability: Crafting Tomorrow’s Project Management

Through Today's Decisions - Powered by the Social Impact & Youth Team

Authors: Rubina Ajdary, PMP, and Mafalda Amaro, VP Sponsors and Partners Mafalda Amaro 100x100.jpeg Rubina Adjary 100x100



In today’s world, no responsible entrepreneur can ignore the importance of sustainability, or its importance. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN has set 17 interrelated objectives, covering a wide range of sustainable development issues, along with all aspects of economic, social and political actions. The European Union has undertaken various initiatives to promote sustainability in various sectors.

Since terms like 'sustainable responsibility', 'protection of resources', 'climate actions', and 'supply chain sustainability', to name a few, are entering organisational vocabulary, so too are they gaining familiarity within project management, with a growing impact within this domain in the future.

Leading projects according to “Green Project Management® (GPM)” helps to align projects with current sustainability, as well as ensuring compliance with world-wide frameworks. Green Project Management® is an integrated approach to the implementation of sustainability within project management.

GPM® has created a comprehensive sustainable project management methodology called PRiSM™ (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods). Together with the P5 Standard, which enables organizations to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals through projects, project managers consider, and account for, all relevant aspects of sustainability, whilst also ensuring sustainable business benefit.

STS SA is the first GPM® Authorized Training Partner in Switzerland, and has access to all relevant tools and methods developed by GPM®. STS offers a specific training course as well as certification preparation for GPM-b®.

In our next session of PM Talks, our guest speakers, Florian Ivan and Patrick Lehmann, will elaborate in detail about the Green Project Management's approach, tools and methods. Additionally, they will illustrate how GPM can be integrated into existing organisational project management frameworks.

Project Management conducted in accordance with this approach would more likely yield more successful project outcomes, have a positive impact on the environment and society, and contribute meaningfully towards sustainable development. It's not just about achieving goals... it's also about economic growth that is sustainable and inclusive, ensuring that it benefits society as a whole, without harming the environment.

Join us as we embark upon a journey towards a more sustainable future, one project at a time, with PM Talks.

🚀 Unlock insights on how to implement sustainable approaches in project management

🏆 Advance in gender equality metrics in swiss business. 

🔄 Explore the tools and methods to enable your organization to achieve the sustainable goals

🌟 Learn how to apply a framework in your projects to achieve project sustainability

Our guest speakers:

LehmannPatrick Lehmann is CEO of STS, a company providing project management training and certification preparation to both individuals and companies. STS also offers a range of learning tools, enhancing the learning experience. Patrick is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), and follows the progression of all the various project management certifications, including: IPMA; PRINCE2; Green Project Management; and APM. This enables him to ensure alignment of the STS training and learning tools' offering with global project management standards. Further, Patrick holds a master's degree in history, political science, and international law, along with an MBA attained from the University of Rochester-Bern. Prior to STS, he served as the Deputy Director at sanu ag, an organisation devoted to Sustainability training, as well as a project manager at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Florian Ivan New 100x100Florian Ivan is a seasoned consultant and trainer who is dedicated to enhancing organizational performance through project management. He has over 20 years' experience, acquired through both operational and executive roles, across various IT and consulting firms. Florian is enthusiastic about his work and brings a diverse and extensive background to the table. Through his service as an expert advisor, he has earned respect from both clients and the broader project management community. Clients can rely upon, and appreciate, his professionalism, vast experience, and storytelling skills. Florian holds a degree in data analysis from the University of Oxford and a master’s degree in project management from George Washington University. Amongst his many achievements, he is fluent in English, French and German, and has attained several certifications, including: PMP; IPMA Level B; Stanford Certified Project Manager; Prince2 Practitioner; PMI-ACP; CSM; CSP; DASSM; DAC; and MCTS. Florian’s passion for project management has led him to the Project Management Institute, were he performs various volunteer roles.

Event details: 📆 30.04.2024 🕕 6pm to 7pm📍Online event (Zoom)

Registration for this event will open shortly. Please consult the PMI Switzerland Events Webpage in the upcoming week.

Introducing Yodel-Scrum: Elevating Project Management with Swiss Precision and Melodic

Introducing Yodel-Scrum

Elevating Project Management with Swiss Precision and Melodic Collaboration

Author: David Puippe, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA David Puippe


Dear PMI Switzerland Community,

As we navigate the intricate landscape of project management, it is essential to embrace innovation, and explore methodologies that push the boundaries of traditional practice.

Today we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking project management approach, one which leverages the seamless coupling of 'the precision of Swiss timekeeping' and 'the harmonious art of yodeling'... The Yodel-Scrum Framework.

Yodel Scrum

Unveiling the Yodel-Scrum Framework - A Symphony of Collaboration

Imagine a project management methodology where tasks are not merely assigned, but expressed melodically... Where Sprint Planning sessions are conducted according to the rhythm of an Alpine symphony... and where Daily Stand-ups resonate with the harmonious echoes of yodeling. This is the essence of Yodel-Scrum.

How it Works - Navigating Projects with Musical Precision

In Yodel-Scrum, User Stories are transformed into memorable melodies, each note being representative of a task's priority and complexity. Sprints begin and end with synchronised yodeling sessions, fostering collaboration and teamwork. Daily Stand-ups become lively gatherings, within which, team members are able to communicate progress and impediments through the unique language of yodeling.

The Role of the Yodel-Scrum Master - Maestro of Melodic Management

At the helm of every Yodel-Scrum project is the Yodel-Scrum Master. The role is that of a skilled conductor who is responsible for orchestrating yodeling sessions, ensuring harmony within the team, and keeping projects on track with Swiss precision. With a blend of yodeling prowess and project management expertise, the Yodel-Scrum Master leads teams to new heights of success.

Embracing Innovation with a Hint of Swiss Humor

Whilst the Yodel-Scrum Framework may seem unconventional, it embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that underpins the Swiss approach to excellence. As we embrace this playful, yet effective methodology, let us remember that sometimes, the path to success is best accompanied by a joyful yodel.

Join the Yodel-Scrum Movement - Harmonize Your Projects with Swiss Precision

We invite you to embark on this musical project management excellence journey with us. Embrace the Yodel-Scrum Framework, and discover the transformative power of Swiss precision and melodic collaboration. Together, let's reach new heights, and create harmonious symphonies of success in our projects.

Happy Yodeling, and Happy April 1st! ;)

In Memory of James R. Snyder (1938-2024): Honoring a Pioneer in Project Management

In Memory of James R. Snyder (1938-2024): Honoring a Pioneer in Project Management

Author: David Puippe, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA
David Puippe




Dear friends,

Following a communication from PMI to all members, the Switzerland Chapter would also like to honour the man affectionately known as "The Father of PMI", Mr. James “Jim” R. Snyder, in the April Newsletter.

James R. Snyder was one of the visionaries who shaped the landscape of project management as we know it today. Jim was the first to fulfil the role of CEO, and one of the last living co-founders, of the Project Management Institute (PMI), founded in 1969. As such, he left an indelible mark on our profession through his unwavering dedication, innovative spirit, and profound leadership, propelling PMI to the premier global organization for project management professionals.

Throughout his illustrious career, James Snyder remained committed to fostering excellence in project management. His contributions extended far beyond the boardroom, in his tireless advocacy for standards, best practices, and professional development opportunities in the profession. His passion for empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals resonated deeply within the PMI community and beyond.

James Snyder's legacy is not only defined by his professional achievements, but also by the lives he touched, and the relationships he cultivated. He was known for his generosity, willingness to mentor people, and kindness. His integrity will continue to inspire generations of project management professionals.

In honour of James R. Snyder's memory, let us recommit ourselves to upholding the principles of excellence, integrity, and collaboration that he exemplified throughout his life. As we carry forward his vision, may we continue to strive for greatness in our profession, and make a difference in the world, just as he did.

Rest in peace, James, and thank you for everything you have given us.

Learn more: In Memory of James R. Snyder

James R Snyder image


Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024) Reflections

Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024) Reflections

Author: Florian Pushmann, PMP Florian Plauschmann




On the evening of March 14th, I headed towards the Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024), looking forward to gaining insights into the PMI year ahead. After having arrived at Bürkliplatz on this sunny evening, I embarked on a stroll towards the Swiss Re Building at Mythenquai, taking in the picturesque scenery along the lakeshore, with the snowcapped Alps in the background.

PMI 10

Navigating to the auditorium, I was greeted by fellow PMI Switzerland volunteers, who guided me to the foyer of the auditorium, which was already filled with event attendees awaiting the start of the event. Stefan Vesenmeier, the 2023 President of the Board, walked through the Chapter's 2023 accomplishments, accompanied by slides depicting the scenic Swiss Alps. Highlights included a series of successful events, culminating in the 2023 PMI Switzerland conference, which was made possible through the dedication and hard work of both board members and volunteers. Membership numbers reached a new high, exceeding 1840 PMI members, 4000 LinkedIn followers and 1500 Newsletter subscribers. Supported by stable finances and the steadfast key sponsors PwC, STS, and AdEx Partners, the chapter has been able to provide value to its members whilst maintaining and upgrading the IT infrastructure as needed.

In recognition for his unwavering dedication and consistent contributions, Aristeidis Matsokis was awarded the President's Award for 2023, receiving appreciation and thanks directly from the 2023 Board President, Stefan Vesenmeier. (Pictured below)


Valerie Pierre was recognized as the 2023 Volunteer of the Year, specifically for her leadership and enthusiasm as the Zurich Events Director. Further, both Mafalda Amaro and Daniel Rollendar were celebrated as runners up for their leadership roles as the Social Impact and Youth Coordinator and Newsletter Director respectively. Martin Härri's receipt of the PMI Global, Eric Jenett Person Award for Volunteer of the Year, was a moment of particular pride for the PMI Switzerland Chapter. The award was in acknowledgement of his invaluable, and longstanding, volunteer contributions, including the initiation and management of the Swiss Corporate Network Group (SNCG).

Under the leadership of the newly-elected Chapter President, Nikola Goran Čutura, the 2024 Board, comprised of Philippe Soupart (VP Operations), Joachim Dehais (VP Volunteers), David Puippe (VP Communications and Marketing), Agustín Díaz Salvadores (VP Finance), Ala Lutz (VP Membership), Paula Armoa (VP Strategic initiatives) and Thando Dube (VP Events) outlines three strategic areas:

  1. Enhancing member benefits
  2. Amplifying corporate engagement
  3. Aligning to PMI's global Next Strategy, including the integration of PMO GA.



The keynote address, presented by Claudia Alcelay, PMI Global's Product Manager for Gen AI, captivated the audience with the ever so hot topic of global Gen AI adoption in project management.

A key finding within Europe was a faster adoption rate in smaller European nations, such as Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, as well as within data-intensive sectors such as finance, government, and IT. If “Data is the new oil” (Clive Humby), Gen AI has the potential to support project managers to “refine it”, which means to automate, assist and augment their work depending on the nature of the task at hand.

This holds especially true for unstructured data, for which there is no shortage across all areas of project management. Claudia Alcelay views the role of the Project Manager as that of an 'Influencer', ensuring appropriate data flow. “Data doesn’t drive anything – people do” (Marcus Glowasz).


As AI continues to redefine project management, adaptability emerges as most in-demand skill in 2024 as surveyed by LinkedIn, and it is expected that 65% of on the job skills will change by 2030.

Florian Ivan of Rolf Consulting, Onur Yildirim of Swiss Re and Adrian Stierli of PwC joined Claudia Alcelay in a panel discussion that followed the keynote presentation. The panel topics and discussion delved into the nuances of managing AI-related risks, along with the imperative of trust and transparency in AI models.

Looking ahead, PMI's Next Strategy is a commitment to empower and equip project managers in navigating the evolving technological landscape. PMI Infinity, PMI’s developed Gen AI solution, supports project managers in navigating the ever-growing and evolving knowledge base of PMI. Unlike front-runner Generative AI applications, such as ChatGPT, Infiinity provides additional functionality for project managers in respect to source information assessment and evaluation, along with suggested prompts as recommendations to delve deeper into desired topics.

As customary, the Annual Members Meeting 2024 concluded with an elegant and enthusiastic networking apéro.

Whilst future may be uncertain, one thing is clear... by harnessing the power of technology and embracing change, project managers can continue to lead with confidence.