Mentoring has a longer history than humanity, and is at the heart of any culture, human or animal. We at PMI Switzerland are happy to offer this path to personal growth and social bonding through our mentoring program. Here mentees can gain from their seasoned partners skillfull management and artful leadership. Mentors can also challenge themselves to new trends, cultures, and personalities, driving their performance higher.

Who can become a MENTOR?

Almost anyone who can demonstrate their experience managing projects, people, PMOs, companies, and has flair for people. You will need to judiciously trust, be trustabe, guide, challenge, and coach your next of trade. At the end of the year, you may even requests some Professional Development Units.

Who can become a MENTEE?

Those who are eager to learn and grow into management. You should be seeking advice and guidance from more experienced professionals, to sharpen your knowledge and skills of the trade. Mentees should work or be active in Switzerland.

Mentoring Program

In this program we discuss your interests and goals with you, and then match mentees with mentors based on them. We then offer some recommendations for your mentorship, and yet give you the freedom to define it with your partner. Mentorship typically lasts 6-10 months, with 2 hours face-to-face per month. Once paired, we will have a few follow ups to provide feedback on and improve the program.


Mentoring is preferably a mid-to-long term exercise with a lasting impact on you. As such, we provide limited support to prepare certifications or search for jobs.

How to Participate

Fill out an application form for mentees and mentors on the PMI VRMS. Our PMI Switzerland volunteers will guide you through the process.


Feel free to contact the mentoring team :  Mentoring