Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis, PMP, DASM Lisa Gryzagoridis



Dear Readers,

We are all acutely aware of the exponentially rapid rate of technological advancement, along with the increasing expectations from individuals and teams in the workplace.

'Continuous Learning' remains one of the core values across organisations and industries. Not only do individuals and teams who adopt a continuous learning mindset contribute to organisational success, but they are also optimally poised in remaining competitive in the future. What's more, is that there is an abundance of resources available to achieve just this! At PMI, this is no less true.

In this edition of the PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter, we once again showcase a plethora of opportunities that would aid knowledge and skill development.

In a retrospective of the latest PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (Berlin, April'24), Daniel Rodellar underscored the necessity of incorporating fun and action into project workflows to enhance productivity and learning. Discussions also emphasized the importance of agility in project planning, highlighting that flexible strategies often lead to superior outcomes. Moreover, the value of communication and conflict resolutions skills was reiterated, alongside the value of decisive leadership and the strategic integration of generative AI. Read the full article below...

The greatly anticipated relaunch of PMI Switzerland events in Basel will occur on June 6th, at Hotel Euler where attendees will discover 'The 12 Phases of Agile Transformation'. This forthcoming event, along with a charming event retrospective, "Empowering the Organization - Three Agile Strategies for a Successful Workplace", as well as an article filled with market insights from our valued partner and sponsor, SuisseCo, are available for your enjoyment below.

Prior to concluding this preamble, it is our pleasure to announce the continuation of the highly successful Social Impact Program. Bevel ON, in collaboration with PMI Switzerland, proceed with the 5th training program for Ukrainian professionals' skill development and market integration.

All of this seems ample to digest... so without further ado... 'Happy Reading'!

Best regards,