Author: Jutta Zilian, VP Region South, PMI Germany

on behalf of the PM-Summit Project team PM Summit 2024





The PM-Summit 2024, scheduled to occur on the 25th and 26th of November, in Munich, is designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of project management, who are seeking to enhance their expertise, stay informed about current trends, and connect with peers. Seize this exceptional opportunity to learn from renowned speakers, gain fresh insights to apply in your work, and advance your career.

This event provides a platform for fruitful discussions with industry experts, as well as the chance to expand one's professional network.

The target audience includes project managers, team leaders, executives, consultants, trainers, and students in project management. Individuals in related fields like organizational development, change management, or IT, can also derive value from participation.

Essentially, this congress caters to anyone keen on effective project management methods and best practices, and eager to deepen their knowledge in this domain.

Topics covered include: Digitalization in industry and administration; Lean management in production, supply chain management and logistics; Innovation management in business; Project management in the financial sector; Sustainability and environmental protection in companies; Risk management in global markets; Change management in corporate governance, and more.

Keynote Speakers

Philip Keil Philip Keil

"Trust and error culture"

This is how a positive error culture works: “Don't ask WHO, understand the WHY”

Or error culture means learning culture: “How we learn from mistakes.”



Gerhard Friedrich Gerhard Friedrich

“There’s method in his madness”

or "A fool with a tool is still a fool"




It is an especially good opportunity for PMI Switzerland Chapter members, to get in touch with other colleagues from the D-A-CH area, as not only will the second keynote be delivered by a member of the Austria Chapter Board, but a number of other presentations will be delivered by Austria Chapter representatives as well.

As we are sister chapters, THE SAME DISCOUNT as offered to Germany Chapter members, is also extended to both Switzerland Chapter and Austria Chapter members.
We assume that’s a real generous offer 😊

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Jutta Zilia

Vice president Region South on behalf of the PM-Summit 2024 project team.