Author : Geetanjali Bhat, PMP

Geetanjali Bhat

Warmth and freshness in the air can be seen all over the country bringing in the positivity around us. Amidst clear skies, greenery and of course speedy vaccination drives all around us with the country, slowly restoring the season of hope and faith.

As we are gearing up to come out of the pandemic successfully, we are also preparing to learn more, through latest subject expertise that is highly in demand from our PMI community.

As I mentioned in my previous editorials about the exciting events with latest subject’s expertise, like Disciplined Agile Certification courses through sessions and online live workshops, there has been recent additions too. There has been lots happening around our world from last year. For our wellbeing and happiness, workshop on work life balance and many more are planned for all of us. Watch this space for more updates!

As we are in the 21st year of PMI Switzerland, despite continued restricted access outside world, we from PMI community are continuously learning, innovating new ideas and sharing with the world. Let’s continue to discuss and network more through our virtual coffee meets. Let us all make this pandemic into a positive path to learn and grow more.

I would like to thank PMI Switzerland community for creating innovative events and surprises that we continue to learn and inspire each of us in the community.

I wish every member of PMI community, healthy and safe days ahead. Let’s all think positive and keep learning and motivating each other in our PMI community.