Authors: Eric Jelenje, PMP, and Joachim Dehais, PMP
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The hype is here, you cannot avoid it. Artificial Intelligence is in every mouth, newspaper, website, seminar.

If you are tired of talking, and are ready to get your hands dirty, join our evening AI practice workshop online on the 25th of June 2024.

Long gone are the days of two-layer perceptrons, now AI has nearly as many brain cells as we do, and if we listen to business consultants, it is ready to take our jobs. Not quite, and yet, better have a look, in case its brain cells decide to mimic 'Idiocy' more than 'Intelligence'. AI is to intellectual work what machines were two centuries ago, a potential, a workhorse, a promise.

You have a chance to adapt to the technological shift and its societal implications. Come to learn how the tech works, how it doesn’t, what you have to be careful about, and how you can leverage it.

Through examples and hands-on experience, we offer you a space to experiment, to learn, to ask, and to come out in charge, capable of using it, as well as improve your work and workplace. We will go through some theory, examples, and serious practice sessions on use cases from the PMBOK. So have a read, ponder, and choose to join us and many professionals working towards the future.

Has that piqued your interest? Then, see you there!

Info and registration: here