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Article "One" from Miguel Hurtado

Last 9th June our President and CEO Sunil Prasahara sent us an email regarding the actual situation in the USA but in the last days also in some other countries around the world. Social rights and equal justice are needed for our development, as free citizens but also as human being.
Sunil Prasahara quoted: “Let me be very clear, whilst racism and bigotry can indeed raise its ugly head anywhere, the world over-such hate will have not place in PMI. Period.” 
PMI is our house, a house where everybody is welcomed. No matter your religion, your political ideas or your skin color. 
Let’s work all together for a better world. For a future where everybody is feeling part of it.
“The time is always right to do what is right.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Members update July 2020 Newsletter

23 new members joined our Chapter, bringing the active membership to 1649 as at the end of May.

A warm welcome to all !

Congratulations also to the members who obtained certifications in May: 5 PMP, 2 PMI-ACP

The following members provided information about themselves: David Michael Collins, Philip David Elford, Tommaso Campanella, Dr. Johanny Pestalozzi
David Michael Collins  article   
Philip David Elford article   
Tommaso Campanella article   
Dr. Johanny Pestalozzi article

Message from the board July 2020 Newsletter

Author: Agata Czopek, PMP

Disciplined Agile is available for you.

Dear Members,
as this unprecedented year unfolds we are bringing new content to support your professional development and ways of working in this challenging time.
Some of you might know that since last year the Disciplined Agile is part of PMI offering and that is why last month we had an opportunity to host an excellent webinar with Disciplined Agile co-founder Mike Lines. If you happened to miss it - no worries - the recording is available via the Chapter YouTube Channel
Would you be interested in learning more - have a look at or you can even join the "Introducing Basics of Disciplined Agile™ " Online Course that has just been released on .Rest assured that new content will follow.
Stay tuned.
Agata Czopek
Your Chapter President
PS We are also looking for a new volunteer - Disciplined Agile Champion.
If you feel this topic is or will be a great match for you - please contact Larisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
kind regards,

Article on Achieving Discipline in Agile


Geetanjali Bhat

 AuthorGeetanjali Bhat PMP

“Achieving Discipline in Agile” An Evening with Agile. Being an Agile Practitioner and scrum master, I was very keen to learn more on this current ongoing topic. In the past, I have attended many of the Agile events and conferences in many places. But Today was something different. PMI launched their first online event. During this time when the world is working towards staying indoors and be safe, it is such a great way to keep ourselves occupied and engaged through online events. There are constant New Learnings in Project Management. Considering the situation going on in the world currently, what better way is there, then being able to continue learning!

Many organizations have started to implement Agile Practices. Organizations today require constantly new methods and practices in Agile to suit their needs. I am sure we all know and have heard of the regular Agile ways of working and its methods. Latest discussion in Agile going on all over the Agile World of how we can Achieve Discipline on Agile. We’ve got a great opportunity to listen and gain information from experienced speakers Simon Wieczorek who is a Senior Manager in PwC Germany and David Nagy Assistant Manager in PwC Switzerland, who presented a very insightful session about this topic.

It was interesting to hear from them about how to achieve discipline in an Agile environment by adjusting government risks and control. How can we achieve Agile Discipline and what would be the obstacles and success factors?

One of the biggest risks is governance risk and control. Hence the question arises how do I achieve Discipline in Agile without comprising its benefits.


How can we bridge the gap in transformation that appear in the transformation journey of Agile? This poses a huge risk to the organizations.


David explains that Agile is not just about certification and a one day training of Agile. We can do 4 years of studies in Universities and gather a lot of experience in a traditional environment and now it requires a new mindset to work in an Agile way. It’s definitely more than 1 day training.

Most importantly, we should be able to interpret the Agile principles.


Addressing Risk in our environment requires us to reconsider control functions and risk management principles which impacts the three lines of defence. (LOD). In an Agile organization, the application of the three lines of defence (3LOD) requires adjustment to enable autonomy and alignment.


Reading through the lines of the famous quote by  Peter Drucker who was one of the most widely known and influential thinkers on management,  “What we need is an entrepreneurial society in which innovation and entrepreneurship are normal, steady and continuous” , Responsibility for Risk management in an Agile set is shifting more towards business. Due to the shift of responsibilities, it requires a fundamental reworking of the governance model design principles to enable an Agile environment.  

Revised design principles for governance need to be implemented on:

  • Shared responsibility for risk and controls
  • Clear direction setting on risk and controls
  • Full transparency on risk and controls.

What would be the first steps to achieve goal in Agile Discipline?



Listeners were able to connect well through an   Agile Quality Assurance Example


Today as an Agile practitioner or Agile Project Manager, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. If for any of the below mentioned questions is a “No”, we must reflect our Agile working ways and plan to implement Discipline in Agile.




 In implementing Discipline in Agile we can achieve success only when we have understood and cleared the obstacles. Obstacles can be following:

  • Transformation gaps are not recognized.
  • Risk still sits on the top of the organization rather than integrated into the companies
  • Traditional governance structures are not adapted to Agile Structures
  • There is little understanding relating to the purpose of expectations.
  • Lack of leadership support and participation in applying an Agile mindset.

 But all of the above obstacles can be cleared and worked towards the success factors of Discipline in Agile through the following “

  • Identify and be aware of your transformation gap
  • Integration of risk and compliance into the control functions
  • Adjust your governance framework
  • Active change management and upskilling of colleagues
  • Leadership support.


As a listener and also being in Agile for a few years, I believe it was definitely a very constructive and insightful evening for me, though I was locked at home!

Take Away from this session:

“If you do not prove you’re in control, the legislator will push for old(manual) techniques of demonstrating you are in con

Newsletter Editorial June 2020

Miguel Hurtado

Author: Miguel Hurtado, CAPM


We are already in June. Indeed time keeps going even in times of crisis. Some countries have begun to recover to a normal time, face masks and social distance are nowadays habits we are used to seeing in our daily lives. Hard times means opportunity: online events, home office or delivery are growing and adapting to this pandemic situation.

PMI Switzerland made several online events with great success such as "PMI Online Coffee" and "Open Spaces: Project Management in a Remote Environment". We are pleased to have more due to the high demand and interest. For us it is a great success to know we can keep working for you also in hard times and in a virtual environment. In "PMI Online Coffee" we have the opportunity to meet our members while we enjoy a cup of coffee (tea is also accepted) and have a friendly morning chat, a great way to begin a new day. Feel free to join us.

I would like to ask you to keep healthy, body and soul. After the storm, the sun will come back. We made it before, we can do it again. Be positive and keep strong, for you and your family. 

I wish you a great time. Follow our social network profiles to keep informed.

"Fall seven times and stand up eight." - Japanese Proverb.