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Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter December 2023


Lisa Gryzagoridis





Dear Readers,


A hearty welcome to final edition of the PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter of 2023.

As we limp to the finish line of the 2023 working period, I’m certain that we are all looking forward to a festive holiday season, where we shall enjoy spending time with loved ones and indulge in all manner of tasty treats.

To shepherd us into the close of the year, this edition will reflect on recent well-received events, share upcoming events of interest, highlight significant Swiss Chapter achievements, and deliver insightful articles to stimulate our weary, yet curious, minds.

We are proud to share two resounding Swiss Chapter successes, namely the Record-Breaking Membership, and one of the Social Impact initiatives that form part of the broader scope of the Social Impact Team’s portfolio of work. This team's Social & Youth Initiatives were also celebrated at the Europe Chapter Leaders Meeting in Lisbon (02 - 03 March, 2023).

Aligned to the Record-breaking membership, we are delighted to introduce 9 new members, and we look forward to welcoming them to all future events, as well as discovering more about them personally.

Along with a host of newly scheduled networking events, we are pleased to announce the ever anticipated, and highly regarded, Annual Members Meeting 2024.

In closing, I wish to extend seasons greetings to the entire PMI Switzerland Chapter, and wishing you a wonderful close to 2023. Health and Happiness to all!

Happy reading!


Warm regards,


Partnership Spotlight: PMI Switzerland Conducts Special Training Sessions for Displaced Professionals from Ukraine

Partnership Spotlight: PMI Switzerland Conducts Special Training Sessions for Displaced Professionals from Ukraine

Author: Mafalda Amaro, Social Impact & Youth Coordinator

 Mafalda Amaro




Bevel On 1

On 25th-26th November 2023 PMI Switzerland Chapter conducted an exclusive two-day online training for Ukrainian displaced professionals. This initiative was delivered in partnership with Bevel ON, a Swiss association that helps displaced professionals from Ukraine integrate into their host countries and restart their careers, with the Capacity Building Programme for Ukraine (Cohort 4). 

Recognizing the critical role of project management in today's dynamic business landscape, this specialized training offered participants invaluable insights for those who were just embarking on a project management career or seeking to enhance existing skills and enrich their experience. 

The training was led by Adi Muslic, Vice President of Sponsors and partners of PMI Switzerland, and Mafalda Amaro, Social Impact & Youth Coordinator of PMI Switzerland, and it gathered 50 participants from Switzerland, EU countries, as well as from Ukraine. 

In addition to Project Management Basics and PMI Agile Processes, AI Capabilities, Megatrends, and Power Skills were among the topics presented in the sessions. 

PMI Switzerland Chapter and Bevel ON Association started to collaborate earlier this year, following the successful project management training session in June, for the previous Capacity Building Programme for Ukraine (Cohort 3), this initiative has turned into a strong synergetic partnership to enhance the impactful social tribe, and to be continued in 2024. 


Bevel On 2


About Bevel ON: 

Bevel ON is a Swiss Non-Profit Association (Geneva-based) established in May 2022, and is focused on social impact programs for displaced professionals, including refugees, in Switzerland and EU countries. 

More information about the programme can be found here.


Creative problem solving workshop

Creative Problem-solving Workshop

Authors: Adi Muslic, PMP, VP Sponsors & Partners / Tetiana Pavliuk, PMP / Joachim Dehais, PMP, VP Volunteers





Following the successful "Wicked Problem-solving Workshop" at the PMI Annual Conference in October, we ventured to Lugano to share the practice of creative problem-solving, which integrates powerful elements, such as systems thinking, visualisation, creativity, and open collaboration.

The workshop, organised in collaboration with the local Association for Project Management (APM Ticino), took place at the Professional School of Italian Switzerland (SUPSI). Through newly acquired systems thinking, visualisation, and creative collaboration concepts and tools, the participants achieved broadened perspective. This enabled the formation of new and innovative solutions for long-standing, strategic problems, including those that they had experienced themselves.


Picture the challenge before you as a dynamic constellation of interconnected elements, each influencing, and being influenced, by each other. Systems thinking invites one to step back, see the bigger picture, and comprehend the intricate dance of variables at play.

Unleash the power of visualisation to illuminate the unseen. Imagine your ideas taking shape in vibrant images and dynamic forms. Visual imagery not only clarifies one’s understanding, but also serves as a canvas for one’s inventive mind to explore innovative solutions. Whether one’s preferred methods include mind-maps, diagrams, or interactive simulations, one should allow one’s ideas to materialize in the visual landscape. This is your roadmap for innovation.

Now let us infuse your journey with creativity – the catalyst that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Embrace the unconventional, dance with ambiguity, and dare to dream beyond the constraints of the status quo. Your creative spirit is the spark that ignites novel connections, leading to breakthrough solutions. Remember… constraints are merely invitations for inventive thinking.

Yet, the true magic lies in collaboration – the symphony of minds harmonising towards a common goal. Engage in open and safe collaboration, where diverse perspectives converge into a collective force. Each participant brings a unique point of view to the orchestra, contributing to a melody of ideas that goes beyond limitations of one’s perspective. Through open dialogue and shared creativity, the boundaries of what is possible expand unexpectedly.

Should you join this creative problem-solving odyssey, remember that the journey itself is as valuable as the destination. Embrace the joy of discovery, relish the challenges, and celebrate the triumphs of ingenuity. Innovation thrives at the intersection between systems thinking, visualisation, creativity, and close collaboration. This is where your problem-solving narrative becomes a tapestry of inspiration for others.

The next Creative Problem-solving Workshop, which is to be held in January 2024, will be hosted in Swiss Romandie. Follow us on LinkedIn, check our website regularly, or look out for event notifications to register for this invaluable workshop.

See you soon!

Joachim, Tetiana and Adi

The Basel Events Team: Join where Passion Meets Purpose!

The Basel Events Team: Join where Passion Meets Purpose!

Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis, PMP DASM Lisa Gryzagoridis




Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? 

The PMI Basel Events Team is calling you, the enthusiastic, creative, and conscientious individual, to join our dynamic team of volunteers! As a part of our team, you'll have the unique opportunity to make lasting connections and memories, while delivering events, workshops, networking sessions, and enriching the project management community.

As a volunteer, you'll have the chance to meet like-minded people, expand your professional network, and develop new skills. You will gain invaluable experience in event planning, collaboration, and project management. 

Volunteering with the Basel Events Team is more than just a commitment; it's a journey filled with fun, learning, and growth. You’ll get the opportunity to meet, collaborate and socialise with individuals from a mosaic of various professional domains, boundless cultures, unique personalities, and individuals from all regions and walks of life. Just recently, a few of our volunteers enjoyed an evening of ‘Negotiation games’, the likes of which are often used in team building, workshops, and simulations. 

The evening kicked off with one of the more recognized strategy games, namely “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” or “Reds and Blues” and further games played were creatively inclined. Highly mentally stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable, the evening was over too soon, but not before the next get-together was scheduled. 

IMG 9011 

The Basel Events Team is more than just a group of volunteers; we're like a family united by a common goal – to bring joy and enrichment to the lives of those in our community. If you're ready to embark on this rewarding adventure, we can't wait to welcome you aboard!

Should you wish to join our team, please contact Mi Sook Park -

She is looking forward to hearing from you.


Let's Create Unforgettable Experiences Together!

Record Membership Achieved!

Record Membership Achieved!

Author: Stefan Vesenmeier, Swiss Chapter President Stefan Vesenmeier




This month marks an extraordinary milestone for our chapter – a milestone that I am immensely proud to announce. It is a historic moment for our 22-year-old chapter, as we have surpassed a significant threshold. The PMI Swiss Charter can now boast a staggering membership of over 1800 individuals! This achievement is testament to the incredible dedication and collective effort of our volunteer community.

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest appreciation to each, and every one of our volunteers. Your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm have played a pivotal role in propelling our chapter to this remarkable position. Together, you have transformed PMI Switzerland into more than just an association; you've made it the epitome of excellence within the Swiss project management community.

Your active participation, consistent contributions, and innovative ideas have been the driving force behind our success. Your efforts have not only elevated our chapter but have also left an indelible mark on our wider community. The positive impact you've created exemplifies our chapter's ethos and reinforces our standing as leaders in the project management domain.

I firmly believe that each one of you embodies the very essence of our chapter's values and goals. You are our most influential ambassadors, spreading the spirit of our community far and wide.

Once again, I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your relentless hard work, steadfast dedication, and the infectious positivity you inject into our chapter. Your support continues to shape the narrative of our success story.

And I also want to express my sincere appreciation to all those who represent this outstanding milestone - our valued chapter members. Your enthusiastic participation in our events and your keen interest in our content means a great deal to us. We deeply appreciate the trust you place in our services through your membership. Your satisfaction and personal feedback are the best motivation for us.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Stefan Vesenmeier

Chapter President, PMI Switzerland