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Author: Joachim Dehais, PMP

Space dust into precious metal: managing research and development for the big and small

Thursday night’s PMI event was an exercise in perspective. One of those event where the macro meets the micro at the horizon.

Our two speakers, former colleagues and longtime friends, prepared and delivered a joint presentation on what Research and Development can look like in a nascent star (DBS System, medical devices, Lausanne), and a dwarfing red giant (Nestlé).

With such different constraints, one needs no telescope to see that making your own space requires a different set of skills, processes, and people than maintaining internal fusion in a massive reactor. But just how does that happen in practice?

To channel the need for innovation, our two speakers showed the way in which time-tested management wisdom had its place, but how continuous adaptation and agility shaped their lives. In doing so, they could draw a parallel across scales and fill the vacuum that separates their position with precious insight.

This insight triggered robust discussion late into the evening between new and regular attendees alike, making me look forward to the coming programme of events.

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Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

The portal, launched this month, brings together various Swiss institutions offering digital transformation courses in 4 languages. Project management courses are on the list as well. How far have we come in transforming our profession?

September's PM Network features use of AI and Machine Learning in Project Management. We can read that we need good data to have good outputs, keep learning to make good use of new technologies and we do still do not want let machines decide alone for us. There are some obvious use cases such as resource, risk or capacity management. However we are still in the early days compared to HR digital sourcing. In a globalized world where everyone can apply to any posted position anywhere in the world one way of dealing with thousands of applications is the use of the digital tools to select certain number of candidates. Another is to use the digital tools to proactively find new talents. Next stage are resourcing platforms that will be proactively sending notifications to HR professionals with profiles that may interest them. But what about exceptions and special cases?

Digital tools depend on data quality and quantity and exceptions will never be accounted nor there will be enough of them  we could use for machine learning. These will still need human interaction and intervention. There will be time that our projects will be all planned and set proactively by the digital tools. Our role will be to audit them making sure that all elements have been taken into account. Human interaction will be even more important as well as managing exceptions and special cases. With the tools to take care of the activities that can be automated, we will have more time to be with those who will need our help and guidance and focus on the activities that will require our attention. Let’s make good use of these tools and move into the digital future.

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  Ka Yi Hui




Author: Ka Yi Hui, PMP

On Saturday 27th April 2019, despite the wind and rain, more than 20 PhD students and post-docs from the Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network(LSZYSN) participated in a 5-hour project management workshop organized by the PMI-Switzerland chapter social good team (Agata Czopek, Ph.D., PMP; Ana Zelaia, MBA, PMP, Ka Yi Hui, Ph.D., PMP and Veronika Galic) at ETH, Zurich.

Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network(LSZYSN) is a non-profit organization created and run by a group of graduate students & post-docs of the University and the ETH Zurich. They aim to contribute to the local and global life science community by bridging the gap between academic research and industry. They host events like Zurich Life Science Day, Career chats, Company visits, and Life Science Week to allow young scientists to learn more about the biotechnology and pharma industry.

Managing their scientific research projects and the events at LSZYSN, they face numerous challenges in project management, such as leading the team, holding productive meetings, and giving feedback. Our workshop aims to equip the students with the essential tools and techniques for making their projects successful.

We first explained some key concepts in project management and then we focus in-depth on leadership and communication.



After we discussed the theory, the students had the chance to practice what they learned by doing some hand on exercises. One of the most striking activities is "Find the ball", where the students need to find a hidden ball according to different feedback styles, for example, the silence feedback, the only positive, the only negative and specific feedback. The feedback givers got to experience the effect they have upon the receiver. The take-home message was clear: only the student receiving specific feedback was successful in finding the hidden ball.  This powerful illustration also showed the students, how feedback could affect performance and to never be shy to ask questions when they are at the receiving end.



Moving on, we have covered more on team dynamics, including personality, cultural influences and conflict resolutions. Finally, the students put into practice what they have learned by competing in the tower game (freely available on PMIEF website,  We are always amazed by the creativity of students with simple materials like plastic cups, bamboo sticks. To conclude the day, we reflected on their ah-ha moments and things they would start implementing in their projects.





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PMI Switzerland Elections Committee Announcement.


Dear PMI Switzerland Chapter Members,

It's that time again in the year when we start preparing for our upcoming Chapter Elections. Are you an enthusiastic and engaged Chapter member wanting to take your PMI experience to the next level by leaping into a role as a volunteer within the Chapter Board? Or in the Auditor's Committee? Or also in the Election Committee?

If you are ready to take up an exciting new role, please speak to one of our Board Members to indicate your interest as you can already submit your candidature.

In case you are not sure who to contact you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question.

The deadline for submission is the 19th of October 2019, therefore be quick to present your candidature as there are several steps required before making it official.


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