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PM Master Class: Become your own chairperson and set boundaries

Author: Daniel von Niederhaeusern, PMP

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Date: Saturday, 26 March 2022
Location: Zurich
Trainer: Monika Keller, PMP

Dear members and friends of the PMI Switzerland Chapter,

Even though we don’t know how the covid situation will be in March, we again invite you for a 1-day classroom training. We really hope that we are allowed to execute the training after we had to cancel this event last autumn. 

Our trainer Monika Keller is an experienced coach and trainer, Lecturer, Federal Professional Adult Educator, PMP, and collected a lot of experience as a project manager for international companies for many years.
Monika runs her coaching and training company 3C Keller which focuses on leadership and topics related to work-life balance and the reconciliation of work and family life.
You will find more information about Monika and her blogs in her profile on LinkedIn.

The learning goals are:

  • Reflect and improve your communication- and time management skills
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and take responsibility for yourself
  • Influence your own situation in a positive way
  • Practice your presentation and argumentation skills

Training content:

  • How to improve your self-management skills to achieve a better work-life balance
  • Learn a method to better reflect yourself, communicate your needs, and set boundaries
  • Learn from your peers by discussing real PM challenges in small groups

What is your benefit /added value?

  • You will learn how to deal with stress to prevent a burnout
  • Learn, how to improve and influence your time management  
  • Reflect your priorities for a healthy work-life balance
  • Discuss your experience with your PM peers
  • Finally earn 7 PDU’s

If you are interested to learn: How to become your own chairperson and set boundaries - don’t hesitate and register yourself to secure your seat. You will find more information and registration form on PMI Webpage.

Hope to see you there.

Level Up - Transitioning from Project Manager to Program Manager

Author: Edul Nakra, PMP

Edul Nakra 100x100

Speaker: James Greene – founding member and former President of PMI Switzerland

In this very interesting online session James Greene described his journey from Project Management to Program Management, and alonShape, arrowDescription automatically generatedg the way shared key pointers and lessons learned through his experience working in various capacities and industries on this journey.

Project Management has multiple dimensions including planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals – in a sense more tactical in nature.

When it comes to Program Management things get a bit “fuzzy” – it has a broader scope, a longer term/strategic view, and is not quite as focused. In general, you find yourself working with less information. 

They both however are temporary, have a business case, are business strategy aligned, and deliver organizational change.  


James then went on to cover various initiatives he had managed between 2010-2014, including IT Infrastructure, Organizational and Technical integration following a merger, and then a divestiture. 

He highlighted that there are challenges involved when a Project is not a stand-alone one, but rather part of a Program – these include securing resources, resistance to change, parallelization of many activities, and potential cultural differences due to a larger and in many cases global nature of Programs.

When it comes to making the transition from Project Management to Program Management, James mentioned that it was analogous to going from being a pilot sitting in the plane taking the plane from one destination to the next, to being the controller in the control tower – not just responsible for an individual flight but for all the flights at your airport.

It is a different way of looking at things, the tools, and the way of working. In a Program Management role, you find yourself more concerned with change management and dependencies between the projects.

He then went on to providing some advice and things to remember for those looking to make the transition:

  1. You are no longer managing a project – you are managing Project Managers (and not their teams). This requires a different leadership style than managing a Project.
  2. Program planning is more esoteric than project planning. There are a lot of unknowns, and it involves more strategic thinking.
  3. Risk Management needs to be taken to a higher level (these are not the same as project risks), and Change and Quality management becomes much more important given the complexities of having multiple projects running in parallel.
  4. Dependencies need to be managed well, and monitored and controlled effectively.
  5. Clear and concise communications are critical. Communicate up, down and in an efficient manner - listen to people.

Finally, James covered different methods and tools he has used to manage Programs, and presented some Dos and Don’ts for Program Managers:

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 To conclude, James took questions where attendees got the opportunity to draw from his experience, ending an extremely useful and informative session.


Editorial PMI Switzerland Newsletter January 2022

Author: Philip SPRINGUEL, PMP

Philip Springuel NEW 100x100

Dear members,

Happy New Year 2022! Welcome back to your PMI Switzerland Chapter newsletter.

As the joys of the year-end holidays among friends and family slowly take a back seat, and we regretfully sweep away the dried pine needles still littering the floor where a Christmas tree once stood, we symbolically refocus and charge ahead with our projects.

This month, we begin with a Chapter Board Message from departing VP Sponsors & Partners Board member Agata Czopek, who inspires us to build powerful habits for a positive mind.

In addition, your newsletter offers a reflection on SIX’s extraordinary early project management reaction to the coronavirus outbreak. And, to assist you in managing risk in COVID times, we present a - French language - look at PMI Switzerland's upcoming January 25 ‘Zoom’ event. 

Two retrospectives evoke fun and games: first with a look at how our PMI volunteers did with the LEGO scheme, and another on the Open Negotiations approach. We also bring you a review of the Organizational Transformation Series, highly recommended for upping your skills in this regard.

Read further to meet new members; mark your calendars for upcoming events; and as always, follow our fresh news on social media.


PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter Copy Editor

NEW EVENT: Gestion des risques en période de Covid

Auteur: Thando Dube, MBA, PMP

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Open Space Forum: Le prochain événement à venir, le 25 Janvier 2022 “Gestion des risques projets en période de COVID”


Après le succès d’Open Space n°8, qui a eu lieu le mardi 2 novembre 2021 en live via Zoom, sur le thème « An Open Space around PMBOK 7 », et afin de bien débuter l’année 2022, nous préparons d'ores et déjà un nouvel événement sur le thème de la gestion des risques projet en période de pandémie. Cerise sur le gâteau, ce premier rendez-vous en ligne de 2022 sera organisé en français pour mieux répondre aux attentes de nos adhérents suisses romands. Chaque mois, nous organisons un événement pour vous aider à développer vos connaissances en gestion de projet, pour découvrir de nombreuses idées pratiques, gagner des PDUs pour entretenir vos certifications et vous permettre de rencontrer vos pairs.

Dans la gestion d’un projet, tout ne peut être anticipé et les changements sont donc inévitables. Pour y faire face, le chef de projet doit savoir s’adapter au changement. La pandémie de Covid-19 a été un élément déclencheur de changements majeurs qui aura largement amené les professionnels de gestion de projets à modifier leur approche de la gestion de risques et à s’adapter aux nouvelles conditions d’évaluation du risque.

Et pour vous ? Quel a été l’impact de la pandémie sur votre façon de gérer les risques ? Avez-vous des expériences personnelles à partager ? Souhaitez-vous tout simplement vous informer sur la manière dont d’autres chefs de projets professionnels ont fait évoluer la gestion des risques projet ? Si tel est le cas, cet événement est fait pour vous. Au cours d’une séance interactive (et non un webinaire), chaque participant sera libre de venir avec ses propres exemples, ses questions, ses idées, afin d'échanger ouvertement avec les autres participants sur la gestion des risques projet. Chaque sujet sera pris en considération et pourra être traité en petit comité dans des salles de réunion virtuelles créées durant l'évènement, afin de promouvoir l’interactivité, le dialogue et les échanges directs entre participants.

Vous souhaitez agir proactivement et augmenter les chances de succès de vos projets en faisant évoluer votre approche de la gestion des risques ? Rejoignez-nous, inscrivez-vous à notre prochain évènement Open Space qui aura lieu le mardi 25 janvier 2022, en ligne, via Zoom, sur le thème «Gestion des risques projet en période de Covid-19». Pour recevoir l’invitation, ainsi que vos accès à l’évènement en ligne, vous devez vous inscrire. Inscriptions ici ou via le lien suivant :

Retrouvez également toutes nos offres d’évènements en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous :

Vous êtes chef de projet professionnel-le, étudiant-e, retraité-e, en recherche de nouvelles opportunités, ou simplement avide de découvrir, d’apprendre davantage sur la gestion des risques projet : nous nous réjouissons de vous retrouver le 25 janvier 2022 !

Thando Dube, MBA, PMP

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Open negotiations game night - retrospective

Author: Nikola Goran Čutura, PMP, DASSM

Nikola Goran Cutura 100

We did it! :-)

December 1st 2021 saw the first live on-site event in Lausanne after almost 2 years break! Even with the strict anti-COVID measures, we hope not to wait 2 more years till the next one - stay tuned! 

The event took place in Espace Dickens, about 5 minutes walk from Lausanne train station, in a room that accommodates 30 people for a conference. It was quite comfortable for the group of 8 participants that joined to share and improve negotiating skills, so important for a project manager.

The format for this knowledge sharing event was an interactive game based on the popular italian game “Mercante in fiera” (Merchant at the fair). Basically, each participant tends to maximize the gain and minimize the loss by managing risks (threats and opportunities). However, interaction between participants is encouraged so players may trade for the items they want or team-up and try to mitigate the risks and share the profit. And thus, negotiations started!

The game was introduced and facilitated by Joachim Dehais, PMI Switzerland Board Member, who offered his expertise in this domain of coaching/mentoring project managers. At the start, a simple short version of the game was played to understand the rules and set the context and then a more complex and involved version was played. With great facilitation and explanations throughout the game, Joachim gave us a memorable experience useful not only in professional work but also in any other activity. 

After 2 hours of “intensive negotiations”, the winning team received a bottle of local bio red wine (Domaine de la Capitaine) and the runner-up received a memorial card :-)

And then a networking apero took place, which is always a good opportunity to exchange contacts, ideas and experiences.

As the whole event was held in an excellent atmosphere, first impressions were very positive. These first impressions were then confirmed two weeks later in a survey sent to the participants. All in all, an interactive event of 2 hours with little theory and lots of practice is well perceived (a small workshop) and should be continued. If you have more ideas for this (or other) kinds of events, do not hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hope to see you soon,

Nikola Goran Čutura

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