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PM Talks 01: Gender Intelligence Report by Advance “Gender Diversity in the Swiss workplace”

Authors: Joanna Keller (PMP), Isabelle Isabelle Noverraz (PMP), Mafalda Amaro (Social Impact & Youth Coordinator)

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Embrace the Power of Knowledge: Elevate Your Project Management Skills with PM Talks Series

In the dynamic world of project management, where innovation and adaptability reign supreme, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. That's where the PM Talks series emerges as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the path for project professionals seeking to refine their skills and excel in their endeavors. This initiative is driven by the Social Impact & Youth team, serving the community with the most impactful topics.

A Compendium of Insights, Knowledge Sharing and Community Engagement

The "PM Talks" series is an initiative dedicated to fostering a thriving community of project management enthusiasts. Through a series of thought-provoking webinars on Social Impact, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Sustainability, this platform delivers a wealth of valuable insights to aspiring and seasoned project managers alike, in order for them to thrive. Immerse yourself in a series of webinars led by industry experts who have mastered the art of project management in different areas. These sessions delve into a broad spectrum of topics, from navigating complex projects, to harnessing the power of technology, to enhancing team collaboration.

Empowering Project Professionals

The "PM Talks" series is designed to empower project professionals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of project management with confidence. Through its comprehensive resources and engaging community, this platform enables individuals to elevate their skills, achieve their goals, and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

Speakers from different industries, backgrounds and expertise will share their experiences, knowledge and insights with our community.

The first PM Talks from the PMI Switzerland chapter is right around the corner. 

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Get ready for invaluable insights, real talks, and some serious "Aha!" moments. This is not your average chat – it's "PM Talks", inspired by Advance's insights!

PMI Switzerland is partnering with Advance, the leading business association for gender equality in Switzerland, a network of 145+ Swiss-based companies committed to achieving equatable representation of women in Management.

Join us for a game-changing conversation on gender equality in business at PM Talks:

🚀 Unlock insights on progress & urgent action 

💼 Navigate the leaky leadership pipeline with rising promotions.

🏆 Advance in gender equality metrics in swiss business.

🔄 Explore the changing labor market's impact on corporate norms.

🌟 Learn strategies to close the skilled labor gap & tap into untapped talent.


Our guest speaker:

Alkistis Petropaki image1Alkistis Petropaki joined Advance as General Manager in 2015. She has more than 20 years of experience in leading positions in well-known Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies such as: L’Oreal, Nestlé, Mövenpick, and Lindt & Sprüngli. Before joining Advance, she was the Country Manager of Yves Rocher in Switzerland. She studied economics and holds an MBA from ESCP-EAP. She also has Master’s Degrees in German literature and Psychology from the University of Athens.

Alkistis strongly believes in the benefits of mixed-gender teams for society and for organizations, as well as for individuals. With her engagement within Advance, she is convinced she will be able to make an impact in the Swiss economy. Alkistis is married and has two grown-up children.


📆 08.02.2024 🕕 6pm to 7pm📍Online event (Zoom) 🔗 Register Now

Let’s reshape the future of the Swiss workplace using powerful management skills. Secure your spot for an inclusive and thriving environment!




Not an ordinary story

Author: Adi Muslic (PMP) Adi Muslic 100x100




When in 2021, Agnieszka Skalska, who was the VP Marketing at the time, asked me to apply for a board position, I could not imagine how far that journey would take me.

I started my Board duties in February 2022 as the VP Sponsors & Partners. I learned fast that being a Board Member was quite a challenging position because of the old way of thinking about how the board and chapter should be functioning.

However, this did not stop me from volunteering at my first board meeting, to organizing the PM Conference 2022 in Zurich. Valérie Pierre joined me as a co-lead. It was an unforgettable experience, as all 25 volunteers acted as a team, supporting each other when needed.


After the PM Conference 2022, I started working on the one for 2023, confirming Roche as the host. It was at that time, that David Puippe and Marco Singarella assumed the conference leads roles. I continued to support David and Marco closely, which resulted  in yet another amazing event, bringing together project management professionals from all over Switzerland.

At the end of 2022, I directed my focus towards social responsibility, sustainability & diversity, and equity & inclusion initiatives, through the newly-created Social Impact & Youth Team. It was in early 2023, when Mafalda Amaro joined the team, that things gained momentum. On two separate occasions, we delivered project management training for displaced professionals, which was one of the programs receiving recognition at the PMI Europe "Celebrating Our Community" Awards Ceremony". (Lisbon, December 2023)


Nowadays, the Social Impact & Youth Team is starting a new initiative called "PM Talks", a series of webinars, in which topics like those mentioned above are discussed.

In 2023, we also launched a series of Problem-Solving Workshops, held in several locations in Switzerland. The next workshop will take place in Zurich on March 1st, 2024.

Because long-standing volunteer contributions need to be recognized, I suggested to Martin Härri that we should submit his application for the prestigious PMI Eric Jennet, Person of the Year Award.


When I took over the VP Sponsors & Partners Team two years ago, there were only 2 volunteer team members. Little by little, I started rebuilding the team.

Today, Sponsors & Partners has 25 volunteer team members, managing 3 chapter sponsors, several event sponsors and many partners. This is achieved through the Swiss Corporate Networking Group, Academia Outreach, Social Impact & Youth, and Community engagement initiatives.

I am proud that Paula, David and Mafalda, all members of the Sponsors & Partners Team, have been elected to positions on the 2024 PMI Switzerland Board.

The story does not stop here, as I am confident that with the new Board, there will be plenty of new opportunities to make a difference.

See you soon.





PMI Switzerland Chapter - Election Results

Author: Kathrin Lutz (PMP) Kathrin Lutz




Dear PMI Switzerland Chapter Members,

We are pleased to announce the results of the recent PMI Switzerland Chapter Elections. The participation and engagement from our members were truly commendable, and we appreciate your commitment to shaping the future of our organization.

The following candidates have been elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Paula Armoa
  • Mafalda Amaro
  • David Puippe
  • Joachim Dehais

In relation to the 4th Board position, it is worth noting that Adi Muslic and Joachim Dehais received the same number of votes. In the spirit of collaboration, and dedication to the betterment of our organization, we would like to acknowledge that Adi Muslic has graciously deferred the position to Joachim Dehais.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to both Adi Muslic and Joachim Dehais for their sportsmanship and commitment to the success of PMI Switzerland. This demonstration of teamwork and selflessness exemplifies the spirit of unity within our community.

We are also pleased to announce the election of two new members to the Financial Audit Committee, along with a new member to the Elections Committee Team:

  • Florina Vasutiu (Financial Audit)
  • Mi Sook Park (Financial Audit)
  • Marina Satapathy (Elections Committee)

We look forward to the continued contributions of our newly elected team members, and anticipate a successful and productive term ahead.

Please join us in congratulating them on their election, and once again a we extend our thanks for your participation in the election process, and appreciate your ongoing support of PMI Switzerland.

Best regards,

Kathrin Lutz and Elena Milusheva

PMI Switzerland - Elections Committee




Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter January 2024

Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis (PMP, DASM) Lisa Gryzagoridis




Dear Readers,

Another day, another week, another year! Let us launch into 2024 with vim and vigour!

In transitioning from one year to the next, some may ponder and reminisce over the previous year’s experiences. Yet others may be looking ahead to the upcoming year’s challenges and goals. Should neither of those scenarios apply to you, you’re likely ‘living for today’ and savouring the moments in the here and now. “The Past Is History. The Future Is a Mystery. Today Is a Gift. That’s Why It’s Called the Present.”

Wherever your thoughts may take you, we (The PMI Newsletter Team), wish you joy and success along your journey.

Following the resounding successes of the PMI Switzerland Chapter in 2023, the chapter is maintaining its momentum into 2024. Even at this early point of the year, the chapter has no less than two networking events planned, and is enthusiastically preparing numerous stimulating presentations, workshops, and events.

In this edition, you will hear from our exiting Board President, Stefan Vesenmeier. In his final ‘Message from the Board’ as president, he shares his musings and observations over past and future PMI happenings, which no doubt will resonate with many of you.

Also featured in this edition, is an interview with Swissquote speakers on the successful implementation of Disciplined Agile; a retrospective on the PMI Europe Leadership Institute Meeting 2024; an article reflecting upon the PMI Swiss Corporate Networking Group (SCNG) 2023 meetings; and an opportunity to engage with leading-edge research in the domain of Program Management.

With that, I wish you ‘Happy Reading’!

Warm regards,



New Year, New Connections! Join us at the upcoming PM Networking Apéro in Zurich

Author: Pia Henzelmann (IPMA) Pia Henzelmann




As we kickstart the promising year of 2024, what better way than through connecting with fellow project managers and like-minded professionals in a vibrant atmosphere?
I invite you all to join me at the PM Networking Apéro in Zurich, on January 18th, for an evening of engaging conversations, as well as an opportunity to make valuable connections.

networking ZH

PM Networking Apéro events are great opportunities for those who would like to build a network extending beyond professional circles, fostering long-lasting relationships. These events are particularly valuable for new PMI Switzerland Chapter Members. PMI Switzerland Volunteers, such as myself, also attend these events. We are always very happy to share information about PMI Switzerland, the exciting roles we fulfill, and the positive impact we make as volunteers.

New Year, New Connections! And also... a new venue!

2024's first PM Networking Apero in Zurich will be hosted at a new location, closer to the Zurich Main Station.

I look forward to tasting specially-crafted beverages at the Apéro with you!

Event Details:

  • Date: January 18th, 2024
  • Time: 18:30 - 20:30
  • Location: Oskar Kowalski Bar

For further information and registration, please visit our Events List Page

Alternatively, you can view the full Switzerland Chapter's events list on the PMI Switzerland website here.

Registrations are limited... so register now.

See you there!

Pia Henzelmann