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Editorial PMI Switzerland Newsletter December 2022

Author: Philip Springuel, PMP 

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Dear friends, colleagues, volunteers and devoted Swiss Chapter newsletter readers,

For this 2022 year-end newsletter, we’re delighted with Chapter president Stefan Vesenmeier’s Message from the Board, which highlights his key takeaways from the PMI Leadership Meeting in Prague this past October, including his impressions confirming the Swiss Chapter’s leadership among its peers in Europe.

In this December’s newsletter, also find many reasons for attending the upcoming event featuring Chris Croft, when interactive sessions will help you improve team efficiency and management. To celebrate our strong 2022 events line-up throughout this year, we invite you to participate in developing another impactful year, with a survey that will support events planning for 2023.

Our December newsletter invites you to get to know two new members this month. Among the many benefits of membership and volunteering at PMI Switzerland, our newsletter also reminds you to cast your votes in our Chapter Elections.

Stay connected with your PMI Switzerland Chapter news, when upcoming newsletter articles promise to bring you more insights about our leadership among 35 PMI Chapters worldwide. As always, be sure to follow our social media channels to stay ahead in your career by attending our events and, why not? Join the fun as a volunteer!

With best regards,

Philip SPRINGUEL, PMI Switzerland Newsletter Copy Editor

2022 Events Recap Survey

Author: Pia Henzelmann, 

PMI Switzerland VP Events

Pia Henzelmann

Dear PMI CH Member, 

Soon we approach the end of the year 2022 where the new generation of events post pandemic have emerged. With the community getting used to having in-person events again and reconnecting with peers, the PMI Switzerland Events team have created innovative approaches to engage the PM community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for attending and supporting our events - we are closing this year with over 60 events!

We would like to know what are your thoughts on our 2022 events and appreciate any feedback you can share to shape our future events and programs. Please note that all feedback is anonymous. 

Click here to fill in the 2022 Events Recap Survey form.

In addition, I would like to invite you all to our last event of the year with a special speaker, Chris Croft, on a interactive online workshop on Efficiency and Remote Team Management on Dec 12, 2022. Register here while slots are available.

Don’t also miss out on our PMI Networking events this December by checking out our website.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our events for the year 2022. I wish you all a happy holiday season!

Best regards,

Pia Henzelmann, PMI Switzerland VP of Events and Professional Development

Interactive Sessions with Chris Croft

Author: Leandro Benda, PMP

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How could we end this year of project management better than with the one and only Chris Croft?

Are you looking for ways to get more time and how to fit more in? Are you asking yourself about what is the best leadership style option for remote workers and teams, and how to keep them inspired, involved and motivated when they are working remotely? Whether they are at home or working from offices around the world? This is the future of work. This interactive virtual event is a two part double, something for everyone and will give you some elements of answers for these topics that are more and more key in our daily business. 

Spots are limited so register now!

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Time and Location

On Monday, December 12, the Interactive Sessions with Chris Croft will take place in a virtual event through the Zoom platform from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The topics will be Efficiency and Remote Team Management. 

About the event

Come join us to this exciting virtual event with trainer and speaker Chris Croft. In the first part, Chris will show you how to efficiently manage your time and how to get an extra month per year. In the second part, he will talk about effective remote working by showing a practical 3x3 matrix. The two sessions will be followed by a Q&A session where Chris will be happy to answer your questions.

His trainings and presentations are profound, practical and amusing.

We are thrilled to have this as our closing event for the year 2022. Spots are limited so register now!

About Chris Croft

Chris Croft has come from an Engineering background with a masters degree from Cambridge University, qualifying as a Chartered Engineer, and working as a senior manager in manufacturing for 10 years. He gained an MBA and worked as a university lecturer for four years before starting his own training company 25 years ago. He has 130,000 followers on Linkedin and is one of the most viewed authors in the world on and on Linkedin Learning (previously, with 39 video courses recorded during 11 visits to Los Angeles. His Project Management Simplified course alone has 2,000 views per day and over three million views in total.

Chris Croft provides a wide variety of courses designed to involve, inspire and motivate people of all levels. To date Chris has trained some 87 000 people and enjoys a 94% rate of repeat business. Chris is also a successful author, and his first book ‘Time Management ‘was published in 1996 to wide acclaim and has since been followed by ‘Being A Good Boss‘ and 15 books on amazon kindle. On Linkedin Learning he has over 35 courses, 20,000 views a day and a total of eleven million views.

Chris has 130,000 followers on Linkedin and is one of the most viewed authors in the world on and on Linkedin Learning (previously, with 39 video courses recorded during 11 visits to Los Angeles.  


Non-PMI Member: 20 CHF

Early bird: 15 CHF until 5th of December.

PMI® Switzerland Chapter Member price: Free

We look forward to having you at this event - register here:

Other events

All our events can be found via the link below:

The PMI Talent Triangle is changing

IPM Day 2022 Zurich - Agile is simple It just isn't easy

Author: Sangamitra Prayaga PMP

Daniel Rodellar


AGILE – more than a software development methodology or tool kit. In this VUCA world, being AGILE is a corporate imperative. It needs to be a mindset of all employees. An organizational culture. And who better than PMs to promote it? With their inherent understanding (hopefully!) of the significance of: Knowing the organizational context

Stakeholder identification & management – both internal & external Continual evaluation of risks and opportunities.


The application of principles of PDCA – Plan, Do, Check & Act – in everything that we do.

The AGILE journey in Credit Suisse (CS) started in 2019 which was presented in a PMI Event “Agile Transformation at CS” and soon embraced by the “complete business”. Credit Suisse formally outlined its intention to support business divisions to implement an agile operating model.


No longer “Agile software development”. Restricted to the “techies”.

This is where the story starts. In the Swiss Bank IT, a transformation program called ‘AURORA’ was established. The Swiss Bank COO, Stephanie Hoogenbergen is leading and orchestrating this program.

Join this event to hear the extraordinary story directly from her.


IPM Day 2022, Zurich: Agile is simple. It just isn't easy. Story of Credit Suisse SB IT journey
03-11-2022 18:00 -21:00
Credit Suisse - Hagenholzstrasse 20/22 - Zürich

Agile. We have all heard of it. But how does one make it a success in a Swiss Bank?

Find out about the challenges,lessons learned and success from the COO of Credit Suisse's Swiss Bank IT.

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