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Nurturing Success: A Deep Dive into the PMI Mentoring Program


Author: Isis Gouedard, PMI Switzerland Mentoring Director


Nurturing Success: A Deep Dive into the PMI Mentoring Program

In the dynamic landscape of project management, professional growth and development are paramount to success. Among the myriad of resources available, the PMI Mentoring Program stands as a beacon of guidance and support, fostering mentorship relationships that propel individuals towards excellence in their careers.

Understanding the PMI Mentoring Program

At its core, the PMI Mentoring Program embodies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the project management community. Designed to connect seasoned professionals with aspiring practitioners, the program serves as a platform for mentorship, offering invaluable insights and opportunities for growth.

PMI Switzerland’s Mentoring Program aims to foster the growth of project management professionals by providing mentorship opportunities. As mentoring Director, I pair experienced mentors with mentees seeking guidance and support in their professional development journey.

Program Structure and Features

Central to the PMI Mentoring Program is its flexible and adaptive structure. Mentors and mentees are carefully paired based on their objectives, expertise, and areas of interest. Whether through virtual or in-person interactions, participants engage in meaningful dialogues, exchange ideas, and chart pathways towards success.

The program operates in cycles, typically lasting six months, during which mentors and mentees collaborate to achieve predefined goals. Mentors provide guidance, share insights, and offer support tailored to the mentee's needs, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Benefits for Mentees

For mentees, the benefits of participating in the PMI Mentoring Program are multifaceted. Beyond gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, mentees forge meaningful relationships with mentors who serve as guides, advocates, and confidants. Through mentorship, mentees refine their skills, expand their networks, and navigate the complexities of the project management profession with confidence.

Benefits for Mentors

Equally rewarding is the experience of serving as a mentor within the PMI Mentoring Program. Mentors have the privilege of imparting wisdom, sharing insights, and empowering the next generation of project management leaders. In addition to making a tangible impact on their mentees' journeys, mentors refine their coaching abilities, deepen their understanding of diverse perspectives, and contribute to the collective growth of the profession. PDUs are also earned per hour of mentoring.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The impact of the PMI Mentoring Program resonates through the stories of its participants. From mentees who have achieved career milestones to mentors who have witnessed the transformative power of guidance, success stories abound. These testimonials serve as a testament to the program's efficacy and enduring value in shaping the trajectories of project management professionals.

Getting Involved

For those eager to embark on their mentoring journey, the PMI Mentoring Program offers a straightforward path to engagement.

Through the PMI Switzerland Chapter website, individuals can explore program details, register as mentors or mentees, and access resources to facilitate meaningful mentorship relationships.



As the project management landscape continues to evolve, the importance of mentorship remains steadfast. Through the PMI Mentoring Program, individuals have the opportunity to nurture their talents, expand their horizons, and realize their full potential. As we embrace the spirit of collaboration and learning, let us seize the opportunity to participate in mentorship and cultivate a community of success, one relationship at a time.



Claudia Alcelay - AMM 2024 Keynote Speaker Interview article

An Interview with Claudia Alcelay, AMM 2024 Keynote Speaker

Author: Joanna LubowieckaJoanna Lubowiecka 100x100



Joanna: Hi Claudia, it’s great to have you here. As a first question, could you explain to us your story of AI journey in your professional career?

Claudia: Hello Joanna. I've been a project manager my whole life since I started working for the European Commission and helping companies in their transformation processes. Now at the Project Management Institute as Project Manager for Artificial Intelligence, I am in charge of integrating PMI Infinity, our AI-powered knowledge platform in our courses.

During all these years data and data-driven decisions have been part of my daily work, but I have to say that it was when I took the MIT training on AI applications to businesses that I realized that something big was here for the project management profession, a new dimension of data that I didn't consider before. After November 2022, when open AI´s ChatGPT was launched, many of my questions were answered and I started understanding how Gen AI could transform our everyday work as project managers.


Joanna: That's very interesting. I guess for everyone launching chat GPT was a big boom on a professional level.

Claudia: Chat GPT is an interface with a pre-trained model that answers any question you write, but, for many of us, it has been our first contact with Generative Artificial Intelligence to be used daily. It has shifted our relationship with Artificial Intelligence and has made it part of our lives. This has been an amazing moment.

Being that Chat GPT is a generalist tool, I want to highlight that for the project manager, PMI has launched the first Generative AI Knowledge Platform, to help project managers in their daily tasks.


Joanna: Sounds like PMI Infinity is a powerful platform useful for every project manager. Could you tell us what is so interesting about it?

Claudia: PMI Infinity is different from other GPTS in the market because we have our own instance, we have developed our own environment based on chat GPT 3.5 which is evolving towards GPT 4 turbo. PMI Infinity is powered by PMI sources which is a very important functionality because all the content provided is our own content. With PMI Infinity you eliminate or reduce hallucinations or inconsistencies. Furthermore, PMI Infinity always cites sources which gives you the chance of checking for credibility. Something that I also find interesting is that once you enter a prompt, PMI Infinity will suggest three alternative prompts, which helps you to dig even more into the topic.

PMI Infinity has been recently launched and our community is engaged in its evolution. We will see interesting things around PMI Infinity in the next months.


Joanna:  Maybe now let’s take a step back and give some hints for the novices in project management and AI. For those who are aspiring to pursue their career in AI-driven projects, what skills and knowledge areas do you believe are essential for success?

Claudia: Traditional project management skills like communication, problem-solving, and managing people, among others, are becoming even more relevant than before. We have to be aware though, of other types of stakeholders that enter the field, like data scientists, data analysts, or data consumers. They are part of our ecosystems now and great allies to bring artificial intelligence into our teams, companies, and projects.

However, with the advent of generative AI and how it has entered our daily work, we need to develop new skills and get new knowledge. On one hand, we need to cultivate and nurture the skills of adaptability. It means looking around, listening, reading, sharing, and adapting. The lifelong learning approach is still very valid. It is crucial to be flexible and aware of changing technology and approaches that might twist from one day to another. We need to learn how to unlearn to cope with all those changes. Additionally, we as project managers need to understand the data and its flow as this is part of our projects and organizations’ strategy.


Joanna: Those are great tips Claudia.  With the rise of AI in project management, how do you envision the collaboration between AI technologies and human expertise?

Figure 1 demonstrates the level of support GenAI can provide for specific project tasks, mapped along the dimensions of task complexity and degree of human intervention.

AI STVI Practioner Graph Figure 1

Picture source:

Claudia: Look at the picture I have shared here. The relationship that we will have with generative AI and data as project managers is going to be different according to the different tasks that we are going to do and according to our project management level. Firstly, generative AI is going to help us to automate some tasks such as filling meeting notes and preparing summaries or reports from different sources. Human intervention in this case is minimal. Secondly, generative AI will help in so-called assisting, where for example we want to make a cost-benefit analysis or cost and schedule estimation and here the AI can assist us with shaping the information or preparing the visual aspects. Thirdly, we need to mention augmenting, which means that the level of implication of the human in specific activities like developing a business case or project decision-making is going to be higher, with a lower Gen AI intervention.


Joanna: From your experience, what are the biggest challenges for project managers in the world of AI?

Claudia: I see two great challenges at this moment. The first one is the challenge of becoming AI value creators instead of AI users. The current stage of using AI tools is simply giving us more free time or better-quality time to devote ourselves to activities more valuable for our companies. But we need to go a bit further. Instead of being AI tool users, we need to be AI value creators. This means the ability to identify in our projects which parts can be integrated or tackled from an AI perspective, to be able to create cases. This is a great shift that we are already seeing in our community. The second challenge is to be able to leverage our project management skills and knowledge to be key actors in our companies. Technology is still a means, let’s understand it, fill any knowledge gap that we might be encountering, and be ready to adapt. But above all, bring to the scene all your knowledge and skills.


Joanna: You just mentioned that we shall be not only users but also creators in AI world. How can professionals transition from being passive users to proactive contributors?

Claudia: This must be incremental. AI is here to stay and is here for us.  It's not going to disappear. If you are new to Gen AI, I would start trying different AI applications in any domain you like even if they are not related to PM. Playing with them will make you feel more comfortable in this environment.

Then, you can try to apply AI tools to everyday tasks in your projects like summarizing, generating pictures, and translating… and see how you are feeling.

As a next step, I would see how I as a project manager can work together with data people to improve our data-driven decisions and thus, our projects. I would make myself relevant. Project managers have a lot to say in this new AI era.

Additionally, I would share anything that I discover with the community, with my colleagues. I would go to communities like PMI where you can learn a lot about other project managers having the same issues as you are. A great place to start.

Community link: Artificial Intelligence


Joanna: I really appreciate the insights you shared with us. We are excited to host you at our AMM 2024 event and cannot wait for the speech you will present.


AMM24  Article  message from the Bod

Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter, March 2024

Author: Philip SPRINGUEL, PMP
Copy Editor PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter teamLisa Gryzagoridis


Dear PMI Switzerland members and colleagues,

With this March 2024 edition of the newsletter, we’re privileged to present Joanna Lubowiecka’s interview with PMI’s Claudia Alcelay, Project Manager for Artificial Intelligence, discussing the integration of PMI Infinity into PMI’s courses: “It is crucial to be flexible and aware of changing technology.” Claudia will be the keynote speaker at PMI’s Annual Members Meeting to be held this 14 March in Zurich.

Also this month, PMI Switzerland’s Mentoring Director Isis Gouedard illustrates for us how our Chapter’s Mentoring Program is resonating throughout our community: “From mentees who have achieved career milestones to mentors who have witnessed the transformative power of guidance.”

Mafalda Amaro writes this month about an enthusiastic February start to our PMI Switzerland ‘PM Talks,’ which intend to foster engagement and enhance the skills of project professionals in our community. Mafalda relates how Alkistis Petropakis covered a range of topics in this initial event, offering practical advice and sharing advanced experience in the field of Gender Diversity in the Swiss Workplace.

As we do with each newsletter, Alp Camci introduces our new PMI Switzerland members in the included monthly update.

To ensure you don’t miss upcoming events and benefit from knowledge sharing among your fellow PMI Switzerland members and experts, always check our website events page and social media channels. This newsletter also highlights the all-important PM Conference, to be held this year in September in Lausanne on the subject: “Innovation in Project Management - Risks and Opportunities.” Sign up early to reserve your place in this extraordinary annual PMI Switzerland event.




Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024) – AI's Revolutionary Role

Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis (PMP, DASM)

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Dear Readers,

With only a few weeks until the AMM 2024, the excitement is mounting!

This not-to-be-missed event is highly revered by members and non-members alike, giving rise to the rapidly decreasing registration availability… so go register now!

This year, our keynote presentation, “AI’s Revolutionary Role” promises to captivate and enthrall attendees. As arguably one of the top skill-building trends, “AI and Machine Learning” is dominating conversations across most industries. As the Product Manager for Artificial Intelligence at the Project Management Institute (amongst other notable expertise), our keynote speaker, Claudia Alcelay, is optimally poised to broaden our knowledge and understanding, as well as ‘connect-the-dots’ in relation to the field of project management.

Claudia will not only introduce us to new concepts and tools, but also foster in a new approach to data-driven decision-making. Whilst there is a need for upskilling to equip project managers with future-ready skills, she’ll illustrate how PM Power Skills integrate with those skills, making PMs key actors in their organisations.

Following the Keynote Presentation, the AMM 2024 offers the opportunity for attendees to engage with a panel of AI SMEs, including our keynote speaker.

Beyond the opportunity to embrace new knowledge and skills, attendees can look forward to a gift upon entry, entertainment, and tantalizing taste sensations accompanying the networking portion of the evening.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter, February 2024

Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis (PMP, DASM) Lisa Gryzagoridis


Dear Readers,

With 2024 well on its way, like most of you, the PMI Switzerland Chapter is ramping up on delivering exciting new initiatives!

As you have come to expect, the chapter remains on the forefront of developments in the Project Management field, through the harnessing of emergent technologies to advance project management knowledge, skills, and efficiencies. PMI's launch of "Infinity" is generating much excitement, and our team is fervently awaiting its introduction during the keynote presentation at the Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024).

For further information on Infinity, refer to February's "Message from the Board", and for a peek into what to expect from the highly anticipated AMM 2024, refer to the article: "Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024) – AI's Revolutionary Role".

Technology is only 'one slice of the chapter's pie'.

We are delighted to introduce the new initiative from the Social Impact & Youth Team - PM Talks! In this Newsletter, you can discover the vast scope of benefits that the 'PM Talks' series offers, as a webinar-platform devoted to important topics in the domains of Social Impact, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Sustainability. You also have the opportunity to register for its debut session, scheduled for February 8th, 2024.

We are also excited to share an article from our esteemed and long-standing PMI Switzerland Chapter member, volunteer, and leader - Adi Muslic.

Until next time... Be warm, be well, and 'Happy Reading'!

Best regards,