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Sascha Wyss, PgMP, PMI-ACP, PMP

Dear Members and Newsletter Subscribers,

As project managers it is our mission to enable change - it is the very core of our profession and without the omnipresent need for change we would become obsolete..... At the same time our very profession is also in a constant change - what was 5 years ago state of the art project management is today already outdated....

PMI Switzerland offers a community for an always changing profession that enables change itself. It is only logical that our chapter can only accomplish this, when it changes with it and adjusts itself to the constant changing needs of our members.

The new year will start with a big change for PMI Switzerland - half the board will be renewed and a new president will take over and might set sail into a new direction. Fresh ideas will be put into action by new board members full of energy, especially since they know they were truly elected by you. This year it was not a formality - you really had and made your choice! Thanks a lot to all who voted!

I wish you all the best for the new year and hope, that whatever changes in your life will be for the better. 


Kind regards,

Sascha Wyss 

Chapter President 

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Marina Satapathy, PMP and Carlos Martinez, PMP - Election Committee

Dear Chapter members

Thank you for your participation in the Chapter elections! Way more than 100 Chapter members casted their vote for this year’s candidates.

Our e-ballot remains open until December 10th, so if you have not yet casted your vote, we like to encourage you to do it now.
Get excited and join us at the Annual Members Meeting when we announce the newly elected Board members and the winners of three award-winning project management books!
Marina and Carlos


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Author: Loïc Hascher
Dear Members,
I'm just back from Malmö Sweden where the PMI Region 8 meeting was organized. For those of you who do not know, Region 8 is PMI's designation for all chapters from Europe. The meeting is a unique chance to meet chapter leaders to discuss and exchange ideas. What really impressed me was how much passion and dedication the attendees have for their chapters members. There were lots of discussions and brainstorming about how to better collaborate between chapters, and how it can provide local members even more value. One example is the "speaker bureau" initiative. This collaboration across all European chapters aims to list and share all best speakers' contact information. With this we hope to continuously provide you with the best events! This is just one of many examples. There is definitely a lot of energy currently and things are moving quickly. So, stay tuned!!
Loïc Hascher
VP Membership

Manju Bohra

Author: Manju Bohra, VP Sponsoring

Dear Friends,

As I write this message I look out from my window in the train. The sky is bright crimson red, the trees have beautiful autumn colors and the leaves are falling … the year end is coming closer, much faster than I imagined. As VP of Sponsoring and PMIEF I think it is a good time to share our success with you and tell you what exciting things our volunteer’s team has been working on.

I am delighted to tell you that our sponsors feel proud and are enthusiastic to be a part of the PMI family. We have been warmly welcome by an increasing number of sponsors who are interested in our chapter. On behalf of the board and the chapter I recognize and appreciate our Sponsors participation to enable us to come this far.

At PMIEF we champion project management for educational and social good in Switzerland. Our aim is to inspire and transform lives of Young people through the use of Project management knowledge. We have been working closely with Teachers and APE (Association Parent d’élèves) in Romandie area. We are honored to be recognized and elected in the Parent’s Council of a local school in Zurich.

For plan for the next year:


  1. Joint events we have done with our sponsors where they share their methodology and their hands on experience with their clients, had great success. We will design more of it. 
  2. We will strive hard to sponsor cutting edge topics and engaging speakers for our events.
  3. In terms of giving back to the society, we will continue to advance our support to local school and NGOs by means of  providing Project management skill for life. We are elaborating further our 4C (and not 4P) plan (Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration) for school teachers and students to manage their own projects.More to come on our website about it.

I’d like to thank again our new and loyal sponsors and our members whose support has enabled our chapter to come this far. I look forward to meeting you again at our events.



 Marina Satapathy  Carlos Martinez Arteaga 100x100

Marina Satapathy, PMP and Carlos Martinez, PMP - Election Committee


Dear Members and Newsletter subscribers,

This year we have received many valid candidates, it has not been like this for a few years.

We would like to thank all of them for taking that step forward and for their will to be the visible part of our chapter.

As a member you will soon receive an email notification asking you to place your vote.

Please do so as this is your opportunity to elect the person that will represent the chapter over the next years.