New Members Introductions

Stefano Pianese - March 2023

Stefano Pianese

Stefano Pianese is Italian, holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and he has 6+ years of experience in project management.

He has worked in the R&D sector and in the food and beverage industry. He is truly passionate about mechanical design and project management.

He got PMP certified in October 2022 and he speaks Italian, French, English, Spanish and he is currently learning German.

He lives in Lausanne and joined the PMI Switzerland Chapter to expand his professional network, meet new people to share professional experiences and discuss about project management.

You can learn more about Stefano by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Ali Mirmoini - March 2023

Ali Mirmoini

Ali has studied railway engineering and has more than 20 years of experience in rail and transportation projects and more than 15 years of experience in project, program, and portfolio management in this field. He has taken part in many railway, metro, and light rail projects as project manager.

In his 15 years of project management, he always used PMI approaches, techniques and PMBOK as the main guideline in his work and in recent years he has tried to apply hybrid and agile approaches in rail projects especially in study and design phases.

He lives in Baden-Württemberg in Germany and joined the PMI Switzerland chapter to keep his knowledge as a PMP up to date and to network, share his expertise with colleagues and find new project opportunities.

You can learn more about Ali by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Nikki Lindgren - March 2023

Nikki Lindgren

With over 15 years of experience in business development and strategy within the EdTech industry, Nikki has established a career with international exposure in the United States, Germany, China, and Austria. Nikki’s focus is on customer experience, product innovation and using customer insights to create a vision and roadmap to achieve an organization’s mission and vision. She is a results-driven leader who is passionate about shaping the future of learning and work.

Nikki joined PMI Austria in 2021 where she served as DASM Officer. During this time, she led a team of project managers in meetings with the United Nations in Vienna, Austria to volunteer hours that count towards the SDG Hours for Impact, supporting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to better people’s lives and the planet, now and in the future.

Nikki moved to Basel, Switzerland with her husband and two daughters in November 2022.

Nikki joined the PMI Switzerland chapter to learn, laugh and give.

You can learn more about Nikki by visiting her LinkedIn profile.


Mirjam Nufer - March 2023

Mirjam Nufer

Mirjam is an international project manager holding a master’s degree in Climate and Atmospheric Science and MAS in Development and Cooperation. She started her career in the international development / peace-building sector working for NGO’s and the Swiss Military more than 8 years ago. In 2019 Mirjam switched to the private sector managing projects in CSR and innovation and then later IT projects.

Mirjam got PMP credentials in 2020 and where she also realized she feels at home with the many challenges and tasks which a project manager must deal with. In 2022 she is also certified as DASM.

Currently Mirjam splits her time working for a small Swiss IT company and building on her freelancer business. Her background in different sectors helps her to manage cross-sectoral projects and bridge the cultural gap between non-profit organizations and the private sector.

Mirjam areas of expertise include coaching / training individuals and teams, (agile) project management, stakeholder management, organizational change, way of working.

Mirjam joined PMI Switzerland Chapter for networking reasons, to interact with fellow professionals and to learn from each other

You can learn more about Mirjam by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Peter Stokman - February 2023

Peter Stokman

Peter has 30+ years’ experience in project management and 20+ years’ as people manager. He is originally from The Netherlands, and has studied Mechanical Engineering, specialized in Plastic Processing and Polymer Chemistry.

Started his career in the Netherlands at DSM Research in polymer compounding and application development. Then 5 years in Automotive, as senior project lead for the development of the cockpit of the Mitsubishi Colt.
At Dorel Juvenile, better known as the OEM for Maxi Cosi child restraint systems, Peter was combined project lead and engineering team manager in product development for child safety seats and strollers. At the same company he then became Innovation Manager, introducing new technologies and business models.

His latest job was in the medical device industry, for which he moved to Switzerland in 2016. Peter had setup a team for new development for Invacare International in Witterswil, with many award winning product launches. Since November 2022 Peter is looking for new challenges since Invacare decided to stop R&D activities in Switzerland.

Peter’s field of expertise is in Material Technology, especially polymer application development, plastic tooling, injection moulding, composites, aluminum extrusion and -hydroforming.

Peter has used the free time to get his certification as PMP and, something completely different, he did a 2-week course in Austria to become a certified beer sommelier. Beer brewing is his passion, and he is working on writing a book about beer in Switzerland. Further Peter likes to travel and to read.

He lives in the beautiful city of Rheinfelden with his wife and two children.

Peter has joined the Swiss PMI-chapter, to increase his network, to learn from each other, and perhaps can offer his experience to others!

You can learn more about Peter by visiting his LinkedIn profile