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Editorial - PMI Switzerland Newsletter, June 2024

Author: Philip SPRINGUEL, PMP Philip Springuel NEW 100x100




Dear colleagues, members and friends of PMI Switzerland,

This month, we begin with a "Message from the Board" by Joachim Dehais, VP Volunteers, who offers valuable career advice on leadership and learning.

We’re also delighted this month to present a number of pre-event announcements, most important of which is a call for speakers for our 2024 edition of the Swiss Chapter’s PM Conference, an ideal opportunity for you to submit proposals!

A feature article from Swiss Chapter VP Communications, David Puippe, offers a fundamentally important review of PMI:Next, a must read for all players in the project management arena. Another contribution this month includes a fascinating AI event recap from Six Group’s Wolfgang Steindl, telling the tale of a journey to Mars and beyond!

7 new members are profiled, and again through your monthly newsletter, we offer many reasons to sign up for critical learning and networking events, such as urgently joining Agile or AI-themed communities of your Swiss Chapter and beyond.


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Discover PMI:Next – The Future of Project Management 

Author: David Puippe, PMP, ACP, PBA, and VP Communications David Puippe


Dear PMI Switzerland Members,

PMI is a leading global authority in project management, committed to advancing the project management profession. We maximize project success to elevate our world. We empower project professionals around the globe to excel in project management practices through a growing global community, knowledge sharing, and best-in-class certifications, driving positive change in organizations and communities.

As the landscape of project management evolves, so must the strategies that guide it. In this article, you will enter PMI:Next, PMI's latest initiative designed to future-proof the field and keep project managers at the forefront of innovation.

What is PMI purpose?

PMI purpose is more than a statement. This is the force that guides everything that we do, including at a chapter level. We defined our purpose by answering one simple question: "How can we leverage our superpowers to impact the world?" We have always been a purpose-driven organization, and with intentional focus and a clearly articulated purpose statement and commitments, we are ensuring our founding principles are core to success.

What is PMI:Next?

In 2024, PMI is building momentum by sharpening its purpose, evolving its strategy, and strengthening its values to deliver on a clear, common, and shared purpose. This clarity will help all chapters to maximize their impact to drive meaningful change. The meaning of Next is the following:

N - Nurture Our Purpose & Values
E - Empower Ourselves
X – eXpand Our Impact
T - Tighten Our Focus

PMI:Next in a nutshell:

Our guiding stars which do not change over time are our purpose and value. These fundamental elements of PMI:Next strategy, which defines your chapter strategy as well, are structured as below:

Purpose: We maximize project success to elevate our world.
Values: Make it Easy, Aim Higher, Be Welcoming, Embrace Curiosity, Together We Can.

The key parts of PMI:Next strategy, for now, are:

  • Who we serve: Current and aspiring project professionals
  • Where we play: Community Generated Knowledge Platforms & Resources; Career Long Learning & Development; and Most Trusted “Gold Standard” Professional Certifications
  • How we operate: Focus on the profession; Activation Model; and Internal Capability Building

The Swiss Chapter Board is currently utilising these guidelines to further develop the local community, and contributing to the future of our profession.

Want to know more about PMI:Next?

Pre-event communication - Driving Project Success with AI

Authors: Eric Jelenje, PMP, and Joachim Dehais, PMP
Joachim Dehais 100pxEric Jelenje 2




The hype is here, you cannot avoid it. Artificial Intelligence is in every mouth, newspaper, website, seminar.

If you are tired of talking, and are ready to get your hands dirty, join our evening AI practice workshop online on the 25th of June 2024.

Long gone are the days of two-layer perceptrons, now AI has nearly as many brain cells as we do, and if we listen to business consultants, it is ready to take our jobs. Not quite, and yet, better have a look, in case its brain cells decide to mimic 'Idiocy' more than 'Intelligence'. AI is to intellectual work what machines were two centuries ago, a potential, a workhorse, a promise.

You have a chance to adapt to the technological shift and its societal implications. Come to learn how the tech works, how it doesn’t, what you have to be careful about, and how you can leverage it.

Through examples and hands-on experience, we offer you a space to experiment, to learn, to ask, and to come out in charge, capable of using it, as well as improve your work and workplace. We will go through some theory, examples, and serious practice sessions on use cases from the PMBOK. So have a read, ponder, and choose to join us and many professionals working towards the future.

Has that piqued your interest? Then, see you there!

Info and registration: here


PM Conference 2024 Call for Speakers

Author: Pia Henzelmann, Events Experience Director
Pia Henzelmann




Greetings PMI Switzerland Members and welcome to the 2024 Conference Season! 

Preparations for the PM Conference are well underway, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you all on September 23rd in Lausanne. More information shall be shared in the near future, but in the meanwhile, here’s our latest update...

The PM Conference theme has been updated to "AI Unveiled: Transforming Projects and Organizations with Smart Innovation". This change reflects the growing impact of artificial intelligence upon our industry. We aim to discover how smart innovations are revolutionizing project management and organizational practices, providing attendees valuable insights from the keynote sessions and workshops. 

In line with this theme, we invite industry experts to present valuable insights and methods on AI and Project Management. Simultaneously, we request your support in identifying and submitting suggestions for further potential speakers, aligned to the theme. 

Our team has initiated interviews, however, presentation slots are still open, so we encourage you to apply immediately!

Call for Speakers Application:   

  • Submit your speaker proposal including a brief bio, session title, and abstract by June 10th, 2024 through the link below. Guidelines are included in the form: PM Conference Speaker Application Form 
  • For more details and submission, please reach out to Joachim Dehais

We look forward to your proposals and working together to create an insightful and impactful conference. 

Best regards, 

Pia Henzelmann 

PM Conference Lead and on behalf of the PM Conference team

Embracing Agile: The Power of Community

Author: Florian Ivan, PMP, ACP, DASSM, DAC  Florian Ivan New 100x100



In the fast-paced world of project management, adaptability is paramount. Agile methodologies have emerged as a beacon of flexibility in an ever-evolving landscape. But navigating this dynamic terrain can be daunting without a compass of collective wisdom. This is where our Agile Community of Practice, nestled under the PMI umbrella, shines as a guiding light.

 cop agile

At its core, the Agile Community of Practice is more than just a network — it's a vibrant ecosystem where professionals converge to exchange insights, challenges, and triumphs. Unlike formal training sessions, this community thrives on informality, fostering genuine connections and an environment ripe for organic learning.

One of the most compelling aspects of this community is its accessibility. Regardless of your level of expertise or experience, there's a place for you at the table. Novices find solace in the wealth of knowledge shared by seasoned veterans, while seasoned practitioners discover fresh perspectives from newcomers unencumbered by convention.

Events serve as the lifeblood of this community and there's no shortage of opportunities to engage and grow. These gatherings serve as crucibles where ideas are forged, tested, and refined. Moreover, they provide a platform for camaraderie — a reminder that we are not alone.

The benefits of participation are manifold. Through active engagement, members sharpen their skills, broaden their perspectives, and expand their networks. They gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship, and support systems that transcend the confines of traditional training programs.

Agile Community of Practice embodies the very essence of agility — adaptability through collaboration. It empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of modern project management with confidence and resilience. Together, we embark on a journey of continuous improvement, where every setback is an opportunity to learn and every success a testament to our collective ingenuity.

Join us, and together, let's embrace the transformative power of community.

Contact person: Florian Ivan  Florian Ivan

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