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Managing Blockchain Truffle Projects: Embracing Agile for Success

Author: Ala Lutz, VP Membership

Ala Lutz


Blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries, enabling decentralized, secure, and transparent transactions. Among the tools commonly used for blockchain development is Truffle, a popular development framework that streamlines the process of creating, deploying, and managing smart contracts. However, managing a blockchain Truffle project can be challenging due to the evolving nature of the technology and the complexity of the projects. 

To navigate these challenges efficiently, adopting the right agile framework becomes crucial. In this article, we will explore the concept of Truffle, blockchain, and delve into the best-fit agile framework for managing such projects. Additionally, we will highlight valuable lessons learned from the management of these cutting-edge projects.

Understanding Truffle and Blockchain Truffle: 

Truffle is a development framework that simplifies the creation, deployment, and testing of smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more. It provides developers with essential tools like a built-in testing suite, contract compilation, and deployment automation, easing the development process for decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. 


Blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger technology that allows data to be stored in blocks linked chronologically. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, ensuring security and transparency in data transactions. Blockchain's decentralization eliminates the need for intermediaries, making it an ideal foundation for cryptocurrencies, supply chain management, voting systems, and more. 

Managing Blockchain Truffle Projects with Agile Agile Framework for Blockchain Truffle Projects: 

When managing blockchain Truffle projects, an agile framework that emphasizes adaptability, iterative development, and collaboration is highly beneficial. Among the various agile methodologies, the Scrum framework stands out as the most suitable for managing these dynamic projects. 

Lessons Learned from Managing Blockchain Truffle Projects:

  • Blockchain technology is relatively new and continues to evolve rapidly. Flexibility is crucial as requirements may change during the development process. Agile methodologies like Scrum allow teams to adapt quickly to changes and deliver incremental value.
  • Security Prioritization: Security is paramount in blockchain projects, especially when dealing with smart contracts that manage financial transactions or sensitive data. Rigorous testing and code reviews are essential to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Early Testing: With Truffle's built-in testing suite, developers should conduct comprehensive tests at each development stage. Automated testing ensures that the smart contracts function as intended and provides confidence in the system's reliability.
  • Effective Collaboration: In blockchain Truffle projects, collaboration between developers, blockchain experts, and stakeholders is vital. Scrum's daily stand-ups foster

Conclusion Managing blockchain Truffle projects demands a careful balance of technical expertise, collaboration, and adaptability. Truffle's convenience in developing smart contracts combined with the Scrum agile framework offers an effective approach to tackle these challenges.

By learning from past experiences and embracing agile methodologies, teams can streamline development processes and deliver innovative blockchain solutions with confidence. As the blockchain landscape continues to expand, the combination of Truffle and agile practices will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized applications and smart contract development.

Best regards

Ala Lutz


Martin Haerri has won PMI Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award

Author: Adi Muslic, PMP, VP Sponsors and Partners

Adi Muslic


PMI community matters!

I am proud to share that our Martin Haerri has been named PMI® Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award winner! The PMI® Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award recognizes and honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the project management profession or its practice through leadership, technical project management, and strategic and business management acumen.

Martin Haerri PMI Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award


There are certainly many PMI volunteers which have served their chapter over a long time, and in many different functions. What distinguishes Martin is that he created in 2010 the “Swiss Corporate Networking Group” (SCNG) which is unique in the PMI landscape. Since then, 36 meetings have taken place so it can certainly be called a long-lasting success.

These meetings are a great format to bring organizations (companies and academia), PMI and the Chapter together:

  • Over the course of the years, 32 organizations have been members of the SCNG, the current count is 1 university and 20 companies (e.g. Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Holcim, UBS, Swiss Re, IBM, Schindler, Syngenta).
  • The topics are defined by the SCNG members by majority vote, so they are always what companies in Switzerland are interested in, such as “Benefits Management”, “Scaling Agile”, “Artificial Intelligence in Project Management”, “Organizational Transformation”, etc.
  • The speakers are usually coming from the SCNG members, and it is quite amazing how openly the members share their expertise.
  • The meetings are always hosted by a member organization, which means that there is no cost for the chapter. Sometimes senior managers from the hosting company attend, and at the last event the participants were even welcomed by the CEO. This has the great side-effect that the topic of project management gets visibility at a high level of the hierarchy in the hosting organization.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey

The survey started 1st of June and ended on 30th September. The survey has targeted PMI members, people working in projects and the project management community, in roles that will be impacted by the implementation of AI in project management. 

The survey has been Chapter led including 31 project managers representing 25 Chapters in 23 countries.

pmi chapters


In phase 2 the cross-chapter team is performing data and  market analysis, writing the report and marketing the report.

The mission is for the PMI Chapters around the world to find out where the members are on the AI technology adoption life cycle and in this way build a strategy on the best way to support the members on their AI transformation journey. 


Social Impact & Youth initiatives

Our sustainability champion, Mariia Borsuk will be presenting at the PMI Sustainability Summit 2023, another cross-chapter initiative supported by our team.

In collaboration with Bevel ON we are delivering a project management foundation training in November for over 80 displaced professionals living abroad.

We are preparing a number of new initiatives. Why don't you join us?


All our exciting projects depend on our volunteers and the limited budget coming from the chapter membership and our sponsors.

We are looking for sponsors who would like to support our community. Every little bit helps. 

Contact us


Adi Muslic

VP Sponsors & Partners

PMI Switzerland Chapter Elections: Your Vote, Your Impact


Kathrin Lutz PMP, ACP / Elena Milusheva, PMP / Alp Camci, PMP

 Elena Milusheva  Kathrin Lutz  Alp Camci


PMI Switzerland Chapter Elections: Your Vote, Your Impact (November 15 – December 15, 2023)

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Switzerland Chapter is a community driven by innovation, leadership, and collaboration. Please be on the lookout for an email from the Global PMI team on November 15 th with the voting instructions. We are counting on your involvement to shape the future of PMI Switzerland.

As we navigate a world of constant change, we want to highlight the power of voting. Your vote is important and here’s why it matters to PMI Switzerland:

  • Shaping Our Chapter's Future: Your vote directly influences the leadership and direction of PMI Switzerland. By participating in chapter elections, you ensure that our leaders represent your values, interests, and vision for our community.
  • Fostering Professional Growth: Your vote helps select leaders who are committed to advancing project management in Switzerland. With the right leadership, our chapter can offer more networking opportunities, professional development events, and resources to empower your career.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: Just as we promote diversity and inclusion in project management, your vote can support leaders who champion these values within our chapter, making it a welcoming and diverse community for all.
  • Defending Our Rights: Voting is not just a right but a duty that safeguards the democratic principles we cherish. By participating in elections, you actively contribute to the protection of our democratic traditions.

We invite all PMI Switzerland members to actively engage in our chapter's elections, influence our direction, and contribute to the growth of our project management community. Be informed, participate, and make your voice count.
Your vote has the power to make a real impact right here. Join us in strengthening our community and advancing the practice of project management in our country.

You can vist the Elections page to know more about the candidates here : Elections


Thank you for your support!
Your Elections Team
Kathrin Lutz, Elena Milusheva and Alp Camci

Retrospective PM Conference Article - Effects of recent and upcoming AI discoveries

Author: Joanna Lubowiecka, PMP

Joanna Lubowiecka


Effects of recent and upcoming AI discoveries by Annar Merirand

The session started with explaining general terms in the area of AI together with a roadmap of its development - here, we stopped and gave it a moment to understand where we are currently.

A group of people in a room attending presentation


Basically, we have Narrow AI and Weak AI which is capable of doing narrow set of tasks as eg. recognising or creating speech and recognizing or creating images. The AI explosion is happening now because we have access to two components: scalable computing power and high quality data.

The other thing which was pointed out is the difference between Narrow AI and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). This introduction could help us imagine more easily what will come next with a great example of having a video call with AI tools which will change how we learn and work.


Afterwards we dived into opportunities and risks that bring AI into individual, organizational and societal aspects of our lives. 

Giving just a few examples of each while using LLM-s (currently chatGPT, Bard AI etc.): 


Individual opportunities 

Individual risks

Immediate feedback on your ideas

Scamming and phishing is getting more refined 

Refine written content for emails and presentations

Spam phone calls with speech synthesis 

Speed up software development and problem solving 

Providing inaccurate answers with high confidence 


Organizational opportunities 

Organizational risks

Performance improvement and automation of routine tasks

GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out 

Improving Intranet search 

IT security - more sophisticated attacks 

Getting the IT teams and infrastructure ready for what comes next. 

Data leaks 


Societal opportunities 

Societal risks

Industrial automation

Technological Unemployment and skills gap 

Automation on repetitive tasks 

Bad Actors - criminal organizations, terrorists , states…

Improving the continuous learning 

Losing control of the AI development 


Those aspects brought an awareness of both, positive and negative aspects of the AI which shall be considered in our private and professional lives. 

At the end we had been given a few books proposals that goes deeper into the topic of AI and might be very useful to understand the changes we are facing now.



* Article was created on the personal session experience, backuped with speaker presentation. 



What motivates project managers to work in projects and to pursue a career in project management?

Author: Ruth Christine Lechler

Ruth Christine Lechler


Survey: Project Career and Talent Management

What motivates project managers to work in projects and to pursue a career in project management? 

This is exactly what a scientific study, conducted by WU Wien and TU Darmstadt is investigating.

This global survey represents a significant extension of the PMI-supported research project, "The Future of Project Work."

You can find the attached Whitepaper, which presents the extensive research findings.

This survey will be distributed globally and the findings will be presented in an online conference early 2024

By taking part, you'll have the opportunity to:

  •  Learn what motivates you in your specific project type
  •  Receive a personalized report with insights tailored to you
  •  Compare your motivations with peers

📢 For companies: Curious about how your project teams measure up?

Get your company-specific survey and get in touch with our coordinator, Ruth Lechler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Project Career and Talent mg