Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis (PMP, DASM) Lisa Gryzagoridis


Dear Readers,

With 2024 well on its way, like most of you, the PMI Switzerland Chapter is ramping up on delivering exciting new initiatives!

As you have come to expect, the chapter remains on the forefront of developments in the Project Management field, through the harnessing of emergent technologies to advance project management knowledge, skills, and efficiencies. PMI's launch of "Infinity" is generating much excitement, and our team is fervently awaiting its introduction during the keynote presentation at the Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024).

For further information on Infinity, refer to February's "Message from the Board", and for a peek into what to expect from the highly anticipated AMM 2024, refer to the article: "Annual Members Meeting (AMM 2024) – AI's Revolutionary Role".

Technology is only 'one slice of the chapter's pie'.

We are delighted to introduce the new initiative from the Social Impact & Youth Team - PM Talks! In this Newsletter, you can discover the vast scope of benefits that the 'PM Talks' series offers, as a webinar-platform devoted to important topics in the domains of Social Impact, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Sustainability. You also have the opportunity to register for its debut session, scheduled for February 8th, 2024.

We are also excited to share an article from our esteemed and long-standing PMI Switzerland Chapter member, volunteer, and leader - Adi Muslic.

Until next time... Be warm, be well, and 'Happy Reading'!

Best regards,