Eric Jelenje, PMP 

Author: Eric Jelenje, PMP


Retrospective on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Helping Enhance Sustainability and Competitiveness in Uncertain Times


Over the past three editions of the Newsletter, we have been talking about all things Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), and their relevance to modern day organizational and project management.

As a continuation, I was privileged to facilitate an evening of conversation around DEI  and its benefits to organizations needing to thrive amidst immense volatility and uncertainty.

Kickstarting proceedings, Adi Muslic, VP for Sponsors and Partners, provided a background to the event’s organization process and a brief overview of the keynote presentation.

The next highlight, a 3-minute monologue on the power of DEI in the work, was an ideal preamble, reinforcing its relevance in the face of talent shortages and societal upheaval in the project economy. The conversation subsequently shifted to the DEI strategy formulation process, referencing  the USA for Africa project as a case study.

Equally as engaging were the exchanges and debates between participants. One such was around balancing data protection legislative compliance with the need for comprehensive data to support decision-making and strategy formulation. 

Others thoughts shared were around organizations displaying “superficial” commitments to DEI, how meaningful action is important and how embracing DEI should not be forceful but organic.


My shared takeaways? 

Context is important. DEI strategy should reflect the uniqueness of circumstances.

Perfection is unrealistic. Every step forward is progress. 

Embrace and balance the use of quantitative and qualitative data.

Concluding the discussions, Adi talked of the Chapter’s ongoing and pipeline initiatives, upcoming events and the Chapter volunteer experience. 

Participants were then treated to a networking apéro in what was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening of networking and conversations.

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