Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

So many changes in so little time. Last month was very intense. It required a lot of effort just to keep up with news, not to mention adjusting to all changes and measures affecting our lives. Some of the measures are to stay for a long time with us, some others will gradually disappear. Although the efforts to find new ways to fight more effectively the virus are tremendous, we will certainly continue living with the virus for many months to come.

My biggest concern, going forward, is the part of the population that is at high risk. Even if they stay at home but a spouse or a relative has to go out, there is still a chance to bring the virus back home. It is quite clear that we will keep the security social distance enforced for some time. But this may still not be enough to feel secure, as the meeting rooms can be quite small. The best way to be better protected is to carry on a protective face mask, gloves and use the quarantine precautions once back home. Will it be the new normal to wear on a mask and gloves in business meetings? Would not, in that case, a video conferencing be more appropriate?

There are so many lessons to learn from this experience in each segment of our lives. The importance of controlled and measured communications. The endless capacity to adjust and change to survive. The need for flexibility and agility to turn around your business or life.
The remote working and home office may become more common practice, and be used as an alternative when appropriate. Having family dinners or celebrations organized with a video conferencing could be used to meet more often.

Thanks to the online events team, PMI Switzerland will be now organizing online events. This new experience may become in the future the new format of the regular in-person events done before. Wouldn't it be nice to attend an event organized in Basel, but from your home, in Geneva or Zurich?

Every change is an opportunity. Let's make use of this one.

Be safe,