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Armin Reicharz - February 2023

armin reicharz

Armin is 57 years old, graduated at EPFL in 1988 in materials science. Since then Armin worked essentially in the electromechanical industry where he held various roles from research, design, project management and more recently technical director of a Swiss SME producing professional appliances.

Armin was always interested in working in transversal roles, where he could learn a lot from communication with other professionals from various areas. This is how Armin developed a sensibility for the challenges of project management, especially in SME’s.

Armin is currently looking for a new opportunity in his career, where he could maybe help others gain more confidence with their own project and share some of his experiences.

Armin is glad to join the Swiss PMI chapter and get in touch with people sharing same interests in the world of project management.

You can learn more about Armin by visiting his LinkedIn profile


Prince Dziwornu - February 2023

Prince Dziwornu

Prince is a recent graduate of EPFL's Executive Masters’ degree program in Global Supply Chain Management and a current PMP certified with considerable experience in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, textiles, and management consulting industries, respectively.

Prince has ten years of professional experience in sales, quality management, and supply chain management: In addition, he also has a proven track record of project execution and implementation (over five years of experience in project management).

On a personal level, Prince is a Ghanaian who migrated to Switzerland in 2014 to pursue his master's studies, after which he met his beautiful wife and then married in 2018. They currently live in Neuchâtel, and they have no kids.

Prince purpose for joining the Swiss Chapter is to network and learn from the community of Swiss Project management professionals while also contributing to it through volunteering activities.

You can learn more about Prince by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Carlos Menéndez Llamas - January 2023

Carlos Menéndez Llamas

Carlos is from Spain and father of a 3-year-old son.

He has originally studied Engineering of Telecommunication (bachelor’s degree) and got a master’s degree in Space Science and Technology. He also got a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Carlos has worked most of his professional career (15 years) in the space industry in the Netherlands (European Space Agency), Luxembourg (SES – Satellite Operator) and Switzerland (RUAG Space / Beyond Gravity – Rocket structures). The last 9 years he was working as a project manager in Zürich. Carlos has recently changed his sector and is now working as project manager in the railway sector also in Zürich (Alstom – Traction Converters).

Carlos holds an IPMA Level-C certification and plans to get his PMP Certification by the beginning of 2023. Within his language skills Carlos is fluent in English, Spanish and German, and has a basic knowledge of Russian.

Carlos joined the PMI Swiss Chapter to expand to enhance his professional network, share his knowledge with other PMs, collaborate with PMI and keep up to date with the latest Project Management trends.

In his free time Carlos loves spending time with his family and travelling. He also loves biking and playing tennis. Additionally, Carlos regularly goes jogging and he is a part of the management committee of a running club.

You can learn more about Carlos by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Agar Nana Mbianda - January 2023

Agar Nana Mbianda

Nana has more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of public health, gender equality, women's rights and now working in hunger and food insecurity.

Originally from Cameroon, Nana is living and working in the United States. Before Covid19 hit, she was working internationally and supporting grassroots organizations in Africa.

Nana got her PMP certification in July 2021 and would like to learn more from PMI Chapters such as the Switzerland Chapter and build her network to improve PMP skills. She is bilingual French and English speaker.

You can learn more about Nana by visiting her LinkedIn profile

Gregory Cavaco - January 2023

Gregory Cavaco

Gregg has over 20 years of experience managing cross-functional and cross-border projects as a senior corporate finance professional. Projects have mainly involved finance process improvements, corporate taxes, M&A, restructuring, strategy implementation, business development, risk management, and HR.

He has worked in pharmaceuticals, reinsurance, consumer leisure goods, food production, distribution, industrial manufacturing, SAAS, and business information & data analytics.

For the past few years, Gregg has focused on individual mandates managing projects in corporate restructurings, liquidations, international tax transfer pricing, and life sciences innovation asset management.

Gregg got his PMP certification in August 2022 to substantiate his credentials as an experienced project manager. He joined the Swiss PMI chapter shortly after that

He lives in Nyon (VD) with his family and can often be found hiking or skiing in the Alps, and in summer enjoys the salty water and sandy shores of the US East Coast. Gregg speaks English and French fluently and has a good understanding of German.

You can learn more about Gregg by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Marie Jacquez - January 2023

Marie Jacquez

Marie is a QA Manager of Process Validation with 10 years of combined experience in Facilities, Utilities, Equipment, Systems and Process Validation. She is passionate about leadership, conflict resolution, problem-solving and continuous improvement of systems, processes, and organizations.

Marie is working on obtaining her PMP certification to develop and evolve in her field. She joined the PMI Swiss Chapter in September 2022 to expand her professional network and meet other like-minded professionals.

Marie is originally from Puerto Rico and in her free time she enjoys singing, dancing, traveling, and hiking. She is also passionate about learning new languages and cultural exchange.

You can learn more about Marie by visiting her LinkedIn profile

Valeria Superti - January 2023

Valeria Superti

Valeria is a sustainability professional with experience in the academic, public, and private sectors. She holds a PhD in Management of Technology, where she conducted five research projects on Sustainability and Circular Economy.

Valeria joined the PMI Swiss Chapter to expand her professional network, learn how to better conduct projects (specifically in the field of sustainability and circular economy), and help with fundraising and strategic partnerships.

Originally from Rome, Italy, she enjoys the Swiss mountains while hiking and skiing. Valeria speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French, and is learning German.

You can learn more about Valeria by visiting her LinkedIn profile 

Marnie Pannatier - December 2022

Marnie Pannatier

Marnie is a business sustainability professional with 8+ years’ experience in international project management. She has been mainly working in the sector of Smart City and Food and Agriculture. She is deeply passionate about the topic of sustainable development and particularly how sustainability can be better embedded into business activities and across the value chain.

Marnie got her PMP certification in September 2022 and joined the PMI Swiss Chapter to expand her professional network with the hope to exchange with like-minded project managers.

Marnie, originally from Valais, is a mountain lover and spends most of her free time in the mountains to hike, run, climb or ski. She also loves to explore the world and get to experience living in different cultures.

You can learn more about Marnie by visiting her LinkedIn profile

Daviana Escar - December 2022

Daviana Escar

Daviana has 9 years of professional experience, in the field of Marketing, innovation - product development and communications, and now working as a head-hunter in Switzerland for middle and top management positions on Marketing, innovation and Digital.

In her personal life, she is currently working on the development of an app that she is looking to launch on the market. Associated with AI and the world of matchmaking. The project is in early stage, in the market validation phase to go after in the search for funds.

The development of this app was what motivated her to become SCRUM MASTER certified.

You can learn more about Daviana by visiting her LinkedIn profile

Miroslava Sedlarova - November 2022

Miroslava Sedlarova

Miroslava joined the Swiss chapter for networking and sharing of experience.
In her free time, she enjoys fitness, spending time with friends and family, tennis, hiking, photography and life.

You can learn more about Miroslava by visiting her LinkedIn profile