New Members Introductions

Mubarak Muritala - September 2023

Mubarak Muritala

Mubarak is a highly experienced Project Manager with more than 8 years of expertise. His journey recently brought him from Bulgaria to Switzerland. With a background deeply rooted in strategic leadership, Mubarak holds a master’s in strategic leadership from New Bulgarian University. His passion for effective communication led him to pursue a current master’s in international business communication from the same institution.
In the realm of project management, Mubarak specialized in strategic planning and execution. He has overseen diverse projects and holds the distinction of being a Certified Strategic Leader. His expertise spans various domains, from IT to movie and photography endeavors. Mubarak is not only a proficient Photographer and Movie Editor, but he also excels in languages. Fluent in French, English, Ewe, and Yoruba, he is actively enhancing his proficiency in German and Bulgarian, currently at A2 level.

Mubarak dedicated to continuous growth, as reflected in his recent completion of the PMP training from Simplilearn. Excitingly, he is poised to take the PMP exam in September 2023. His journey is an embodiment of his belief in lifelong learning and professional development.

Mubarak’s move to Switzerland is accompanied by an eagerness to contribute and learn from the Swiss PMI charter. He is eager to immerse himself in a community that shares his passion for project management excellence. While Mubarak is currently in between roles, his determination and diverse skill set ensure he is primed for impactful contributions.

Outside of the professional sphere, Mubarak is an avid learner, explorer, and seeker of cultural experiences. He is enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and opportunities as he continues his journey in this dynamic international environment.

You can learn more about Mubarak by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Roberta de Ceglia - September 2023

Roberta de Ceglia

Roberta is originally from Italy, where she earned a M.Sc. in Biotechnology and a PhD in Translational Medicine from the University of Milano-Bicocca. She relocated to Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2016 and joined the Neuroscience Department at the University of Lausanne as Senior Scientist and Project Manager. She has gained valuable experience in Project Management and is currently actively working towards becoming certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Roberta is a curious and dynamic person, who is always eager to broaden her knowledge and skillset. She is fluent in Italian and English and has a good working knowledge of French. In her leisure time, she enjoys trekking, travelling, cooking, and exploring new international cuisine.

Roberta joined the Swiss chapter of the Project Management Institute to share and exchange experiences, to gain practical knowledge and expand her professional and personal network by meeting new people.
You can learn more about Roberta by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Mi Sook Park - September 2023

Mi Sook Park

Mi has 30+ retailing business (IKEA) and engineering industries (ABB and NKT) experience as a quality, health and safety, audit as well as project management profession. In the line with business operational excellence, she pursued research and academic career in parallel acquiring two BAs in English literature and educational science, two MBAs in international logistics, marketing, manufacturing economics, and business administrations, one licentiate degree in technology, and the final phase of Ph.D. in digital transformation and corporate culture both in South Korea and Sweden.

Her latest role as director of group quality and audit from energy industry strengthened her competencies in manufacturing and construction industries proving her capability to learn the industry fast and apply her tools and skills from quality assurance and project management.

She is a goal getter bringing togetherness of “teams” to the organization achieving common and aligned goals and creating values to the customers. She is a mom of two daughters who are 20 and 25 and she wants to stand up as a role model for her daughters and other young women in society inspiring and supporting their life journey both in their professions and personal life.

She acquired her PMP certificate in 2017 and She joined PMI Swiss Chapter to contribute to the project management community with insights she gained from her working and private life as project management professional over 20+ years.

In her free time, she is active outdoors such as running, hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, diving, and climbing as well as cooking, dancing, meditation and cultural explorations.

You can learn more about Mi by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Gianmarco Sirei - July 2023

Gianmarco Sirei

Gianmarco Sirei is a highly experienced Project Manager, specializing in shipping and logistics, with over 14 years of industry experience. His proven track record for managing complex logistics and shipping operations is marked by his drive for efficiency, keen understanding of risk reduction, and incessant improvement of quality. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his unique talent for leading and implementing transformative IT projects in the maritime domain, leading to significant improvements in process efficiency.

Gianmarco's work history is a testament to his ability to blend hands-on experience with innovative technologies, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to business processes. He developed strategic projects to optimize vessel performance and fuel efficiency. His data analysis skills significantly improved fleet management and his introduction of new technologies elevated operational efficiency. As a Project Management Specialist, he led critical IT projects, devised innovative solutions, and implemented core software that resulted in significant cost reductions. His leadership skills, coupled with his acumen in project management, paved the way for significant organizational upgrades.

Gianmarco's decision to join the Swiss chapter was fueled by his desire to apply his expertise in a technologically advanced and environmentally conscious setting, his interest in cutting-edge technology, and his goal of contributing to a diverse professional community, motivated by the prospect of collaborating with diverse professionals in the Swiss logistics scene. His fluency in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, and English, ensures seamless communication and synergistic collaborations in the multilingual environment of Switzerland.

Combining his maritime expertise with his sharp technological skills, Gianmarco Sirei continues to bring a forward-thinking approach to the ever-evolving shipping and logistics industry, establishing himself as an influential player in the field.

You can learn more about Gianmarco by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Ryo Shimada - July 2023

Ryo Shimada

Ryo has 10+ years’ experience at higher education (university) in Japan as Administrative Officer. Although the job title did not change at all, the expertise entails Finance, Administration, and Project management. This is because for the first 5 years Ryo was an accountant at the Finance Office and for the rest of years, he managed a wide range of projects from international mobility to construction to IT at the International Office.

Ryo quit his job in Japan to enroll in Executive MBA at University of Geneva. He is going to finish it by the end of June this year.

Ryo has just obtained PMP a few days ago for proof of project management skills and career advancement. The prime reason to join the chapter is to know how project managers and practitioners demonstrate project management knowledge in their day-to-day work. Additionally, knowing new people in Switzerland will expand his interest and knowledge personally and professionally.

Ryo is a big fan of snowboarding. This season he joined an organization called "Freeride World Tour» and competed two times in Vervier. Living in Geneva and enjoying mountain life is fantastic. In his daily life, Ryo often enjoy craft beer and coffee by brewing filter coffee by himself

You can learn more about Ryo by visiting his LinkedIn profile