Author : Geetanjali Bhat, PMP

Geetanjali Bhat

Dear members and newsletter subscribers!

Today, I see good sunshine and long bright evening outside my window giving all of us a ray of hope ahead. As we mark in 20th year of PMI Switzerland, “the new normal” with longer lockdown and stricter measures, we from PMI community are continuously learning, innovating new ideas and sharing with the world.

Last year, we all know how an exceptional year it had been starting with online events. This year we have planned for more exciting events with latest subject’s expertise going on, all over the world. Soft skills sessions like “How to present powerfully online” would be soon held this month.

And of course, the much-awaited 20th Anniversary event would be announced soon; I am sure there will be loads of fun and surprises to all of us in coming months. Stay Tuned!

I would like to thank PMI Switzerland community for creating innovative events and surprises that we continue to learn and aspire each of us in the community.

I wish every member of PMI community, healthy and safe days ahead. Let’s all think positive and keep learning and motivating each other in our PMI community.


Geetanjali Bhat, PMP