Herve Siendt

Hervé SIENDT is a French citizen born in the middle of France who moved to Alsace for his studies over 30 years ago. He completed there his studies at the Mulhouse Engineering and Chemistry School (ENSCMu) in 1995 majoring in Organic Chemistry (Chemical Engineer diploma and M.Sc.), followed by his PhD from the Mulhouse University in 2000. After a 2-year stay in Liverpool (UK) for a postdoctoral position, he returned to South Alsace where he is living since 2002, just across the border.

He worked over 20 years in the Baselland Pharma industry as a Medicinal Chemist, dealing with small molecules drug discovery projects, ranging from Hit Finding, Hit-to-Lead (H2L) up to Lead Optimization (LO) across multiple therapeutic areas, lately in the fields of Oncology and cardiovascular/fibrosis.

He managed 11 parallel H2L projects over 7 years and 1 full-blown LO project over 5 years, with teams including his own Lab (2-3 pax) complemented by CRO extra resources (+ 3-6 pax) and other supportive functions within the company. He then honed over these years and projects his Leadership and Management skills as well as a typical T-shape skills set, covering most of the disciplines from these cross- functional projects; Teamwork (open communication and Trust), innovation, pragmatism (including flexibility) and resilience are his major drivers, completed with an hands-on attitude.

He got dismissed in December 2023 when the company he was working for since inception had to restructure heavily for financial reasons. He then decided to use this time for validating/consolidating his past Project Management experiences by passing his PMP certification in March 2024. Completed by a clear interest into the Business Development field (5-day mini-MBA for Pharma and Biotech Industry in
2019), he is now ready to embark into more PM and/or BD oriented position, ideally in Pharma/Chemistry companies where his experience could be of added value.

He is married to another Medicinal Chemist, father of tween girls (15 years). During free time, he enjoys swimming, trekking, and skiing, as well as reading, gardening and playing music (he just started 1 year ago a new instrument, clarinet (Classic and Jazz)).

You can learn more about Herve by visiting his LinkedIn profile.