PMI® Switzerland Chapter

New Members Introductions

Silvia Romeu Casals - April 2022

Silvia Romeu Casals

Silvia has over 15 years of professional experience in the Pharma industry where she has held many different roles in Project Management, Strategy, Operations and more recently in Change Management.

She is passionate about having an impact, simplifying, optimizing, getting things done and learning. She enjoys her work every day through new challenges and opportunities. Highly adaptable and resilient she founds the positive side of change and great opportunities in every situation.

Silvia comes from Barcelona, Spain, and lives in Basel since 2013 with her family.

As a new member of the PMI Swiss Chapter, she looks forward to gaining new knowledge and expanding her professional network. She is also member of the Barcelona Spanish Chapter of PMI.

Silvia loves music, plays piano and is an eager reader. She loves nature and is passionate about sustainability and doing all we can to save our planet.

You can learn more about Silvia visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Antonio Morisco - March 2022

Antonio Morisco

Antonio is working as Agile Project Manager at Swissquote bank, leading IT projects using cutting-edge technologies.
He has a technical background in computer science, and more than 15 years of experience in IT projects (8 out of them on project management), in several domains such as banking, finance and media.

Antonio fell in love with project management in 2012, and got his PMP certification one year later in 2013. Over the last 4 years Antonio has been learning and practicing agile methodologies in software development (mainly Scrum, Kanban) with co-located and remotely distributed teams. Antonio recently got the PSM certification as Scrum Master and now he focuses his attention on Agile@Scale frameworks.

Antonio is an Italian, English and French language speaker, and he joined the chapter to expand his professional network, participate in some events, and share the knowledge and experience with new colleagues, as he likes to do at his workplace.

Antonio loves snowboarding, and he is on duty for the second year as a volunteer firefighter in his village. It is like a second job, that allows Antonio to help people, and at the same time allows him to train in managing stress in difficult situations.

You can learn more about Antonio by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Here follows my LinkedIn profile:

Rafal Nessel - March 2022

Rafal Nessel

Rafal has over 20 year of professional experience in a broad range of consulting services. He has specialized in project and program management and gained experience in large transformation programs. He is interested in leadership, innovation, continuous improvement, value delivery, lean and agile as well as strategy, and project portfolio management.

Rafal joined PMI over 10 years ago and appreciated learning opportunities, events and networking with other project management practitioners.
After moving to Switzerland Rafal would like to connect with local PMI community.

Rafal loves nature and mountain hiking.

You can learn more about Rafal by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Thomas Eichmann - March 2022

Thomas Eichmann

Thomas is a project manager with more than 15 years of experience in managing global and complex NPI projects in the medical device industry. He has gained extensive experience in project execution in China and South East Asia and therefore loves to travel and learn about other ways of working and cultures.
He is a team player with strong leadership and good communication skills, maintains an optimistic attitude and a willingness to take responsibility and do more than expected.

As a new member of the PMI Swiss Chapter, he looks forward to gaining new experience and expanding his professional network through webinars and events.

Thomas loves making music. He has been playing concerts with his band for over 20 years and is still writing new music with his freinds.
In addition to his passion for music, he enjoys time up in the air as a pilot, doing water sports during swiss summer and snowboarding in winter as the perfect balance to his professional life.

You can learn more about Thomas by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Denise Rageot - February 2022

Denise Rageot

Denise is a research scientist and project leader in Medicinal Chemistry. She is passionate about multidisciplinary drug discovery projects aiming for innovative solutions for unmet medical need. Currently Denise is working in animal health, looking for new therapeutic solutions for pets.

In her free time, Denise enjoys walking, hiking, and running (with her furry friend, a very dynamic Dachshund).

Denise joined the PMI Swiss Chapter to meet local PM professionals, share knowledge and experiences and participate in the Chapter’s activities.

You can learn more about Denise by visiting her LinkedIn profile.