Members Introduction

Mi Sook Park - September 2023

Mi Sook Park

Mi has 30+ retailing business (IKEA) and engineering industries (ABB and NKT) experience as a quality, health and safety, audit as well as project management profession. In the line with business operational excellence, she pursued research and academic career in parallel acquiring two BAs in English literature and educational science, two MBAs in international logistics, marketing, manufacturing economics, and business administrations, one licentiate degree in technology, and the final phase of Ph.D. in digital transformation and corporate culture both in South Korea and Sweden.

Her latest role as director of group quality and audit from energy industry strengthened her competencies in manufacturing and construction industries proving her capability to learn the industry fast and apply her tools and skills from quality assurance and project management.

She is a goal getter bringing togetherness of “teams” to the organization achieving common and aligned goals and creating values to the customers. She is a mom of two daughters who are 20 and 25 and she wants to stand up as a role model for her daughters and other young women in society inspiring and supporting their life journey both in their professions and personal life.

She acquired her PMP certificate in 2017 and She joined PMI Swiss Chapter to contribute to the project management community with insights she gained from her working and private life as project management professional over 20+ years.

In her free time, she is active outdoors such as running, hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, diving, and climbing as well as cooking, dancing, meditation and cultural explorations.

You can learn more about Mi by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Alexandre Gomes Rodrigues - July 2023

Alexandre Gomes Rodrigues

At 17 Alex had and run his own small business, coordinating all activities from supplier management to hiring and training staff to client acquisition and financial planning. Then he decided to take on new challenges, graduating on a technical training in Chemistry, and a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in Brazil, pursuing internships in molecular biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology, and cosmetic development.

This was followed by a 3-years hands-on master’s degree in biotechnology in an interdisciplinary project connected to microbiology and nanotechnology at an internationally renowned vaccine-producer institute in Sau Paulo. At that time, he started teaching different languages, which contributed to developed more the presentation skills and intercultural competencies.

On moving to Germany, he pursued a PhD in pharmaceutical technology and moving between Brazil and Germany afterwards while teaching, contributing to different projects and coordinating a scientific book project with a team of scientists across 10 countries and working as a communication instructor for scientific topics and assisting in patent disputes.

Again in the lab, he worked on molecular diagnostics and took a project manager role where he contributed to advance research creation and implementation within the framework of the Horizon Europe project from the European Commission to advance therapies for cancer, HIV, arteriosclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Lastly, he has been busy with the edition of a new scientific book for a world-class publisher while performing a role as consultant for the life science industry, taking part in regional, continental, and global projects in computerized system validation, data integrity, among others.

Alex enjoys many sports (from winter to summer ones), art, writing (and publishing) poetry, traveling and interculturality. He joined the Swiss Chapter because he will be moving close to Basel and that makes sense, besides, he likes Switzerland a lot

You can learn more about Alex by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Lugas Raka Adrianto - July 2023

Lugas Raka Adrianto

Raka is a sustainability and environmental specialist with a PhD in environmental engineering from ETH Zurich. He has over eight years of combined academic and industry experience in life cycle assessment (LCA), research and development (R&D)/innovation, project management, and business analysis. He is passionate about accelerating progress in decarbonization and supporting companies as well as society to achieve future climate goals.
During his career, Raka has worked on assessing the technology implications of various industries, ranging from energy, chemicals, and metals to renewables, circular manufacturing, and ICT/electronics. Moving forward, he aims to implement solutions at scale by bringing my background in science and business to collaborative, professional settings.

He joined the PMI Switzerland Chapter to expand his professional spheres and find opportunities for collaboration in any overlapping sustainability topics and project-management areas.

You can learn more about Raka by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Scott Fletcher - July 2023

Scott Fletcher

Scott is an American who has worked in IT since 2000 and lived in London for many years. He moved to Zurich in 2019, where he worked for Google as a senior program manager on improving support of cloud products and bringing a new private-cloud product to market.

Scott has expertise in the fields of digital sovereignty, the technical-support process and CRM software. He enjoys cooking and hiking in the mountains.

Scott joined PMI to help formalize his project-management knowledge and look forward to getting to know others in the field across a range of industries. Scott received his PMP credentials recently.

You can learn more about Scott by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Erika Lisovszki - July 2023

Erika Lisovszki

Erika is, 35, proud mom of a 10-year-old daughter. Erika works for ThermoFisher Scientific in Allschwill as manufacturing planner. She lives in Pratteln with her family, in her free time Erika likes playing the piano, reading, or riding scooter. Erika comes from Hungary which means a very detailed basic education and general knowledge (from math’s through arts and history until biology and chemistry), so she can fit in all kinds of companies.

As an applied economist and experienced production and material planner Erika is specialized in supply chain management. All her former projects are connected to SCM processes. Erika has 5 years’ experience as project team member and coordinator, plus 3 other years as project leader at an international company. Erika came to Switzerland in August 2022 because of an ERP implementation project, but after all prework had been already done, it has been postponed for an unknown time.

You can learn more about Erika by visiting her LinkedIn profile.