Members Introduction

Chloe Azzopardi - December 2023

Chloe Azzopardi

Chloé Azzopardi is French and has been living in Switzerland for over 10 years. With over 15 years of experience gained across the Tourism, Hospitality and Real Estate sectors, she is an expert in marketing, digital, and project management. Roles held include that of project manager, digital marketing and customer relations manager, and product and service development manager.

Some of her key skills are in developing marketing and strategic plans (incl. marketing mix); conducting customer and prospect studies; analysing consumer insights; managing online sales channels; implementing communication campaigns; and developing innovative products and services.

Chloé is passionate about monitoring market trends and innovation, brands and their history, and strategy development.

She enjoys skiing with her family and cold-water swimming - a passion she discovered shortly after her arrival in Geneva.

Chloé is PMP® certified and joined the Swiss chapter to formalise her project experience, access a wider network of project professionals, and continue her professional development.

You can learn more about Chloé by visiting her LinkedIn profile.


James Heidrich - September 2021

James Heidrich

James Heidrich is a change and execution leader who is committed to quality and business transformation. He brings a big-picture perspective and a unique problem-solving ability as a manager of diverse, cross-functional teams. He holds an MBA along with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and his Six Sigma certifications. Since joining PMI Switzerland he also holds the following PMI Certifications: PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP and DASSM.

James’ passion about Project Management was the primary driver for him to join PMI Switzerland Chapter. He would like to increase his network and to learn from his Peers in Switzerland for the cutting-edge Agile techniques, and to "compare notes". Also, James hopes to become more involved with the organization.

James spends his free time with his three daughters and he enjoys downhill skiing.

You can learn more about James by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Dr. Harish Mohan Thettemmel - December 2023

Harish Mohan

Charting the course from India’s academic excellence to the cutting-edge research landscape of EPFL, Switzerland, Harish’s journey embodies a fusion of innovation and cultural richness. Armed with a PhD in LDPE Composite Materials, Harish is a maestro, especially in the realms of haptic technology and medical device automation. He is dedicated to the transformation of sustainable concepts into tangible efficiencies.

As a permanent resident in Switzerland, Harish is currently learning German, to add to his already broad linguistic range (English, French, Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil). Harish has over 10 years of project management experience. During this period, he has delivered gender equality advancements and engineering marvels at institutions such as AmmaChi Labs and UNESCO.

Harish is dedicated to mastering the nuances of Agile to deliver exceptional results and is committed to leadership and innovation in this sphere of project management.

Away from project management, blueprints and prototypes, Harish enjoys the practice of yoga, watching football, and travelling.

You can learn more about Harish by visiting his LinkedIn profile.



Cenk Kut - October 2023

Cenk Kut

Cenk is a 41-year-old Turkish citizen who arrived in Switzerland in 2015 for a short-term assignment in the tobacco industry. At the end of his assignment, he was offered a local contract and decided to stay in Switzerland. He has held various roles in Quality, Supply Chain, and Sustainability functions and led multiple projects at local and regional levels. Cenk holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey. He is currently looking for the next chapter in his career and decided that obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) qualification would give him an advantage. As a result of his hard work, he obtained it in July 2023 and naturally joined the Switzerland Chapter. He would like to experience new industries by using his project management skills and hopes that Switzerland Chapter can enlarge his personal network.

Cenk is married and a father of an amazing 5-year-old boy. He believes he is in the right location since he adores hiking in the mountains while enjoying the beautiful views. His native language is Turkish, but he fluently speaks French and English and is working to learn German.

You can learn more about Cenk by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Lluc Farrera Soler - October 2023

Lluc Farrera Soler

Lluc Farrera Soler was born in Vilafranca del Penedès (Spain). After studying the bachelor’s in chemistry at the university of Barcelona Lluc decided to move to Switzerland to do the master’s in chemical biology. Later Lluc stayed in Geneva to do the PhD in chemistry, and he is currently a postdoctoral researcher in EPFL in collaboration with Bühlmann laboratories developing diagnostic assays. His expertise is in the field of drug discovery and diagnostic assays.

During his PhD, Lluc had the opportunity to be elected as the president of the young Swiss Chemical Society (youngSCS) and in there he learnt that he likes to manage projects. For this reason, Lluc decided to take the PMP exam which he hopes to finish by mid-October. Moreover, Lluc is currently looking for job opportunities as Project Manager in a pharmaceutical/biotech company.

Lluc likes running and doing triathlons, and sailing when he has time to go to the sea.

You can learn more about Lluc by visiting his LinkedIn profile.