Members Introduction

Kristy Jackson - October 2023

Kristy Jackson

Kristy brings 15 years of combined project management experience from research, education, consulting, civil engineering and life sciences. Experience in varied sectors gives her a broad range of knowledge and ability to coordinate stakeholders, problem-solve and negotiate from different sides of government and industry. She considers the uniqueness of each project and digs deep to find the root cause of the problem. In her approach, she employs an open mind and positive attitude, which combined with critical thinking and leadership, leads to positive results. Kristy enjoys the challenges of a career in project management and employs a strong mindset towards continuous improvement in all tasks.

Kristy holds a Masters in Urban Planning from UW-Milwaukee and a Bachelor’s in Science from UW-Madison. To further her career and deepen her network, she is currently obtaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and has recently joined the PMI Switzerland Chapter. She is also eager to improve her language skills and has achieved the A2 FIDE language competency in German.

Relocating to Switzerland from the United States in 2020, Kristy began working as a project management contractor in GMP Quality Systems and also Quality Control. In her free time, she enjoys long-distance bicycling and has already cycled over 4,500 km in 8 countries since the start of 2023.

James Corbett - October 2023

James Corbett

James is 33 years old, British, living in Switzerland for the last 4 years and planning to stay for a lot longer.

James is an experienced project professional (10+ years) with a focus on delivering Operational Excellence programmes both as an external consultant and internal project manager. He has worked across industries such as Financial Services, Government, Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Manufacturing. In addition to the PMP James also holds a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, is a Chartered Management Accountant and holds Lean qualifications as well.

In their spare time as a family they like to enjoy all that Switzerland has to offer, hiking, skiing lakes and more!

James joined the PMI and did his PMP to formalize his project experience, access the wider network of project professionals and continue his professional development.

You can learn more about James by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Alex Upton - September 2023

Alex Upton

After his PhD in bioinformatics at the University of Birmingham, Alex Upton completed a Marie-Curie postdoc at the University of Malaga, before moving to Switzerland in 2016. Since moving to Switzerland, he has worked as a project manager in a number of high-profile national and international research projects, and currently works as a research project manager at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS).

Alex recently obtained his PMP, and as such decided to join the PMI Swiss chapter to expand his professional network in Switzerland and keep up to date with the latest project management trends and perspectives in Switzerland.

In his free time, he enjoys cooking and playing sports, as well as spending time with his family.

You can learn more about Alex by vising his LinkedIn profile.

Mubarak Muritala - September 2023

Mubarak Muritala

Mubarak is a highly experienced Project Manager with more than 8 years of expertise. His journey recently brought him from Bulgaria to Switzerland. With a background deeply rooted in strategic leadership, Mubarak holds a master’s in strategic leadership from New Bulgarian University. His passion for effective communication led him to pursue a current master’s in international business communication from the same institution.
In the realm of project management, Mubarak specialized in strategic planning and execution. He has overseen diverse projects and holds the distinction of being a Certified Strategic Leader. His expertise spans various domains, from IT to movie and photography endeavors. Mubarak is not only a proficient Photographer and Movie Editor, but he also excels in languages. Fluent in French, English, Ewe, and Yoruba, he is actively enhancing his proficiency in German and Bulgarian, currently at A2 level.

Mubarak dedicated to continuous growth, as reflected in his recent completion of the PMP training from Simplilearn. Excitingly, he is poised to take the PMP exam in September 2023. His journey is an embodiment of his belief in lifelong learning and professional development.

Mubarak’s move to Switzerland is accompanied by an eagerness to contribute and learn from the Swiss PMI charter. He is eager to immerse himself in a community that shares his passion for project management excellence. While Mubarak is currently in between roles, his determination and diverse skill set ensure he is primed for impactful contributions.

Outside of the professional sphere, Mubarak is an avid learner, explorer, and seeker of cultural experiences. He is enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and opportunities as he continues his journey in this dynamic international environment.

You can learn more about Mubarak by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Roberta de Ceglia - September 2023

Roberta de Ceglia

Roberta is originally from Italy, where she earned a M.Sc. in Biotechnology and a PhD in Translational Medicine from the University of Milano-Bicocca. She relocated to Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2016 and joined the Neuroscience Department at the University of Lausanne as Senior Scientist and Project Manager. She has gained valuable experience in Project Management and is currently actively working towards becoming certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Roberta is a curious and dynamic person, who is always eager to broaden her knowledge and skillset. She is fluent in Italian and English and has a good working knowledge of French. In her leisure time, she enjoys trekking, travelling, cooking, and exploring new international cuisine.

Roberta joined the Swiss chapter of the Project Management Institute to share and exchange experiences, to gain practical knowledge and expand her professional and personal network by meeting new people.
You can learn more about Roberta by visiting her LinkedIn profile.