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Peter Chadwick December 2019

peter chadwick

From the UK originally, but living and working worldwide out of France and Sweden since 1994. Peter has the classic career progression from Mechanical Engineering to Project, Program & Portfolio Management, mainly in the automotive industry.

Just over 10 years ago, Peter took a complementary, parallel track to his project management career thread: he studied and obtained qualifications as a Coach with a speciality in the domain of Applied Cultural Intelligence. Peter has coached, trained and mentored both in the organisations he has been working for and independently which has taken him to many countries over the years

These days, Peter concentrate his energy on the company he created in 2010 – Island Hoppers (continents are just big islands, “no man is an island”, island-hopping should be fun!). Peter particularly appreciates assisting with opportunities to leverage cultural and technological intelligence in order to address some of the issues facing the world today.

Peter is enjoying his life with family and friends. Above and beyond that, Peter enjoys walking in the mountains, flying (he has a Private Pilot’s Licence from France and a float plane qualification from Canada), scuba diving or snorkelling when he is near the sea and classic car and motorcycle tinkering.

You can learn more about Peter by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Damien Gautier December 2019

Damien Gautier

Damien has extensive experience in IT project/product management and team management, and he had to manage large and complex projects involving more than 50 people. A continuous-learning mindset enables Damien with the latest facts and bright ideas, so he can be a leader in creating value for clients and helping teams to excel and get noticed. What his clients, colleagues and managers appreciate are the trusted relationships Damien can create with all stakeholders in a project.

Damien has used internal methodologies and then Prince2 for project management. Now Damien is preparing for PMP Certification and would like to play a role in the Swiss Chapter of the PMI in the coming months...

Damien is very happy to join a large community that speaks about the heart of his profession.

You can learn more about Damien by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Rémy Stoll December 2019

Rémy Stoll

Rémy is a material engineer with 20+ years of experience in developing products and processes for the plastics industry. Portfolios he managed ranges from the launch of new product generations to international, full factory relocations. He is now freelancing as a Technology Manager for industrial projects and organizations.

Rémy is a long-distance bicycle commuter and enjoys any kind of outdoor activity. His personal vision is to improve people’s quality of life through technology.

He has joined the Swiss chapter for accessing a great local network of smart people who make things happen.

You can learn more about Remy by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Patryk Nosalik November 2019

Patryk Nosalik

Patryk is moving to the Alps in the Geneva region Feb 2020 to provide his children Michelle (nearly 4) and Stan (nearly 2) a healthy lifestyle. Patryk has 20 years of experience in various business roles and currently in his 3rd year as Project Manager within BNP Paribas.

Patryk would like to share his enthusiasm, commercial acumen and professional experience with an employer in the area whose values include care for the environment, providing exemplary service to its clients and investing in new technology. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast outside the office.

Patryk has been blown over by the warm reception and invigorating content of the Swiss Project Management Conference in Zurich on 5th September and so keen to continue involvement in the Swiss chapter.

You can learn more about Patryk by visiting his LinkedIn profile.


Hector Jara November 2019

Hector Jara

Hector is a senior project manager for a multinational company specialised about technologies in renewable energies.

Hector joined the Swiss Chapter to share experience and learn from others, to join the different events in the area, to network with other PMs and to get involve in promoting clean energies in the community.

In his free time Hector enjoys photography, hiking and sports

You can learn more about Hector by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Ruediger Schulz October 2019

Ruediger Schulz

Ruediger is currently working as a Partner at Detecon Consulting for Telco, Energy and Financial Services sector. He is living in Switzerland for about 10 years. He manages business transformation projects and post-merger integration projects specially focused on Finance and Controlling in the past 14 years. He also has a special focus on business model innovation within the energy business and customer centricity.

Ruediger has being working for global corporations predominantly in Switzerland and Germany, but also in Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Ruediger is familiar with PMI methodology for quite some time and obtaining PMP certifications is one of his focuses for 2019.

In his free time Ruediger enjoys hiking in the Swiss Alps.

You can learn more about Ruediger by visiting his LinkedIn page

Mouhamadou Amine Kebe October 2019

Mouhamadou Amine Kebe

Amin started with managing Public Investments projects in his country Senegal almost 30 years ago.

He is currently working as Portfolio Manager in the External Relations and Governance cluster of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He started with WHO almost 20 years ago as a Project manager to coordinate a joint work between various UN Agencies in supporting countries to elaborate human development strategies that reduce poverty. He then led a pilot project in few countries in Africa and Central America to bring together various government departments into one single national dialogue framework to advance health policies and meet the Health Sector Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015).

Over the last ten years, he managed key projects in resource mobilization and Partnership with a group of Member States and multilateral donors, which significantly contributed to strengthen institutional policy dialogue, foster resource management and improve financing.  He is also supporting a Global Coordination Group on the Health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (by 2030) agenda.

Amin is also a Fitness Instructor in WHO, delivering regular Spinning classes and helping staff to maintain fitness and value work out in the enterprise. He is also very active in his community as a religious leader and shares regular writing and lecturing on religions and societies.

He truly regrets taking this much long time to come to know PMI and its world. He is committed to catch up, and is very happy to join the Swiss Chapter, looking forward to meeting many of the team.

You can learn more about Amine by visiting his LinkedIn page

Barikupar Oflyn Toi September 2019

Barikupar Oflyn Toi

Barikupar moved to Switzerland in December 2018, and joined the Swiss Chapter to connect, network and learn more about project management from Senior Professionals. He is currently a volunteer as Mentee for PMI Mentoring Program and am quite satisfied as to how much he learns from his mentor. Barikupar is also certified as a CAPM since 2017.

Barikupar had worked with Sanofi for a year. After which he decided to take a time-out to immerse himself in a different culture while preparing his moving to another country and feel he has not only gained a new perspective but also learned some valuable life lessons.
Apart from his professional life, Barikupar has a wide range of interests like cooking, singing, arts, traveling, gardening and football where he recently got the opportunity to be a team member of a local football club.

You can learn more about Barikupar by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Joachim Dehais September 2019

Joachim Dehais

Joachim started in academia, in the land of mathematics and computer, where rules rule but chaos is omnipresent. He began studying good management practices at the end of his PhD, all to better his team and their success. In doing so though, he found the marvel that these practices are. Since the end of the PhD, he has gone onto other projects meeting academia and industry.

Through Switzerland and Italy, he’s taken part in medical technology development, and fashion engineering. In the process, he passed both CAPM and PMP exams whilst promoting good practices to his fellows and developing them in his own life.

Joachim currently works at the University Hospital Bern, on a project to bring reliable diet assessment tools to the market. Already finding good uses to all three sides of the talent triangle, he hopes they will contribute in the future as well or better as they have so far.

You can learn more about Joachim by visiting his LinkedIn page

Akmal Faruqui September 2019

Akmal Faruqui

Akmal is originally from England and living in Switzerland since 1987. He is a Cybersecurity specialist working as a project manager in IBM Switzerland. He recently obtained ACP certification. Since his first real experience in Agile in 2017, he is a fan of the methodology ever since and this motivated him to go for the PMI- ACP. Akmal is a member of the Swiss Chapter since 2005 and earned his PMP certification in 2006. He also contributed to the chapter as a volunteer for the PM@CH newsletter between 2014 and 2015.

He was a more frequent attendee in the chapter events but nowadays his family and hobbies like golf, astronomy, hiking, Go and watching rugby don’t leave him with much spare time.

You can learn more about Akmal by visiting his LinkedIn page.

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