Members Introduction

Johannes Roemisch - February 2024

Johannes Roemisch

Johannes specialises in global manufacturing-related projects spanning over 20 factories servicing the roofing and waterproofing fields. He is currently a project leader for extrusion-related projects within Sika.

He joined the PMI Switzerland Chapter to meet and contact other project managers in the region of Zurich. Johannes is always open-minded and interested in foreign cultures. Luckily, his job gives him a lot of opportunities to work in diverse teams.

You can learn more about Johannes by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Sara Cruz - February 2024

Sara Cruz

Sara is Spanish with tons of energy and a positive attitude. She has over 5 years of experience in Project Management in the Financial sector, and came to Zürich in a LTA fulfilling a 2-year role as an IT Program Coordinator, concluding in 2025. Her free time is partially spent discovering this beautiful country.

Amongst her many interests are different hobbies, such as sports, cooking, and self-development. Currently she's studying for the ICF Coaching certification. Joining the PMI Community will bring the opportunity to expand her leadership skills, bringing the opportunity to deep-dive in the Event Coordination world.

You can learn more about Sara by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Raymond Regine - January 2024

Raymond Regine

With 14 years of professional experience spanning various industries and geographies, Raymond commenced his career in the mining and construction sector in South Africa. He collaborated with engineering consulting firms, managing end-to-end Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPCM) projects. His responsibilities included leading the electrical design, procurement, and construction of diverse projects, ranging from residential buildings to intricate $2 billion uranium processing plants.

Following the completion of his MBA at IESE in Barcelona, Raymond transitioned to the technology sector. He contributed to Microsoft in Ireland and other tech companies, specializing in assisting enterprise customers in maximizing their investments in Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies.

Having recently relocated to Switzerland with his family, Raymond is utilizing this transitional period to devote more time to his two children. As they embark on the challenge of attending local Swiss schools and learning German, he is actively searching for his next professional role and concurrently engaging in German language learning.

Raymond’s motivation for joining the Swiss chapter is rooted in the desire to expand his professional network and connect with fellow project management professionals in Switzerland.

Raymond is a technology enthusiast, with a 'learn-it-all' attitude, constantly looking to improve the breadth of his skills. He is currently enjoying learning to code (python), as well as understand and use the multitude of cloud products and services available, such as Azure and AWS.

Raul Jurj - January 2024

Raul Jurj

Raul Jurj is Romanian born, with German and Australian residence, working in Switzerland as a cross-border commuter. Previously working in the automotive industry, he gained ~17 years’ experience at Tier1 and OEM, having worked as a Project Engineer for the first 7 years, followed by 10 years as a Project Manager.

Educated in Mechanical Engineering, he earned a master’s in mechanical engineering and is currently completing a MBA Program (Intended finalisation in June 2025).


Raul is passionate about Project Management and People Leadership, and has published articles supporting problem resolutions within these topic domains. He is also the co-inventor of six engineering solution patents, as well as being the lead Romanian translator for the minimalist project management system.

He enjoys 'Catch and Release' angling for the peace and quiet, playing football for keeping the mind and body sharp, and watching rugby for the appreciation of the game complexity, team effort and coordination in strategy implementation.


Raul (PMP certified) joined the PMI Swiss Chapter to network with peers, and is looking forward to exchange different perspectives on this wonderful profession.

You can learn more about Raul by visiting his LinkedIn profile.


Patrick Ghion - December 2023

Patrick Ghion

Patrick Ghion joined Geneva State Police in 1997 after having worked within the Swiss Banking Industry for five years. Since 2015, he has acted as the Executive Head of Forensic Sciences, during which he, in collaboration with a triptych of Analysts, Investigators, and Forensics, developed the Strategy of Cyber Investigations .

The delivery of this long-awaited strategy propelled him into the construction and leadership of the Regional Cyber Competence Center for Western Switzerland (RC3) in 2019. Since 2023, he performs the Chief Cyber Strategy Officer role at the Geneva State Police, whilst retaining his RC3 duties. Currently he is establishing and cultivating partnerships between Law Enforcement agencies and Public, Private, and Academics at the International Level.

The eagerness to learn more about Project Management led him to PMI.

His main hobbies are computer science, scuba-diving and flying.