Members Introduction

Giordana Gai - May 2021

Giordana Gai

Giordana has a background on structural engineering. She obtained a PhD in early 2018 and her studies were focused on performance-based approach to fire safety and quantitative fire risk assessment of tunnel facilities.

Giordana has been living in Geneva since 2018. She works at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) as a Health and Safety Engineer, playing the role of a fire safety specialist of building and research infrastructure projects. She is heavily involved in managing a R&D service-oriented and multidisciplinary project aimed at assessing the consequences of fire accidents to life safety, environment and property.

She obtained the PMP certification in December 2020 and is glad to be part of the Swiss Chapter as she would like to get in touch with other professionals in the project management field.

You can learn more about Giordana by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Gary Lloyd - May 2021

Gary Lloyd

Originally from the United Kingdom, Gary moved to Switzerland in 2007 as an internal move within a major international. He has been working in the Energy / Transmission and Distribution industry for over twenty years with most of his projects located in Middle East and Far East. Gary became PMP certified in 2008 and later to support a new position he took the PfMP certification in 2016.

Lately Gary has focused on defining Project Governance standards and aligning them with Corporate Governance requirements as part of an internal change project.

As the energy market goes through the largest shake up in recent years – the challenges for the Electrical networks are immense and Gary is keen to promote good PM practices as a part of the tool set needed to manage the transition. He has supported the training and development of several PMs as part of an in house Pm certification scheme and now he is interested to share his experiences with other PMs in Switzerland.

You can learn more about Gary by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Alex Tatar - May 2021

Alex Tatar

Alex is a project manager with 10+ years’ experience in the telecommunication industry, managing various projects for worldwide mobile network operators. He is based in Lausanne and currently works for Cellnex Telecom, managing activities related to the implementation of 5G network of Salt Mobile.

Alex holds a master’s degree in telecommunication engineering, he is PMP certified since May 2018 and graduated from the executive MBA program of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne which is the longest running European EMBA focused on technology and innovation management.

He joined the Swiss Chapter to connect with PMI professionals for sharing knowledge and best practices, and to increase his professional network circle.

In his free time, Alex spends time with his family and likes to be active. He enjoys running, winter sports, hiking and outdoors activities in general.

You can learn more about Alex by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Wilhelm Heckmann - May 2021

Wilhelm Heckmann

Wilhelm has more than 20 years in executing and managing SAP projects. He managed various SAP implementation and roll-out projects across the globe from Europe, China, Latin America and US for the pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering and plant engineering sectors.

Currently, Wilhelm is the Managing Director of CNT Management Consulting AG in Switzerland and he is building up a new subsidiary in Zurich

After he moved to Zurich at the end of 2020, Wilhelm joined the Swiss Chapter to extend his network in Switzerland to IT and SAP project managers and learn Swiss specifics in running especially IT/SAP projects

In his free time Wilhelm enjoys exploring the wonderful Swiss nature by running, golfing and other outdoor sport activities.

You can learn more about Wilhelm by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Gustavo Martin - April 2021

Gustavo Martin

Gustavo has been living in Basel since 2013. He is originally from Spain but quite settled down in Switzerland, with his love for the country. He is married and has two kids 8 and 1 year old.

Gustavo’s background is in Chemical Engineering, but his professional career has guided him to the Automation world and IT Manufacturing systems.

In Roche, Gustavo is the DP MES and Shop floor warehouse solutions IT Product Manager, where he is taking care of the software strategy being sure that the system covers the business requirements and is ready for the company digital transformation challenges. At the moment his team is in the middle of a big program replacing the MES Systems in Roche. Gustavo is also playing the role of Functional Lead in this program.

He joined the PMI Switzerland chapter for different reasons, from staying in contact with other professionals, to networking, attending conferences and perhaps being a volunteer. In the past , Gustavo get in contact with the chapter
to make some publication, which is something he is still interested in, but finding the difficulty to balance the workload and his family.

Gustavo loves all kinds of sport activities and in particular Triathlon. He likes to do competitions in the amateur level but he completed quite a lot of long distance triathlons and many marathons. He also loves reading, traveling with my family and his Real Madrid C.F (football)

You can learn more about Gustavo by visiting his LinkedIn profile