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David Michael Collins - July 2020

David Michael Collins

David has over eight years of project management experience overseeing a broad portfolio of medium-size projects and subprojects. He has experience with methodologies such as Waterfall, Prince2 and Agile Scrum. Coming from an Engineering background, he spent most of his career in Banking and Finance.

David is an expert in Financial Markets, Derivatives, Asset Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement, Process Re-engineering, and Data Analytics. He is also a certified RPA (Robotic Process Automation) professional and is passionate about Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchain. He recently decided to undertake the PMP examination to become a certified Project Manager.

David has worked and lived in Brussels for most of his career and relocated to Switzerland (Basel area) in 2018. He enjoys skiing, ice-skating, windsurfing, trekking and living a healthy lifestyle.

You can learn more about David by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Katrin Hermann - June 2020

Katrin Hermann

Katrin is a Plant Scientist working in Research at Syngenta, Switzerland. She lives in Basel and has a science background (PhD). Since few years Karin is leading early stage Research projects, which has caused her interest in becoming more knowledgeable in project management. Katrin just prepared and passed the CAPM and am now preparing for PMP.

Katrin would love to get into contact & learn from other project managers and she thought joining the PMI Switzerland chapter is a great opportunity to do so.

You can learn more about Katrin by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Adam Ungstad - June 2020

Adam Ungstad

Adam Ungstad has lead taxonomy and metadata projects for international organisations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the international governing body of association football, FIFA.

Deeply passionate about information management across new digital channels, Adam is heavily involved in a complex, multi-year digital transformation project for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Originally from Canada, Adam also enjoys writing and publishing books. He is currently working on the second edition of a successful guidebook about lakes on Vancouver Island near Victoria, British Columbia.

Adam Ungstad earned the PMP® accreditation in March 2020.

You can learn more about Adam by visiting his LinkedIn profile


Marcio Santos - May 2020

Marcio Santos

As IT professional, Marcio is an experienced Project Manager, Business Analyst and Professor with experience in different industries and multicultural projects. He holds PMP credentials since 2007, SAP since 2009 and his academic background includes a specialization in IT, a MSc in Logistics and a MBA in executive management in Audencia, Nantes. He has a continuous value delivery approach and currently works for Shell as a senior IT Business Analyst.

Marcio has a non-linear academic background (it involves Electricity, Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Logistics, Information Technology and Executive Management). So he is able to connect topics involving different areas and together with that, the discipline for a continuous learning approach were the main drives that made Marcio to volunteer to the Member Journalist opportunity in the chapter.

Marcio is Brazilian and Portuguese, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has two kids and his hobbies includes playing tennis, football, sailing, running and nature.

You can learn more about Marcio by visiting his LinkedIn profile.


Tunahan Kirabali - May 2020

Tunahan Kirabali

Tunahan is originally from Turkey and has been living in Switzerland since 2014. He came to Switzerland for his master's studies at EPFL and currently he is a PhD student at University Zurich working on Alzheimer’s disease.

Tunahan is currently in a career transition phase. After finishing his studies in a couple of months, he is hoping to continue his career in consulting. Tunahan joined the Swiss chapter and started to read about project management to increase the efficiency of scientific collaborations and inter-disciplinary, multi-center projects in academia.

Recently Tunahan got his CAPM certification from PMI and now looking forward to applying this knowledge in real-life projects, improving himself further and acquiring PMP certification in the following years.

You can learn more about Tunahan by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Alexander Weidmann - May 2020

Alexander Weidmann

Alexander is an aviation specialist with 36 years of experience in developing business improvement programs and intricate just-in-time procedures for large scale airport service operations.
The portfolios he has managed in 75 countries range from lean process re-engineering, over multi units business start-ups, to development and execution of turn around programs for companies over 1000 employees.

Alexander is now freelancing as a Senior Consultant for customer service-related projects and organizations.

His motivation for joining the Swiss chapter is to get to know fellow managers that are also eager to explore and share best practices and to seek new opportunities for projects in Switzerland or abroad.

In his free time, Alexander enjoys mountain biking, trekking and scuba diving.

You can learn more about Alexander by visiting his LinkedIn profile.


Mervyn DSouza - April 2020

Mervyn DSouza

Mervyn is working as Global IT Service Owner & Project Manager and is having 18 years of corporate experience delivering IT solutions and projects across multiple business areas of Sales, Demand Planning, Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics, Finance, and Cost Controlling.

Besides his keen interest in Project Management, Mervyn is a specialist in SAP solution designing and is certified in all their ERP Supply Chain modules, he has been part of multiple SAP Implementation and Roll-Out projects. He believes that Projects are one of the most important value generators for an organization and is passionate about continuously improving his skills and knowledge in Project management.

Since passing his PMP Certification last year he has been keen to join the PMI Swiss chapter to be a part of a community of Project management enthusiast and to find opportunities for sharing knowledge, experience and the latest trends.

Mervyn has been based in Geneva since 2008 and loves the beautiful landscape of Switzerland, he is an avid sports enthusiast and is a keen follower of Tennis and Football.

You can learn more about Mervyn by visiting his LinkedIn Profile

Dmitry Gudkov - April 2020

Dmitry Gudkov

Dmitry started his career as a mechanical engineer in 2006 after graduating from Moscow State Technical University. In 2008 he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to contribute to the international accelerator project at CERN.

Along with developing his engineering skills by working within international and interdisciplinary teams, and moving from one successfully finished project to another, Dmitry started getting project management tasks from his management to yield more benefits to the organization.

Beginning in 2014, he started spending more than half of his working time on project management activities, as well as taking project management classes, which led to obtaining PMP certification in 2019. Now, Dmitry is driving an international scientific instrumentation project with parties located in different countries in Europe and Asia. In this matter, he keeps applying his engineering, project management, and multilingual skills towards successful project completion.

You can learn more about Dmitry by visiting his LinkedIn page.


Paula Martinez Urios - April 2020

Paula Martínez Urios

Paula is a member of the Project Office of the High Luminosity-LHC project at CERN since August 2017. She implements Earned Value Management throughout several Work Packages, from Civil Engineering to Cryogenics. Within an agile environment, her team helps to develop the EVM tool used at CERN, which now allows the traceability of changes regarding their origin: scope or cost, and an Estimate At Completion follow-up. She enjoys taking part in the generation of new ideas to improve the re-baselining exercise and to coordinate with other groups to optimize processes such as accruals.

As of January 1st 2020, Paula started a new position in one of the Work Packages of the project, the Inner Triplet String, this consisting in the surface test of a chain of components that will later go in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) tunnel, such as superconducting magnets. Her PMP certification will help to successfully manage this complex project that deals with state-of-the-art components coming from several other groups, integrating them into a whole of great importance for the future of the famous LHC.

The PMP was the last achievement of a 2019 full of goals, when Paula joined the Olympic distance challenge at the “Triathlon de Genève”, tried out trail running within a 2-people relay with the classic “Lausanne-Genève par le Jura” race, and finally crossed the Thorong-La Pass (5,416 m) in the Nepalese Himalayas. 2020 will be the year to apply the gained knowledge in the new challenging position, but also to smaller personal projects to achieve better and more!

Paula enjoys exchanging PM ideas and is looking forward to meet other inspirational and self-started members of the PMI Switzerland chapter. She can already announce that several talks and trainings on EVM will happen at CERN in 2020.

You can learn more about Paula by visiting her LinkedIn page.

Felix Jimenez - March 2020

Felix Jimenez

Felix is an international traveler who has worked in 4 different countries and with people from all over the world. He started his career in IT as a part time programmer while his university studies. Felix work has evolved with himself as a person by analyzing, learning, improving and changing. Felix is always looking to new areas where he could expand. This soon took him from the IT world into the Supply Chain Processes world. His last role as Business Analytics Manager helps Alcon Operating Committee to see what data is telling them in order to focus our company's energy.

After 30 years of working experience Felix thinks it is the time to share with other colleges experiences that can be of help and at the same time can help him to know what project management means nowadays. To relax, Felix has discovered the world of mandalas.

You can learn more about Felix by visiting his LinkedIn profile.