Melissa Nimkham

Mélissa has been working in the Design field since 2018, predominantly within scenography and graphic design projects. Her reasons for moving to Switzerland in 2019 were that her husband is a Swiss National, and that the work opportunities were appealing.

She studied in both France and Japan, and has completed a Master’s Degree in Design and Art. In May 2023, Mélissa obtained a PMP certification and became a member of the Swiss chapter and has since joined as a volunteer within the marketing and communication team, fulfilling the role of graphic designer.

Mélissa has worked in various industries, namely, Medical, Retail, Electronics, and Events. Having recently assumed a project management role in the watch industry, expanding her network is her next undertaking.

As a neurodivergent individual, she is interested in all topics related to neurodiversity in the workplace, primarily because her later-in-life diagnosis has spurred the re-evaluation of her entire working life.

Mélissa’s hobbies are drawing and trampoline/acrobatics, with a special interest in video games and trading cards. She is also multi-lingual, as she is a native French-speaker, fluent English-speaker, and has a moderate command of Japanese – Self-proclaiming that she ‘certainly needs to practice more’. She also aspires to learn German and Thai.

You can learn more about Mélissa by visiting her LinkedIn profile.