Gretel Sanabria Diaz

Gretel is a Cuban national, residing in Switzerland since 2014. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Medical Psychology, both obtained in Cuba. Initially, her research endeavours were concentrated on Neuroscience, where she actively contributed to various projects.

Gretel’s academic journey led her to Switzerland, where she successfully completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Lausanne. Subsequently, Gretel embarked on a post-doctoral position at the Biomedical Engineering Department of Basel University. In her current role, Gretel is dedicated to developing biomarkers to detect early changes in brain lesions related to Multiple Sclerosis.

Thriving in these multidisciplinary and challenging research environments, she has honed valuable soft skills such as effective communication, organization, and leadership.

Throughout her neuroscientific career, Gretel has been captivated by project management, recognizing the intricate integrations required for successful project execution. Motivated by this interest, she decided to pursue certification as a project manager, aiming to leverage her extensive research experience in a management capacity. Gretel’s goal for this year is to earn certifications, expand her professional network, and gain practical experience through an internship in the biopharma industry.

Gretel welcomes challenges, possesses a curious personality, and continually seeks opportunities for learning and skill development. Her venture into project management aligns with her desire to systematically organize the empirical knowledge acquired throughout her years in academia.

Joining the PMI Swiss Chapter is a testament to Gretel’s motivation for expanding her professional network. Gretel hopes to connect with fellow project management professionals, explore mentoring programs, and contribute through voluntary work in Switzerland. She is eager to hear diverse experiences and viewpoints from seasoned colleagues.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Gretel cherishes quality time with her family, enjoys dancing, and finds solace in reading.

You can learn more about Gretel by visiting her LinkedIn profile.