Daniel Valadares

Daniel is a Mechanical Engineer by training, specialized in Materials, Eco-Conception and Industrial Management, and with a solid background in Project Management, Mechanical Conception/Design and Field Operations.

He is fluent in French, English and Portuguese and with more than 10 years of experience in complex roles of responsibility, requiring capacities of coordination, design, problem solving and project management in the e-Mobility and Industrial Management field at Portugal and Switzerland.

Daniel’s big accomplishments are the architecture design, conception, execution and commissioning of the full electric bus with fast charge system - TOSA Project at Geneva Line 23.

Daniel is preparing is PMP Certification (new examen 2021) and he’s looking for new challenges as Technical Project Manager. He expects to learn and exchange in interesting discussions with his peers and to engage with other project managers across Switzerland.

Outside work he is a passionate in moto trips, snowboarder, traveling and spends time with his family.

You can learn more about Daniel by visiting his LinkedIn profile