Sarah Cauwenbergh

Sarah is a clinical research professional with more than 17 years of global experience spearheading successful clinical programs, accounts, research initiatives and innovation projects globally. She's a strong advocate for, and pioneer in, clinical research innovation, with a focus on global healthcare access, late phase/real world research and decentralised- and digital clinical trial methodologies. Her experiences span both the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, including experience on both the vendor/CRO side as well as the Sponsor end. She has a strong passion for neglected tropical diseases, infectious disease control, public health and the human body, which was the focus of her education.

Sarah is originally from Belgium, but spent a significant portion of her youth in the USA. After finishing her education in Europe, she spent 7 years in Switzerland before returning to the US for several years with her young family. After another 7 years, they just relocated back to Switzerland, Lausanne area, at the end of 2023. She is now looking forward to connecting with like-minded professionals, expanding her network, further pursuing her career, and contributing to events that align with her interests.

She loves heading out into the mountains for hiking, backpacking or skiing, spontaneous barbeques or backyard parties, exploring different cultures and environments abroad, and enjoying the little things with family, friends or alone.

You can learn more about Sarah by visiting her LinkedIn profile