Potira Ama

Potira is a Portuguese-Brazilian citizen who after nearly 15 years of living in Asia (Singapore and Shanghai) has recently relocated to Switzerland.

She decided to leave Asia after her former life science company underwent an organizational restructuring, impacting her and her team’s roles. She made the move to Europe to be closer to her family, and to achieve a better work-life balance - a rarity in her previous Asian experience.

Having had the opportunity to work and live across four diverse countries - Australia, China, Brazil, and Singapore - Potira gained insights from highly matrixed organizations, understanding, and appreciating cultural differences.

With over two decades of experience in project management and supply chain, she developed expertise in digital transformation projects, procurement initiatives, and strategy formulation. She has hands-on experience in leading global initiatives across the pharmaceutical/life sciences, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Beyond the workspace, she enjoys activities like running, painting, table tennis, and botany. She loves traveling and immersing herself in diverse cultures and landscapes.

She is happy to connect with fellow professionals and contribute to the dynamic project management community here.

You can learn more about Potira by visiting her LinkedIn profile.