New Members Introductions

Ali Ben Ayed - August 2020

Ali Ben Ayed

Passionate about innovation, new analytical technics and the human interaction with technology, Ali is an entrepreneur with more than nine years of experience in data strategy and consulting. He has built solutions for various financial and healthcare institutions in a broad range of topics. In particular, he has managed several projects and teams of different sizes, containing up to 50 people, in sensitive data analytical and reporting projects between transnational institutions, such as a leading Swiss bank and the US Department of Justice. As founder of SamurAI, he continue to assist private companies and public institutions in their challenges by developing and deploying innovative solutions, using data analytics and artificial intelligence. Large experience in knowledge transfer of quantitative subjects for very diverse audiences. He is supervising all the knowledge transfer activities at SamurAI, including the deployment of 5 training courses of 40 hours each.

His previous experiences in finance have allowed him to be exposed to a wide range of topics. He conducted large data analysis on sensitive information for Swiss Private Banks by using my programming skills and supported a large international bank to achieve their stress test exercise by combining my financial modelling knowledge and my regulatory expertise. His projects were based on cross department teamwork and he developed strong interpersonal skills by dealing with various internal and stakeholders as well as leading a team of 4 junior consultant.

In addition to his professional experiences, Ali obtained a M.Sc. in Financial Engineering from the HEC Lausanne and is a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM). He also obtained in 2019 the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Data Science & Management, which is delivered by EPFL and HEC Lausanne. He is fluent in English, French and Arabic. Moreover, he have worked in various international environments, gaining relevant interpersonal skills and sensibilities in multicultural diversity.

You can learn more about Ali by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Sandra Rowicka - August 2020

Sandra Rowicka

Since the beginning of her professional career Sandra is connected to the banking sector, working on analytics and reporting projects for Compliance and HR divisions. Currently, she works as a Senior Project Business Manager for Digital Transformation and Products Lab at Credit Suisse.

Sandra started her educational adventure with project management from post graduate studies in that field. Next, she gained a PRINCE2 certificate and her goal for this year is preparation for the PMP certificate.

On top of her professional experience with project management, Sandra had a chance to run a project for NGO organization (Business Run for approx. 3k people), what was not only great practice and challenge, but also unforgettable fun and experience.

Sandra decided to join Swiss Chapter as she believes that connection with people with various PM experiences, participation in the events and finding new activities inside the community is an even better way of learning than books (and she is a HUGE fan of books!)

Other than books, Sandra absolutely enjoys hiking and due to the current lockdown situation she discovered a new (home- based) passion – knitting

You can learn more about Sandra by visiting her LinkedIn profile


Magali Collot - August 2020

magali collot

Magali is a global project manager, bilingual French/English, who has become PMP certified through the new online proctored testing during COVID-19.

Magali spent over 22 years in the aviation industry working at IATA (International Air Transport Association) where she had the opportunity to hold various roles in product management and more recently in project management.
She initiates, plans, executes and monitors large-scale, complex projects of 2 to 4 years related to communication, process improvement and change management. During her last role at IATA, Magali led a cross-functional team of 15 people to drive the implementation of baggage tracking best practices within the aviation industry.

She is currently looking for a new challenge in project management or within a PMO team in Switzerland.

Magali is delighted to join the PMI Switzerland chapter to meet other project managers and exchange about latest trends and best practices.

Magali is a French national who had the opportunity to work in London, Montreal and Geneva. She has been living in Switzerland for 14 years and is thrilled to live in a tiny village above Mont-sur-Rolle in the Vaud region. Nature and the outdoors are her playground all year long and she can easily be spotted hiking, snowshoeing or skiing at her own pace with a camera nearby.

You can learn more about Magali by visiting her LinkedIn profile

Tommaso Campanella - July 2020

Tommaso Campanella

Tommaso is a Technical Project Manager with eight years of experience in various and heterogeneous sectors, the most recent of which are onboarding solutions for the retail and private banking sector.
But that was not always the case before he arrived here in Switzerland. In fact, Tommaso comes from a strong background in IT Engineering (with a master’s degree in engineering back in Italy), with a passion for Distributed systems. After a short period spent working in short term projects, Tommaso decided to move to Canada for almost a year, where he worked as a visiting researcher at the PARADISE laboratory. In that context, Tommaso discovered and proved the feasibility of new innovating target tracking protocol for vehicles in urban areas, which makes use of scalable and dynamic solutions in the realm of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANets).

When he faced the challenge of making a choice whether to follow his passion straight away or to build a more solid and flexible career in other business sectors, Tommaso decided to follow the latter and moved to London for a couple of years. This, right before his personal life brought him here in Switzerland, in 2016.
As for now, it’s almost four years that Tommaso works in the banking sector, and his plan, together with his wife, is to dedicate their energies on entering more and more the Swiss community, since they are not planning to leave any time soon!
Joining the Swiss PMI Chapter came immediately for him because of passing the PMP exam back in January. Tommaso loves his work and what project managers and the profession itself could do for this world, and he couldn’t wait to meet the rest of the community here in Switzerland (which is of course still the case!)

To spend a few words about Tommaso’s passions, it will be unfair to say that he only loves one thing in particular: that’s not his case. Tommaso is fond of anything that makes you say it was worth doing, regardless if it was a trip in the Japanese countryside or reading what the latest news on in the field of AI research while enjoying a nice glass of whisky!

You can learn more about Tommaso by visiting his LinkedIn profile

Philip David Elford - July 2020

Philip David Elford

Philip with British/Swiss nationality is living in Kilchberg, Switzerland. He specialized in Sales and Commercial Project Management and currently working as an Assistant Country Manager for Swiss market in a Dental medical device company.

Philip joined the Swiss Chapter for networking with fellow project managers with his interest in project management and curiosity to learn. 

You can learn more about Philip by visiting his LinkedIn profile.