To join our chapter, you must first join the Project Management Institute. Then you can add the PMI Switzerland Chapter membership. If you are already a PMI member, you can add Chapter membership at any time.

There are many PMI membership benefits, including the option to join our chapter or one of the many other chapters around the world for local events, local knowledge and expertise or just professional networking with your peers.

How to Join the Project Management Institute and the Switzerland Chapter:
  • Register on the site
  • Select your PMI membership
  • Add your PMI Switzerland Chapter membership option
  • Easily pay on-line

The PMI Global Operations Center will process immediately your on-line application and your membership data will be added to our chapter database within a few working days.

Registering by Mail
If you prefer a paper based registration, you can download the registration form (PDF file) from the PMI website.

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The PMI Single Sign On (SSO) system requires cookies to be enabled on your browser.  Some corporate browser standards disable this.

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