PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: January 2023

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: January 2023

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter

January 2023 - Volume 23 - Issue 01

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How to foster and build teams to solve complex problems

‍Project Manager Networking Lunch Basel

Project Manager Networking Apéro in Zurich


‍Shalini Krishnan, PMP,  

PMI Switzerland Newsletter Copy Editor


Dear Members and Subscribers,

2023 is shaping up to be a busy and exciting year with the first two weeks already flying by - whether that's due to a whirlwind trip around the world for family weddings, recovering from that fabulous New Year’s party, or diving headfirst into 2023 goals and new tasks.

However your new year has started, what is guaranteed are several exciting opportunities for your project management development; from exciting events to courses you can take, to ways you can volunteer your time within our community.

Read on below for some of the upcoming opportunities, and before that, I'd like to wish you a successful, healthy and happy start to the new year!

As success coach Michael Altshuler puts it "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."

[PMI Switzerland Chapter]

Message from the Board‍

Author: Adi Muslic, PMP,

VP Sponsors & Partners


Dear Chapter members and newsletter subscribers,


Every new year is exciting (at least at the beginning) as we do not know what it will bring to us. So let me start by wishing you a happy and healthy 2023.


As you may not want to read through the entire article, here are the main points I would like to share with you:

  1. PMI Switzerland communities
  2. PM Conference 2023
  3. You and the chapter
  4. Volunteering


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‍[New Event]

Annual Members Meeting Invite - 02.02.2023

‍Author: Leandro Benda, PMP

Regional Events Director (Romandie)

Bye, bye Project Manager

Is Agile Disrupting Project Management?


Let’s welcome the year 2023 with our long-awaited in-person Annual Members Meeting!

This year the event returns to live after 2 consecutive years in virtual. We look forward to seeing you and sharing good times in person. Agility will be at the heart of the debates with our keynote speakers Christoph Wolf and Stephan Adler. On top, we have a few surprises in store for you. 

Don't hesitate to join us for enriching exchanges and an exciting evening at the PostFinance Head Office in Bern on February 2nd 2023.


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Bye, bye Project Manager - Is Agile Disrupting Project Management?

‍Author: Stephan Adler, SPC & Christoph Wolf, PMP

Bye, bye Project Manager - Is Agile Disrupting Project Management?

What happens if the world is changing faster than your project plans, if by then time a product is released, the market has made a 180-degree turn? Make the projects shorter, more releases? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

So we embrace a digital transformation, implement Agile and self-organising teams, fire everyone with the role “Something-manager” and live happily ever after? Well, it turns out it is not quite that simple either.


The reality of many organisations, products and markets is very complex with a multitude of constraints and dependencies. Our experience shows that larger scale developments require a significant amount of coordination, change management, decision making, and other competencies that a project manager usually has - regardless of what type of development approach is. 


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PMI Leadership Institute Meeting - European Region

‍Author: Nikola Goran, PMP


Prague, Czechia! Rings a bell?

Charles The Great? - Uhhmmm… Dvoržak, polka? - Maybe… Beer? - Of course! Beer, what else!

Project management? - WTF?!?

Well, That Fits, too! During the last 4 days of October, Prague was the capital of European project management. More precisely, Prague was the host of the PMI’s Leadership Institute Meeting for the European region. Representatives from nearly all European chapters - from the UK on the west to Kazakhstan on the east, from Finland on the north to Spain on the south -  gathered in Prague to exchange experiences and know-how in Chapter leadership, volunteering, event organization, and making social impact… Project management professionals from various walks of life, areas of engagement and levels of management joined in discussing common challenges we all have as professionals, citizens, consumers, members, volunteers… From chapters struggling with establishing and maintaining basic practices and processes to the highly performant with many volunteers contributing to activities at all levels, we could hear the true stories from the true people, engage with them, learn from them, advise or otherwise help them.


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‍Project Management In Football

‍Author: Leandro Benda, PMP

Regional Events Director (Romandie)

“Failure is often part of the journey and learning process, and without disappointments it is impossible to achieve success”

You may be wondering what an article about football has to do with a PMI newsletter? There are perhaps more analogies with project management than one might think as recent history shows.


In football, success is defined as a win. Teams win consistently when the coach is a good leader. In project management, success is defined as full scope, delivered on time, and on budget. Projects succeed when the project manager is a good leader.


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‍IPM Day Zurich

‍Author: Saahiti Prayaga

As the newly cold air welcomes the grace of winter time, another long-awaited IPM event arrives! On November 3rd, thirty-two participants of different backgrounds spilled into the brightly lit halls of the Credit Suisse towers, eager to learn the secrets that run the office life from within, as summarized by the event's promising title: "Agile is simple - It just isn't easy". 

The event opened with a surprising speech by Sangamitra Prayaga, who is part of the Switzerland chapter Zurich events team and working as Scrum Master at Credit Suisse in Payments domain. She announced that not only one, but two high-profile speakers would take the stage that night: Stephanie Hoogenbergen, a Managing Director of Credit Suisse and COO of Global Technology Operations, and Hans Martin Graf, Managing director of Credit Suisse and head of Corporate Products and Operations IT. They would be answering questions from the audience together in a fireside chat, which made this event unprecedented and exciting. 


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‍[New Event]

How to foster and build teams to solve complex problems

‍Author: Leandro Benda, PMP

Regional Events Director (Romandie)

“The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization's ability to learn faster than the competition.”


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between simple, complicated and complex problems? Do you want to learn how to build a powerful team that can work together effectively to find innovative solutions to complex problems? If so, then you won't want to miss our upcoming presentation on "How to Foster and Build Teams to Solve Complex Problems."


In this 60-minute talk, our speaker will share their insights and practices for forming and growing teams that can tackle even the most challenging problems. You'll learn how to foster a collaborative culture, and use effective communication to ensure that the team is able to work together efficiently and effectively.


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‍PMI Global Summit 2022


Adi Muslic, PMP (VP Partners & Sponsors)

Martin Härri, PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP, DASSM (Director Corporate Relationships)


 Meeting 4'000 project managers in Las Vegas – the PMI Global Summit 2022


Awesome! Americans (over-)use that term for anything, but in this case, it was absolutely appropriate. The PMI Global Summit 2022 can only be described with this term, it was really awesome.

Close to 4’000 participants and chapter representatives from countries all over the world traveled to the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas for PMIs annual global conference, which – after a 2-year break due to the pandemic – finally took place again. And it was bigger and better than ever, in fact, it had the highest number of participants of any annual PMI conference.


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[‍PMI Switzerland Chapter]

‍PMI Switzerland Chapter - Volunteer Opportunity

Author: Marco Chiletti, PMP

 As a for-purpose organization, PMI is dedicated to enabling changemakers worldwide to elevate their positive impact on society. Protecting our planet and improving the lives of people worldwide is essential for creating peace and prosperity. Hours for Impact supports the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to better people’s lives and the planet, now and in the future.

PMI Switzerland Chapter - with the PMI Switzerland Chapter Positive Impact program - is determined to contribute by partnering with no-profit organizations to create together a positive impact in the society worldwide.


We are looking for a volunteer project management professional to help We-Building with projects for the construction of educational infrastructures (schools, etc.) in the Global South.


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‍[Community PMI CH]

Members Update

Author: Alp Camci, PMP

Warm welcome to all new members that joined our Chapter!


The following members provided information about themselves: Valeria Superti, Marie Jacquez, Gregory Cavaco, Agar Nana Mbianda and Carlos Menéndez Llamas.