Author: Daniel Rodellar, PMP

Publications Director

Daniel Rodellar

Dear readers,

As seasons go by, also our team members get new challenges, new opportunities or just move. Change is a constant on our lives. Sometimes little changes, sometimes huge impactful ones, all of them are making each day different.

For the months to come we want to fill out new positions on the Newsletter team of the Project Management Institute Switzerland Chapter. Having new people onboarded on the team will help us in many ways, for example the external view of the ones discovering our processes, for example new skills on design or on writting, or for example energy and passion, or just by enabling the rest of the team to have time off.

We need an optimal in terms of resources and tasks to be done, not too little, not too much. Equilibrium is a vision that we never achieve on an always changing world. We will never get there, but that's OK. Nature shows us that when we are close to equilibrium, things get easier, and life gets "easier". So we will tend to it by increasing contributors to the Newsletter team.

We have several roles on the team, and the main ones are played by what we call Copy Editors (currently by Shalini Krishnan and Philip Springuel) and what we call Technical Editors (currently Thierry Altenhoven and Thando Dube). Historically, we called Technical Editors the ones that coded on HTML the newsletter edition, but we have evolved into a no-code version, and current tools are basically handling the technical part, while the Editors are concentrated into providing the best design and adjusting the content to make it beautiful!

We also have a special section called "get to know", where Alp Camci is managing the introduction of new members to all of us. We consistenly get new members joining and willing to present themselves to our comunity. And there are other sections, as you noticed, like Message from the Board, to keep you updated on the latest news and impactful decisions of the Chapter, and the Editorial, written by the Copy Editor of the month, because they collect and review all the content, so they can present you the menu of what comes next.

Here is the team

   Alp Camci  Shalini Krishnan  Philip Springuel  Thando Dube  Thierry Altenhoven 

They work hard every month for you to receive this newsletter, package all the content that may interest you, and format it on a digestible way to be as appealing as possible for you. Send them a note or a warm encouragement at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !! They will love to hear from you!

We have many other roles inside the team, as graphical designers, proof reading reviewers, article authors,.... and journalists. Being both a volunteer and a journalist is a great opportunity to get to meet all the event participants, for free, and also get the PDUs on volunteering. Anyone can be a journalist, you just need the time to attend the events and the time to write the article. When writing, you also get PDUs on "sharing to other" category, even if you are not a volunteer.

Would you like to join us? Does these roles are something you would like to develop? Do you want to be famous as a journalist? Would you like to contribute as an Editor?

Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Looking forward to enlarge our team to improve our dynamics and increase the value for all of you!