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PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: January 2024

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: January 2024


January 2024 - Volume 24 - Issue 01

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Author: Lisa Gryzagoridis, PMP DASM

Dear Readers,


Another day, another week, another year! Let us launch into 2024 with vim and vigour!


In transitioning from one year to the next, some may ponder and reminisce over the previous year’s experiences. Yet others may be looking ahead to the upcoming year’s challenges and goals. Should neither of those scenarios apply to you, you’re likely ‘living for today’ and savouring the moments in the here and now. “The Past Is History. The Future Is a Mystery. Today Is a Gift. That’s Why It’s Called the Present.”


Wherever your thoughts may take you, we (The PMI Newsletter Team), wish you joy and success along your journey.


Following with the resounding successes of the PMI Switzerland Chapter in 2023, the chapter is maintaining its momentum into 2024. Even at this early point of the year, the chapter has no less than two networking events planned, and is enthusiastically preparing numerous stimulating presentations, workshops, and events.


In this edition, you will hear from our exiting Board President, Stefan Vesenmeier. In his final ‘Message from the Board’ as president, he shares his musings and observations over past and future PMI happenings, which no doubt will resonate with many of you.


Also featured in this edition, is an interview with Swissquote speakers on the successful implementation of Disciplined Agile; a retrospective on the PMI Europe Leadership Institute Meeting 2024; an article reflecting upon the PMI Swiss Corporate Networking Group (SCNG) 2023 meetings; and an opportunity to engage with leading-edge research in the domain of Program Management.


With that, I wish you ‘Happy Reading’!


Warm regards,



PMI Switzerland Chapter

Message from the Board

Author: Stefan Vesenmeier, Swiss Chapter President 

I wish all friends and members a healthy, peaceful, and successful 2024.


After searching unsuccessfully for over a week for an interesting topic that I could share with you, and that might have some value for you, yesterday it suddenly clicked... The pitch and the corresponding storyline of the article came to my mind's eye. It's about three thoughts, or rather three questions, that I've thought about several times over the past few days.

  • Why do I like the Christmas Season so much?
  • What were my PMI highlights in 2023?
  • What am I most looking forward to in 2024?


As I think that some of you have already asked yourselves these or similar questions, I am sharing my thoughts with you, in the hope that my view of things may give you some inspiration for your own path.
I hope you enjoy reading it.


PMI Switzerland Chapter - Election Results

Author: Kathrin Lutz (PMP)

Dear PMI Switzerland Chapter Members,


We are pleased to announce the results of the recent PMI Switzerland Chapter Elections. The participation and engagement from our members were truly commendable, and we appreciate your commitment to shaping the future of our organization.


The following candidates have been elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Paula Armoa
  • Mafalda Amaro
  • David Puippe
  • Joachim Dehais

In relation to the 4th Board position, it is worth noting that Adi Muslic and Joachim Dehais received the same number of votes. In the spirit of collaboration, and dedication to the betterment of our organization, we would like to acknowledge that Adi Muslic has graciously deferred the position to Joachim Dehais.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to both Adi Muslic and Joachim Dehais for their sportsmanship and commitment to the success of PMI Switzerland. This demonstration of teamwork and selflessness exemplifies the spirit of unity within our community.


We are also pleased to announce the election of two new members to the Financial Audit Committee, along with a new member to the Elections Committee Team:

  • Florina Vasutiu (Financial Audit)
  • Mi Sook Park (Financial Audit)
  • Marina Satapathy (Elections Committee)

We look forward to the continued contributions of our newly elected team members, and anticipate a successful and productive term ahead.


Please join us in congratulating them on their election, and once again a we extend our thanks for your participation in the election process, and appreciate your ongoing support of PMI Switzerland.


Best regards,


Kathrin Lutz and Elena Milusheva


PMI Switzerland - Elections Committee


New Year, New Connections!
Join us at the upcoming PM Networking Apéro
in Zurich

Author: Pia Henzelmann (IPMA)

As we kickstart the promising year of 2024, what better way than through connecting with fellow project managers and like-minded professionals in a vibrant atmosphere?

I invite you all to join me at the PM Networking Apéro in Zurich, on January 18th, for an evening of engaging conversations, as well as an opportunity to make valuable connections.


Contribute to Pioneering Research in Programme Management and
Gain Exclusive Insights

Author: James Heidrich

Dear PMI Switzerland Members,


As a passionate member of our community and a master's candidate, I am excited to invite you to participate in a pivotal survey for my thesis: "Exploring Programme Management Frameworks and Methodologies: The Path to Successful Business Transformations."
This survey aims to gather diverse perspectives and experiences from professionals like you, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research in our field.


Why Participate?

  1. Influence the Future of Programme Management: Your insights will directly shape the understanding of how different methodologies impact business transformations, influencing future practices and strategies.
  2. Access to the Final Thesis: As a token of appreciation, participants who choose to leave their email at the end of the survey will receive an exclusive copy of the completed thesis. This document will offer comprehensive insights and analysis, potentially benefiting your future projects and professional development.
  3. Networking Opportunity: Your participation opens the door to future collaborations and networking with professionals who share your interest such as our planned PMO Community of Practice.
  4. Enhance Your Knowledge: By engaging with the survey, you'll gain a deeper understanding of current trends and methodologies in programme management from the shared results.


Fostering Innovation and Optimising Delivery: Embracing Disciplined Agile in FINTECH 

Author: Fernanda Cladera

On November 9th, we attended a presentation on a successful implementation of the Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit at Swissquote, a disruptive Swiss banking group founded in 1996. Our hosts were Edwin Fiaciou (Head of Talent & Methodology) and Laetitia Aegerter (Agile Coach), who shared their insights on the benefits of DA and the strategies they used to implement it successfully.


First let us introduce the Disciplined Agile ® (DA) toolkit. It is a toolkit that is allows for a flexible and customisable approach to delivering projects and products in a timely and efficient manner. It is particularly well-suited for companies that operate in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment, such as Swissquote. By adopting DA, companies can improve their ability to innovate, deliver new products and services to market quickly, and respond to customer needs effectively.



PMI Europe Leadership Institute Meeting 2024

Authors: Thando Dube
(PMI Swiss Chapter VP, MBA, PMP)

I am thrilled to share insights and key takeaways from the recent PMI Europe Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) held in Lisbon from December 1st to December 4th, 2023. This event provided an exceptional opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate with fellow chapter leaders from across Europe.

Over the four days in Lisbon, Stefan Vesenmeier and I had the honour of representing our chapter at this annual gathering. Engaging with Chapter Leaders offered invaluable insights into their challenges, successes, and the impactful outcomes of volunteer-driven initiatives.

The LIM featured enlightening presentations on various topics, including PMI's global initiatives. Notably, the introduction of a Single Payment for PMI membership (Pilot Phase) and the forthcoming changes to PMI Global's strategy, set to be fully unveiled in Berlin in April 2023, were presented.



The PMI Swiss Corporate Networking Group:
3 Top-Class Meetings in 2023

Author: Martin Härri (PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP, DASSM)

Whilst the focus of the Chapter is upon project management practitioners, the Swiss Corporate Networking Group (SCNG) brings together experts who are driving project management topics at an organization level, namely: Heads of Corporate PMOs; Portfolio Managers; Project Leads; Academics and others.


Founded in 2010, the SCNG meets 3 times per year for full-day conferences on topics chosen by the members. At these conferences, SCNG members (or subject matter experts from within their organizations), as well as PMI global and Swiss Chapter represen-tatives, totalling approximately 30 participants, attend presentations and engage in knowledge exchange. So, let’s look back on the past year and reflect upon the topics currently trending in Swiss organizations.


Data-Driven / AI Projects (RUAG, January 2023)


By now, 'AI in project management' is all over the place, including PMI, which has launched the AI Resource Center. In January 2023, the topic had not yet surfaced, so it seems that we were ahead of time.

The first meeting of the year was hosted by RUAG, the Swiss defense company, in Thun (see photo). The participants were welcomed by the CEO, followed by an enjoyable and very interesting PwC presentation, provocatively titled "The failure of Artificial Intelligence in project management", which focused on 'Tech hype topics' which had failed to prove commercial value. Other presentations focused on how consistency of data quality helped Holcim to significantly improve project estimations; how the Program Lead of one of Procter & Gamble’s largest programs manages the tasks of project teams exceeding 2000 members; and how IBM uses AI to assess the health of projects in their portfolio.


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Members Update

Author: Alp Camci, PMP

A warm welcome to all new members that joined our Chapter.
Congratulations also to the members who obtained certifications in November.

The following member provided information about themselves; JShinan Chen, Raul Jurj, Raymond Regine


Shinan Chen

Raul Jurj

Raymond Regine

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Lisa Gryzagoridis, PMP DASM

Stefan Vesenmeier, PMP

Kathrin Lutz (PMP)

Pia Henzelmann, IPMA

James Heidrich, PMP

Fernanda Cladera

Thando Dube, PMP

Martin Härri, PMP

 Alp Camci, PMP

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Lisa Gryzagoridis, PMP DASM

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Alice Bianchi, PMP

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