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PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: June 2023

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: June 2023

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter

June 2023 - Volume 23 - Issue 06

‍Collaboration Simplified: Practical Tools to Power Your Projects

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Helping Enhance Sustainability..

‍Project Manager Networking Apèro in Zurich

‍PM Networking Afterwork in Luzern

Project Managers Networking Afterwork in Lausanne


‍Author: Philip Springuel, PMP

Dear readers,

This month your newsletter opens with a Message from Ala Lutz, VP Membership, placing deserved importance on the next edition of the Project Management Conference, set for 18 October. Also this month, we revisit the April event in Geneva that brought you PwC’s Michka Guerrier on resilient project leadership; the SIX ConventionPoint workshop in May on facilitating strategy planning; and a look into how PMI Switzerland’s own running team did at a recent 20k in Lausanne.

Essays this month include a third installment in a series, focused on equity this time, and an outlook on AI impact for project managers. Five new members are also profiled this month.

Don’t forget to check the website and your social media for upcoming events, and do consider the Board’s message calling for speakers at the PM Conference.

With best wishes,


PMI Switzerland Chapter

Message from the Board

Author: Ala Lutz, VP Membership

Dear members

We are excited to announce that following our last year’s success with the Project Management Conference we will continue with the 12th edition of the Conference featuring the topic of: INNOVATIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: POWER SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE.


Join us on the 18th of October at the Roche Conference Venue in Basel/Kaiseraugst to discover the latest trends, insights, and best practices that will elevate your project management skills to new heights and to network with fellow speakers, like-minded professionals, and potential collaborators, expanding your professional network.



You will gain valuable insights from renowned experts in the field of project management who will share their knowledge and experiences and you will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops and enhance your practical skills in project planning, risk management, agile methodologies, and more.

Whether you're a seasoned project manager or just starting your career, this conference offers a diverse range of sessions and activities to meet your needs. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with the project management community. 


Call for Speakers:

Are you an expert in project management with valuable insights to share? Do you have any use case or project experience related to this year's theme you could present to us? We invite you to be a part of the PMI Switzerland Conference as a speaker!


We welcome presentations focusing on at least one dimension of the PMI talent triangle in the following categories:

  • Power Skills 
  • Ways of working 
  • Business Acumen 


Submit your application here till June the 11th. Applications are also open to PMI members and volunteers.


Don't miss this opportunity to share your expertise and inspire others in the field of project management. Presenting to our conference is a great opportunity for a speaker to get higher visibility, demonstrate areas of expertise and build solid long term relationships. 

Help us shape an outstanding conference experience and make a lasting impact on the project management community. 

Moreover keep an eye on our events list in order not to miss the next exciting event opportunities.


Best regards,



‍Let's play: Facilitating your next strategy planning

Author: Joanna Lubowiecka

"Let's play: Facilitating your next strategy planning" held 24 May at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich, proved to be an incredibly enjoyable and beneficial experience.


The gathering kicked off with an insightful presentation by PMI, highlighting the community and advantages of being a part of the Project Management Institute. As a current member, I discovered new features and further understood the tremendous value of belonging to this esteemed institute.



The most exciting part of the event was Pierre E. Neis' captivating presentation. He introduced us to a game called "Toast," which turned out to be a simple yet powerful tool for teamwork. We played the game individually and in groups, facing challenging tasks that required us to work together effectively.

Enjoy the full article: [Click here]

[Post Event Article]

Live event with PwC – Resilience in project leadership - Tools from elite sports

Author: Leandro Benda, PMP

“Projects are the living proofs that a butterfly flapping its wings can lead to a tornado”

On Thursday, April 27, 2023 took place in Geneva our live event “Resilience in project leadership - Tools from elite sports” in partnership with our sponsor PwC presented with great talent by Michka Guerrier, Director - Risk Consulting Leader Western Switzerland and Finance Transformation by PwC.


Michka is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and companies in reaching their fullest potential – and translating these into realities.



How does he pursue this purpose? He seeks the most interesting and proven knowledge, tools, methods, experiences from various disciplines such as fighting sports, scientific exploration, psychology and brings these to the people and companies he works with. 


Continue reading [Click here]

[Post Event Article]

PMI running team in Lausanne

Author: Thando Dube

VP Communications & Brand Development

Last month, I participated in the biggest running event in Lausanne, 20km de Lausanne alongside other volunteers from our PMI chapter.



“If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon”, said Emil Zatopek, the legendary long-distance runner best known for winning three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. We did not run a marathon, but this was an excellent team building experience that nurtured a positive impact on the PMI running Team.

This event has several race formats.  Each year, there are over 20 000 participants. Our team consisted of 7 participants from 5 different cantons. We had 4 runners participating in the 10km race and 3 runners in the 20km race respectively.


Continue reading [Click here]

[Diversity, Equity and Inclusion]

Equity and Equality - Levelling the Playing Field

Author: Eric Jelenje, PMP

Hi again!

It’s been an exciting last 2 months of delving into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, highlighting how beneficial it can be for organisations seeking to sustain innovation and competitiveness, and, a sequenced overview of all the key aspects,  beginning with Diversity.

This month, we transition to the next waypoint, Equity.

To continue, I’ll use sport as an analogy. 

The list of sports I like to watch is quite diverse: football, tennis, basketball, golf.

A common question amongst fans has been who to rank as Greatest Sportsperson of All Time: Ali? Federer? Tiger? Serena? Graf? Jordan? Ronaldo? Messi? King? Navratilova?

Whoever your choice here, they each have a valid claim. 


Continue reading [Click here]


A Project Manager’s dilemma in AI World

Author: Ganesh Gopalan, PMP

A seasoned Project Manager is one who by now would have hit middle age, going through mid-life crisis - or has seen one, and or contemplating his/her plans for retirement and thinking about his/her future financial security. In my several meetings and Aperos with Project Managers, the constant conversation the last 6 to 8 months revolves around how Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the world or ruin the life of a Project Manager :)


Most of these managers have handled Risk Management of the projects, but the real Risk Management is going to be NOW, on how they are going to manage themselves in the fast-racing world of AI, Generative AI, Bard, ChatGPT and the like!


Continue reading [Click here]

[Community PMI CH]

Members Update

Author: Alp Camci, PMP

A warm welcome to all new members that joined our Chapter.

Congratulations also to the members who obtained certifications in April


The following member provided information about themselves; Panagiotis Alafouzos, Kévin Jelsch, Richard Rubli, Khatia Mishelashvili, Anna Blanch Orteu.

Panagiotis Alafouzos

Kévin Jelsch

Richard Rubli

‍Khatia Mishelashvili

‍Anna Blanch Orteu


12th PM Conference

Author: PM Conference organization team

The 12th Annual Conference of the PMI Switzerland chapter is approaching soon and we would like to give YOU the best possible experience! 

Please tell us how we can make your Conference experience even better via this short survey - [Click here]

We are working hard on creating an unforgettable experience for you! 


The PMI Switzerland chapter looks forward to seeing you all !

[Social media]

What's‍ New on Your YouTube Channel?

The PMI Switzerland Chapter has developped its own YouTube channel. Every month you can watch interesting topics about project management and all around.


Discover the last 3 videos posted on the channel:




The next Newsletter will be published on Monday 3rd of July. 

Would you want your article as a part of it?

Please share it with us until the 26th of June through our Google Form [Click here].


Ala Lutz

Joanna Lubowiecka

Thando Dube

Leandro Benda, PMP

‍Eric Jelenje, PMP

Ganesh Gopalan, PMP

 Alp Camci, PMP

Copy Editor:

Philip Springuel, PMP

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Giorgio Ricci, PMP

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Daniel Rodellar, PMP

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