PM Conference 2023 Speaker - Adi Muslic



Adi Muslic

PMI Switzerland - VP Sponsors & Partners

PMP, Wicked Problem Solving, Citizen Development, Organizational Transformation and Change Management certified. 15+ years of experience in project management. Making an impact through application of power skills, creative collaboration and efficient problem solving.


Workshop: Wicked Problem solving to explore better ways to solve complex problems and collaborate with others.

We introduce to you PMI's latest tool to break complex problems into simple collaborative exercises. With this tool, you will identify, analyze, and solve problems easily to ensure better outcomes for yourself and those around you.

Through this introduction, we will show you examples of complex problems and a taste of the tools you can use on them. First comes framing and understanding problems. After this, we will go through the search for and design of solutions, followed by methods to take decisions and plan action.


  • Understanding how to frame complex problems
  • Knowing how to decide efficiently on a way to address them
  • Practicing collaboative problem solving tools