Social Good (re)solutions

Change begins with a step.

As environmental challenges rise, global energy markets grow and change rapidly and there is a strong need for sustainability strategies supported by the new generation, rapidly evolving in new trends, technologies, regulations, and finances. Our long-term prosperity and success hinge on integrating sustainability into our strategic planning and decision-making, and determining the synergies between performance and impact on society, the economy and our environment.


Sustainability is an imperative in our interconnected world.

Cooperation is necessary to enact change.

The last few years we have developed a battery of collaborations to increase project management skills diffusion; to encourage and support youth and social impact. We empower youth with the understanding, knowledge and tools to build and implement an effective sustainability strategy incorporating project management skills to their daily lives. We magnify the power of nonprofits and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in delivering their missions through the knowledge and application of project management, by facilitating no-cost workshops.


Understand purpose-driven projects and why they are successful.

Develop a personal plan for what you can do.

Project management is a key catalyst to solve issues, integrating sustainability into decisions and value creation.  Project coordinators, managers and leaders use their skills and their ability to affect change to tackle these issues across public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It means creating purpose-driven projects that generate value shared by all stakeholders. And it revolves around the fundamental importance of people: improve the lives of the people within their reach.


Achieve positive social impact; generate value through creative (re)solutions.

Get involved.

Learn how you can join us in our mission to inspire youth and use project management for social good®.


Benoîte Grisouard, PhD, PMP