PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: February 2022

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: February 2022

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter
February 2022 - Volume 21 - Issue 2

‍February 2022 Newsletter Content

In this newsletter edition you can read about:
  • Editorial
  • Message from the Board
  • Level Up - Transitioning from Project Manager to Program Manager

  • Rétrospective sur le Forum Ouvert n°9
  • Members Update
  • Innovation Narratives
  • PM Master Class: Become your own chairperson and set boundaries
  • Organizational Transformation - Implementation
  • What's New on your Youtube Channel?



‍Author: Shalini Krishnan, PMP

Dear Members and Subscribers,


Welcome to the second month of 2022: “In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.” — Patience Strong


Welcome, as well, to another scrumptious edition of the PMI Switzerland newsletter. This month's theme is events - which is an extra exciting word as it seems they might soon be back on the regular menu in CH.


Interested in knowing what is to come in part two of the Organizational Transformation Series?

Want to brush up on your French and find out what was discussed at the 9th Open Forum that took place last month?

Read on to find out about new and innovative event offers, as well as retrospectives of a few recent events that might just help bring out the best project manager in you. 

Wishing you lots of hope and happy reading!

‍Message from the Board

‍Author: Philippe Soupart, PMP

VP Operations

Did you register for our Annual Membership Meeting ?

Few day left before our traditional AMM that will be held on the 10th of February  !

Our keynote, "Impact Warrior Excellence" will be held by two great speakers. If you are not registered yet, please visit our website and register.


Even if this event is still online, we are preparing it with passion and the show as well as the networking part at the end will be amazing!


A big Thank you for being part of our Project Management Community. 


Philippe Soupart

VP Operations

Level Up - Transitioning from Project Manager to Program Manager

‍Author: Edul Nakra, PMP

Speaker: James Greene – founding member and former President of PMI Switzerland


In this very interesting online session, James Greene described his journey from Project Management to Program Management, and along the way shared key pointers and lessons learned through his experience working in various capacities and industries on this journey.


Project Management has multiple dimensions including planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals – in a sense more tactical in nature...


Enjoy the full article: [Click here]

Rétrospective sur le Forum Ouvert n°9

Author: Thando Dube, PMP

Le Forum Ouvert est un événement qui offre un espace libre pour partager des expériences, des conseils, ou discuter des problématiques que vous pouvez rencontrer lors de vos projets.


Notre Forum Ouvert n°9 a eu lieu le mardi 25 janvier 2022 en ligne via Zoom, sur un thème brûlant et d’actualité : « Gestion des risques projet en période de COVID-19 ».  En parlant de l'actualité, cet évènement restera dans les annales comme le premier Forum Ouvert organisé en français pour mieux répondre aux attentes de nos adhérents suisses romands.


Enjoy the full article in French: [Click here]

‍Members Update

Author: Alp Camci, PMP

A warm welcome to all new members that joined our Chapter.


Congratulations also to the members who obtained certifications in December. 


The following members provided information about themselves: Igor Aleksandrov, Ekaterina Petukhova, Denise Rageot and Amaia Uriarte. 

Innovation Narratives

Author: Florian Puschmann, PMP

The Basel PMI chapter met in an interactive session on innovation facilitated by Giovanni Nisato, from Innovation Horizons GmbH.


The first question the "protagonists" of the session tackled was the definition of innovation. Thanks to interactive word clouds where everyone could provide input, it was quickly apparent that the concept is fuzzy.


Innovation has different meanings to different people in different contexts...

Enjoy the full article: [Click here]

PM Master Class: Become your own chairperson and set boundaries

‍Author: Daniel von Niederhaeusern, PMP

Date: Saturday, March 26th
Location: Zurich
Trainer: Monika Keller, PMP


Dear members and friends of the PMI Switzerland Chapter,


Even though we don’t know how the covid situation will be in March, we again invite you for a 1-day classroom training. We really hope that we are allowed to execute the training after we had to cancel this event last autumn.


Our trainer Monika Keller is an experienced coach and trainer, Lecturer, Federal Professional Adult Educator, PMP, and collected a lot of experience as a project manager for international companies for many years...

Enjoy the full article: [Click here]

Organizational Transformation - Implementation

‍Author: Adi Muslic, PMP

Organizational Transformation: Implementation is the second course in the OT Series, which provides the framework for transformation execution.


This course, written and designed by subject experts at the Brightline Initiative at PMI, is the ticket to an informed, intelligent, people-based transformation. It gives you knowledge you need to lead and execute a transformation.


The course teaches how to...

Enjoy the full article: [Click here]

What's‍ New on Your Youtube Channel?

The PMI Switzerland Chapter has developped its own Youtube channel. Every month you can watch interesting topics about project management and all around.


Discover the last 3 videos posted on the channel:

Virtual Annual Members Meeting 2022 - Feb.10th‍

Level Up - Transitioning from PM to PrgmM‍

PMI Conference 2021‍

The next Newsletter will be published on Monday, March 7th...

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Shalini Krishnan, PMP

Philippe Soupart, PMP

Edul Nakra, PMP

Thando Dube, PMP

Alp Camci, PMP

Florian Puschmann, PMP

Daniel von Niederhaeusern, PMP

Adi Muslic, PMP


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