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PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: July/August 2021

PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter: July/August 2021


 PMI Switzerland Chapter Newsletter
July/August 2021 - Volume 20 - Issues 7 & 8

‍July/August 2021 Newsletter Content

In this newsletter edition you can read about:
Message from the board

COVID-19 impact on 10th PMI Switzerland Conference Organization

PMI Swiss Chapter - Elections Announcement
Members Update

Retrospective to "Building your personal brand"

Share your opinion about a new future event: Community of Practice Project

And the next PM Master Class is...

What's new on your Youtube Channel?



Author: Geetanjali Bhat, PMP

Warmth and freshness in the air can be seen all over the country bringing in the positivity around us. Amidst clear skies, greenery and of course speedy vaccination drives all around us with the country, slowly restoring the season of hope and faith.


As we are gearing up to come out of the pandemic successfully, we are also preparing to learn more, through latest subject expertise that is highly in demand from our PMI community.


As I mentioned in my previous editorials about the exciting events with latest subject’s expertise, like Disciplined Agile Certification courses through sessions and online live workshops, there has been recent additions too. There has been lots happening around our world from last year. For our wellbeing and happiness, workshop on work life balance and many more are planned for all of us. Watch this space for more updates!


As we are in the 21st year of PMI Switzerland, despite continued restricted access outside world, we from PMI community are continuously learning, innovating new ideas and sharing with the world. Let’s continue to discuss and network more through our virtual coffee meets. Let us all make this pandemic into a positive path to learn and grow more.


I would like to thank PMI Switzerland community for creating innovative events and surprises that we continue to learn and inspire each of us in the community.


I wish every member of PMI community, healthy and safe days ahead. Let’s all think positive and keep learning and motivating each other in our PMI community.




‍Message from the board

Author: PMI Switzerland Chapter Board of Directors


Dear Members and Volunteers,


As you are aware, the year 2021 is a special year for the PMI Switzerland Chapter. It is a year of celebration of our achievements, collaboration, and determination. Thanks to the passion and motivation of many people across years we have created a community for like minded people having interest in project management. As Walt Disney said: `All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.` Therefore, we would like to invite all PMI Switzerland Members to join us on the 5th of September 2021 in Bern to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PMI Switzerland. Let`s meet, have some fun and discuss ideas on how we could strengthen our Chapter. See you in person in less than 2 months!

PMI Switzerland Chapter Board of Directors


To subscribe to the event: [Click here]

COVID-19 impact on 10th PMI Switzerland Conference Organization

Authors: Agnieszka Skalska, PMP, SAFe, RTE, PMI Switzerland Chapter VP Brand Management & Development

Martin Härri, PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP, PMI-DASSM, PMI Switzerland Chapter Past President



COVID-19 has had an impact on almost all aspects of life. In March 2020, the virus had spread to over 100 countries, forcing the World Health Organization to declare a global pandemic. Unprecedented lockdowns, strict travel bans and “social distancing” measures shortly followed. Naturally, one of the worst affected by the pandemic was the events industry(1). COVID-19 had a huge impact on the organization of the 10th PMI Switzerland Conference. From one day to the next, we had to make difficult decisions, consider different scenarios, and finally stop the event preparations. Now, one year later, we mobilized the team again and hope that on 29th September 2021 we will be able to meet again in person and share our knowledge and experience.


Martin Härri and Agnieszka Skalska, Project Managers of the 10th PMI Switzerland Conference exchange their views on the challenges they had to face and share some tips on how to keep a highly motivated virtual team of volunteers together. We hope that you will enjoy reading what they have to say.   




Martin: Agnieszka, as a member of the PMI Switzerland Chapter Board, how do you feel now that we can finally announce that we will have another Swiss PM Conference this year?


Agnieszka: Relief…. We have put so much effort in 2020 to mobilize a team, to create a promotion strategy and to reach out potential speakers, that if we had to announce to the team once again that the event is on hold, it would be devastating for me. There is a significant difference between leading a team of volunteers in a non-profit organization and leading a team in your `paid job`. The motivators are completely different. Unlocking people’s intrinsic motivation is a key...

Enjoy the full discussion: [Click here]

PMI Swiss Chapter - Elections Announcement

Authors: Elena Milusheva, PMP

Alp Camci, PMP

In the PMI world, everything starts with our volunteers. And this is valid not only for the
newsletter, the website and the events, but also for the chapter strategy and leadership.


For the upcoming 2022-2023 election term, we are looking for active PMI Swiss chapter
members who:

- live and breathe the PMI values;
- have practical ideas how to elevate our chapter to the next level;
- have a hands-on attitude to co-lead various committees, workstreams and initiatives;
- can manage complex programs and demanding stakeholders;
- are willing to stand for the upcoming PMI Swiss chapter elections;
- can dedicate to a 2 years Board of Directors and Election Committee Member role;
- are ready for action, collaboration with great people and a lot of fun!


If we have just described you, please reach out to one of our Board of Directors members or to to indicate your interest in standing for election.


The application process will start in August.


Let’s empower people to make ideas a reality.

Your Election Committee
Elena Milusheva, PMP and Alp Camci, PMP

‍Members Update

Author: Alp Camci, PMP

A warm welcome to all new members that joined our Chapter.


Congratulations also to the members who obtained certifications in June for PMP, CAPM, and PMI-PBA.


The following member provided information about himself: Leandro Benda. 

Retrospective to "Building your personal brand"

Author: Elena Milusheva, PMP

On the 17th of April I attended the PM Master Class relative to the topic "Building your personal brand". I share with you my highlights:


How to position yourself as a brand, how to (re-)launch your go-to-market strategy and many real-life examples. This is what we have learnt at the virtual PMI Master Class from the Digital, Social Media & Blockchain Pioneer German Ramirez. As a regular attendee of the PMI Master classes, I was not disappointed, neither by the speaker and his very entertaining approach nor by the topic.


Here are some of the LinkedIn related takeaways which each of us can easily implement:

  1. Think about yourself as a brand, define what you stand for and communicate it accordingly.
  2. If you are not a bot, then don’t behave as one. Personalize your messages and keep in touch with your network, not only when you need something from them. 
  3. Be proactive in endorsing skills and giving recommendations. After that you can ask to receive some yourself.
  4. Balance out btw. what a search algorithm will detect and what would appeal to a human (“Pharma Project Manager” vs. “Pharma Project Manager joining forces with data analysts and molecular biologists to find a cure of XYZ disease”).


If you get inspired to “beef up” your LinkedIn profile yourself, you might want to check the speaker’s LinkedIn profile

Share your opinion about a future new event: Community of Practice Project

Authors: Isatu Barrie

Florian Ivan, PMP, PMI-ACP

Are you a seasoned project manager and want to share your experience with others?

Or are you less experienced and have questions you are looking for answers to?

Then our Community of Practice could be the right place for you.


What is a Community of Practice anyways?

Communities have been around for thousands of years and they’ve always been paramount to problem-solving and human evolution. People who share a problem or a passion for something get together regularly and learn how to do it better.


What’s in it for me?

Communities of practice are a great place to find pertinent answers quickly and solve issues in a matter of minutes. Most of our problems are not unique and chances are somebody has already dealt with the same problem and can provide some help.


Every discipline has its own depth, vocabulary, and culture. And jokes! A community of practice is a tribe where like-minded people network and exchange ideas. It is a great place to test ideas, get some peer review, and experiment. It’s real and it’s unbiased.

As corny as it sounds, true fulfillment comes with helping others. Community members feel proud and accomplished because of the help they provide hence making a direct impact in somebody’s life.


How you can help, are you asking?

Does all that sound great? Yes, it does but there’s a small investment needed to turn it into reality. For this, to work, everybody needs to contribute with their own experience, knowledge, expertise and most importantly, time! This investment can range from a couple of minutes to a few hours a week. It can be answering questions, solving problems, or simply just saying something comforting to someone who needs to hear something nice.


Help us help you!

We welcome your input. Please complete this short questionnaire to let us know what sort of information you will find beneficial.


Your opinion matters to us!

We are excited to hear your brilliant ideas. The survey will be open until the 20th of August. The result and the next step will be published in the September Newsletter. Thank you for your immense contribution.  We are looking forward to working with you on this initiative.

And the next PM Master Class is...

‍Author: Daniel von Niederhaeusern, PMP

PM Master Class:  Become your own chairperson and set boundaries (How to influence your own situation in a positive way)

Are you constantly stressed and have no time for anything?


Would you like to learn how to become your own chairperson and take responsibility for yourself?

Come to our PM Master Class 1-day training session on the 25th of September 2021 and get the right answers.


To subscribe to the event: [Click on the banner below]

What's‍ new on your Youtube channel?

The PMI Switzerland Chapter has developped its own Youtube channel. Every month you can watch interesting topics about project management and all around.


Discover the last 2 videos posted on the channel:

Work-life Balance Workshop

50 years ago


PMI CH Chapter Board of Directors

Agnieszka Skalska, PMP, SAFe, RTE‍

Martin Härri, PMP, PMI-SP, -ACP, -DASSM

Elena Milusheva, PMP
Alp Camci, PMP

Isatu Barrie

Florian Ivan, PMP, PMI-ACP

Daniel von Niederhaeusern, PMP


Copy Editor:

Geetanjali Bhat, PMP

Technical Editor:
Thierry Altenhoven, PMP

Publications Director:
Daniel Rodellar, PMP

The PMI Switzerland Chapter is a non-profit professional business organization, and is a chartered chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Newtown Square, PA, USA.

Views and opinions expressed in the newsletter are those of the authors and, unless otherwise stated, do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the chapter or PMI or imply partnership.


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