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Ideas and effort in Covid times

Miguel Hurtado

Author: Miguel Hurtado, CAPM


Seat, Zara, Givenchy, Dior or your favorite beer. What do they have in common during this time? Easy, a big effort to adapt to critical situations. 

With the COVID-19 virus and the crisis situation world economy took a halt, affecting everything from local shops to big factories...many jobs have either been put on hold or put in a home office situation. But some industries have adapted very quick to help in this COVID-19 situation. 

We can find examples everywhere, but I wish to focus on 2 different examples: beer and cars. In Switzerland Fasnachtbier is very common during Carnival time, a tradition during the years but with this last crisis and the cancellation of Carnival's festivities, beer factories didn't have the opportunity to sell their product. But the beer industry reacted and refocused the production and the recycle of its unsold beer to produce alcohol for hand disinfection, dedicated to supply local pharmacies, and neighbors helping neighbors in difficult times. 

The second example is the auto industry. In countries like Spain or Italy where the pandemic hit hard, the auto industry became a good helper. They stopped the production of some cars and decided to find a way to fight the virus and help. A volunteer group developed a breathing machine using the motor of the windscreen wiper!

Around the world we can find examples of how project management provides the chance to lead change and help people.

From elderly people creating handmade masks with sewing machines to big industries creating medical devices, all these are projects and all will make the change we need. 

We can do it, if we work together! 

Newsletter Editorial March 2020


 AuthorGeetanjali Bhat PMP


Dear members and newsletter subscribers!

This is my first Editorial and I am really excited to be a part of this community sharing more than event articles. This is that time of the year where we usually enjoy the freshness and bright colors of Spring. Unfortunately, due to pandemic, we all are fighting against the virus outbreak staying indoors. The new virus threat has suddenly changed our lives and plans and this is the most challenging aspect of 2020. But I believe we all can fight this and come out of this situation successfully.

We have seen many changes in the Global PMI organization last year. With 2020 too, they are working on continuously, with new and innovative methods delivering great content and value-added events throughout the year.

Swiss Chapter too is actively working towards change, given the current circumstances throughout the world. PMI Board would be soon launching “Online Events” for our community. This would bring a great value addition to our community especially when many of us are really interested to join the event but cannot physically join. I am really enthusiastic and eager to be a part of these online events as soon as they get launched.

Well, I hope that the coming months will bring in a healthy and safe environment for all of us.

Wishing all of you Stay Safe and Healthy!



My first PMI event: AMM 2020

Miguel Hurtado

Author: Miguel Hurtado, CAPM

It was my first event with the PMI Swiss Chapter and I need to confess... I was nervous, like a first date or the first day in a new school. All efforts made to pass the CAPM exam made this possible so I was looking forward to meet new people with different ideas. So when I received the invitation as a PMI Swiss member I didn’t doubt to confirm my assistance.
And it was incredible, I had the opportunity to share ideas, cultural issues and questions with a lot of PMPs from different business areas. 

20200206 174151

But not only that, we had the opportunity to listen and learn from Sunil Prashara ( President & CEO at Project Management Institute) an incredible and inspirational keynote regarding the bright future will come and we are part of it.
 20200206 174151
20200206 174151
Listening different members experiences and activities regarding volunteering I had the opportunity to discover the passion of a group and the energy used to make great dreams possible.
20200206 174151
They inspired me to join the volunteering and to feel welcome in a group with different ideas and cultures but with the same dream : the passion and energy for PMI Swiss Chapter and PMI.
20200206 174151
20200206 174151

Message from the Board March 2020


Message from the Board

Author: Board of Directors

We are deeply concerned by the current world situation with CoronaVirus. This is an extremely challenging time for many families and businesses. It is also a time for us all to support each other, take care of the older, weaker, take care of colleagues who are alone.

Our health and the health of our loved ones is more than ever of utmost importance. Following the ordinance on measures issued by the federal council, we have cancelled all events for March and April, refunding all the tickets in advance.

In this time of care, respect, and solidarity you can reach out to our community and to us as Board Members. We are planning to run events in a new format and adapt to the challenging situation.
Stay safe and optimist.

Your Board of Directors
Agata, Ana, Karolina, Larisa Stefan and Philippe

Update on the PMP Exam dates

Due to these unprecedented times, Global PMI has decided to extend access to the current PMP exam until 31 December 2020 and postpone the launch of the new PMP exam until 2 January 2021.
For more information please follow the latest news from our CEO Sunil Prashara in linkedin and/ or PMI website.

New Training Partner Program

With the purpose of meeting candidate’s needs and ensure the highest-quality exam prep experiences, PMI is rolling out the Authorized Training Partners program for training partners who offer PMP exam prep to candidates.
The program offers two tiers: Premium and Basic. Both tiers provide a license to 35 Hrs of PMP® exam prep content and the tools to support the training. Application process will be open soon and the Chapter will offer you a list of new Authorized Training Partners.
You can find more information about the new program here. In the meantime, PMP candidates can still find approved Training Providers via Chapter PM Course Finder Tool.


The Art of Productive Laziness and Strategies for Project Sponsorship

Daniel Rodellar 100x100

Author: Daniel Rodellar, PMP

On the last events in Romandie before the cancellations, we had the pleasure to listen to Peter Taylor, the "lazy project manager", at CERN for an insight on productive lazyness and afterwards at Hôtel Montbrillant, to deep dive into Strategies for Project Sponsorship.

Let me start with one of the last slides on the audience with the Lazy Project Manager session:

in crisis

This one is particularly appropriate for today's pandemic crisis. Before you get the answer, let's review some of the key messages and the key learnings of the event, from my point of view.

We started reviewing the science of lazyness, and in this context the word lazy has the meaning of smart.

20200226 152209 IMG 0014












It all starts with the Pareto principle. Peter says that the Project Managers (everyone in fact) should apply the 80/20 rule and start priorityzing important things.

20200226 152222

And where should we start? ... well, "eat that frog" he said. If you start the day by eating a frog, youcan be pretty sure your day will get better.

What to do in your projects with different kind of people and behaviors? follow the Helmuth von Moltke the Elder diagram of 4 types of military officers. 20200226 152222

Be ahead of the game! A bad begining will certainly make a bad ending. And manage your sponsors. 85% of companies report that they have roles of project sponsors, but what do they do to train them? Not much. Do they thing it is important? Yes, they say. Talk to other PMs that had same sponsor. And connect with them, as you need to collaborate together to get the project to a successful end.

20200226 152222

You must be joking! Who would breathe normally in case of an emergency in a plane?

  • Stay calm in a crisis
  • Plan for the crisis,
  • Breathe normally,
  • Filter, filter and filter,
  • Delegate, delegate and delegate,
  • And finally prioritise, prioritise and prioritise!

 (now you know the answer to what to do in a crisis...)

20200226 152222

We reviewed the project retrospective, and the questions to ask, and the use of an emotional seismograph, to find the gaps between groups of people (among your stakeholders).

So what should a lazy PM do? work hard at the start and the end, not as usually it is done.

Can anyone be a project manager? No, a good project manager is a character, an attitude and a mindset.

20200226 152222

20200226 152222

The second event the same day was about Project Sponsors.

20200226 152222

The figures are showing how important is to have good sponsors for project success, but companies do not train them.

 Peter has written a book about strategies for project sponsorship. The most important point is not the classical triangle (time, cost and scope) but the benefits for the organisation.

If we look at the flipside of project success we can see this interconnection and the consequences of getting it wrong:

20200226 152222

Today sponsors are just accidental project sponsors, but sponsorship should not be a side thing, this has to be a main task!

20200226 152222

20200226 152222

Two pearls on the answers to the audience's questions:

  • the perfect number of sponsors is 1.
  • Projects are about business, not IT, so the business sponsor should take the lead.

And at the end of the event, we visited the cave for the networking drinks!


And for tese days, staying at home, here are two books for all of you, as a gift!

you can directly thank Peter at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and enjoy the reading!

20200226 152222