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Message from the Board. October 2018

Message from the Board. October 2018

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Author: Loïc Hascher, PMP, ACP

1661! As I write these lines, this is how many members we are happy to count as part of our chapter in Switzerland. 1661 project managers that felt the need to be a part of our community and who are hopefully enjoy it!

Of course, we are proud to have reached this historical record. Never before has the Swiss chapter counted so many members. But this comes also with a big responsibility for the Board. The responsibility to forge a sense of belonging to a community for all of these members. Not only being one of many, but really having that feeling of being a part of it!

At the board, with the help of all our precious volunteers, we have put a lot of effort into offering as many events as possible. Regular evening events, but also networking lunches and master classes. Also for the first time we will be part of the Lausane Marathon, and in the meantime are preparing an awesome annual assembly meeting! All of this, just for you, our members.

I wish that all of you will have the chance to attend one of these events and be glad to be part of our community!


Kind regards,

Loïc Hascher, VP Members